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André Botelho Almeida

UI Engineer

Work History


UI Developer

Radical Imaging LLC

Working mainly as a UI Developer as a consultant. Working a various projects to deliver a high tech DICOM image viewer on the web.


UI Developer

Poached Jobs

Working as a UI developer helping into maintain and develop thair job posting plataform.


UI Engineer

Avenue Code

Worked mainly as a UI Engineer. However I've been playing different roles both on backend and frontend. I've joined AC's recruitment team, helping our HR to hire developers for our Java, UI and NodeJS positions. I'm in charge for the UI/Node technical recruiters. 


Software Developer

Arkhi Consultoria e Treinamento Ltda

Worked as a developer in various projects, using primary Java, C#, HTML and JavaScript.
Here I've learn Bootstrap, C#, Windows Azure, C# Razor, Windows Form, GWT, EXT GWT, BPMN and Bonita Software. Got a deeper knowledge in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I've experienced Agile and Waterfall development methods. Worked in an one man project, assistant consultant for UNISYS and as well as a lead developer for an interactive style manual (EXT GWT).

I started here as an intern, for one year, and got hired before my college graduation.

July - 2009July - 2010

Software Developer

DFJ-FIR Capital Partners

Worked as a software developer. I had three functions:
- Maintain the company's main system (PHP);
- Develop the company's main system new version (J2EE, JS);
- IT support (Linux and Windows).



Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science

Federal University of Minas Gerais

- My graduation project was about creating an engine for the framework NextFlow ( NextFlow is a mapping framework that supports the representation of business process elements (like process definitions and tasks) using object-oriented abstractions (like interfaces and methods);
- Studied subjects unrelated with Computer Science: Business Process Modeling;

Certificates / Achievements

Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3                                  January - 2013

OMG - Certified Expert in BPM                                                                            January - 2013

Random Hacks of Kindness: First place                                                            August - 2012



Open Health Imagin Foundation (Radical imaging)

UI Developer

Working as one of the UI developers who mainting this open source project. This is the base tool we use to costumize to all Radical's clients. This tool is based on Meteor.


Ascend (Radical Imaging)

UI Developer

I play the role as the main UI developer to customize the OHIF Open source tool to this company, which runs on Meteor.


Poached Jobs

UI Developer

This project is about posting high turnover jobs for the food business. This is a PHP site which are being updated to SailsJS in the backend and Ember in the frontend. 


JSAdvanced Certification (Avenue Code)

UI Developer

We were trying to create a standard knowledge goal for all UI Developers at Avenue Code. I lead a team of seniors developers to create the certification calendar, content scope and exam. 


Iris (Avenue Code)

UI Developer

This project is about creating a new application which will serve several different pages (one for each different client) using the same code base and highly customizable. Using the React's power to create reusable components and Webpack to create specific bundles  so it can efficiently do its job. Each page is configured separately by another service which is consumed by Iris do deliver the correct page. The main technologies here are React, NodeJS and GraphQL.


ACMS (Avenue Code)

UI Developer

AC's website Content Manager, using Node, Express and React. Built the whole REST API to be consumed by the CMS's web app and website. Built the Web App's code base for the dev team to start working on it.


AC Website (Avenue Code)

Full Stack Developer

Responsible for website's refactoring to NodeJS environment with Express and integration with a recruitment system to leverage AC's reach to new candidates. Added a Redis layer as a cache to our integration requests. Coded a simple i18n system for our website, so we could use one code for two different domains. Refactor recruitment integration to use Mongo to better performance.


NodeJS Meetup

Node 4: ES6 and what you are doing wrong

Quick talk about ES6 new features in Node and what it changes how we code. Good practices renewed.


AC-Academy (Avenue Code)

Teach Leader

Teach Leader to a learning center for Avenue Coders, where users can register and take online and on-site courses to improve them selfs. It was possible to plan courses and make us better coders. We built it using a Node/Express backend with a REST API and a Angular 1.5 for our webapp


Node/Express Course (Avenue Code)


Planned, assembled, organized and gave lessons about NodeJS and Express for Avenue Code developers. It was a course which consisted of four two hours long lectures.
All the course material and content was created and planned together with Thiago Oliveira.


Path to Product (Avenue Code)

UI Developer

Refactor of a major retail company's e-commerce. We rebuilt it using NodeJS, SailsJS, BackboneJS and Bootstrap. The effort was to get to a micro service architecture where the Web App had two major blocks, product pages and checkout page, which both blocks consumed services from the company's backend, consisted of different services (Java and Node). We refactor all legacy's features and added new experiences to enrich the app. I worked mainly in the Web App's product pages with old and new features and integrating vendors plugins such as product reviews, analytics and etc.


Path to Checkout (Avenue Code)

UI Developer

Maintenance and performance improvement of a major retail company's e-commerce. It was a J2EE application, requiring me to know Java and JS so I could fluently work with all pages.