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Fast Learner, discipline and highly motivated student enrolled in architecture engineering department of Hasanuddin university. Focusing on Contemporary design and Eco-sustainability building. Experienced in conducting British parliamentary English debate tournament and adjudicating.


Sex : Male

Place and date birth : Palu, 8th September 1994

Institution : Hasanuddin University

Religion : Islam

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : Indonesia

Permanent address : Jl. Teknik Blok D2/9, Perdos, Palu,. Central Celebes

Current address : Jl. Monumen Emmy Saelan 1 Tamalate 3 No.18, Makassar

Institution Address : Jln. Perintis Kemerdekaan, Tamalanrea, Makassar


Hasanuddin University


Architecture Engineering

Most advanced university of east indonesia, enrolled as architecture engineering student focus on structure, housing, architecture physics

Madani State Senior High School


Natural Science Class

Model school developed by provincial education department of central celebes. Focus on natural science course.

Al- Azhar Palu Junior High School


Extension Class

Private School with Islamic approach that enhance student capability to be independent individual. member of extension class which filled with competitive student and focus on English approach in every lesson.

Organizational Experiences

SMA Model Terpadu Madani Palu


Student Council and Representative Board

Acting as vice chairman of student council : 2009-2010

Acting as Head of 10th Division (English communication) of student Council : 2010-2011

Acting as Head of 10th Division of representative board : 2011-2012

PT. XL Axiata Tbk

Jun 2013Present

XL Future Leaders

Learn to be a professional leader seek to inspire and being productive by explore, understand and apply things. Focusing on :

1. Managing Changes 2. Effective Communication 3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Projects Managed :

  • P01 : Telecommunication app for Telecommunication challenge | Project Leader
  • Children of Tomorrow : Promoting child good behavior through mechanism | Public Relation Manager

Mentored by :

Patrick M. Compau :

Cipto Rustianto :

Indonesian Future leaders - Sulsel

May 2015Present

Head of Promotion and Advocacy Bureau

Head of bureau that manage :

1. Public relation and online media:

-Administrator of :

2. Conducting Pekan Raya Pemuda, a program to empowers youth through awareness towards politics and social condition

3. Creating monthly publication of info graphic about Makassar social issues.

UKM Debat Bahasa Inggris UNHAS

Nov 2012Present

Staff of External Ministry

Active member which mainly works on and acting as :

1. External publication :

- Administrator of

2. Managing English debate tournament :

- Convener of 3rd Hasanuddin British Parliamentary Debate Championship, 2013

- Convener of Celebes Friendship Trophy, 2014

- Steering Committee of 4th Hasanuddin British Parliamentary Debate Championship, 2014

3. Adjudicating :

- Chief Adjudicator of Koordinasi Perguruan Tinggi (KOPERTIS) IX : National University Debating Championship (NUDC) delegates selection to national level, 2014

-Chief Adjudicator of National Celebes Debating Championship (NCDC) UNISMUH Makassar, 2014

- Invited Adjudicator of local high school English debate tournaments. 2012-Present

- Invited adjudicator of annual  Hasanuddin School Debating Championship and Hasanuddin British Parliamentary, 2013 - Present


Graphic design

able to design digitally to illustrate ideas for presentation purposes : CorelDraw & Photoshop


Able to conduct and arrange event for organizational or even external purposes


able to use office tools (words, Excel, Powerpoint) to cope with professional purposes : Google | Microsoft| Prezi| SlideDog

Drafting & 3D Design

Able to draw manual or digitally (CAD) for engineering and architectural purposes : AUTOCAD | Sketch-Up | Autodesk Homestyler

Public speaking

Able to communicate effectively within massive audience in Indonesian or English


Champion Of Makassar Debate Open Novice division | Politeknik Ujung Pandang

November 2012

Octofinalist of Indonesia Varsity English Debate (IVED) | ITB Organizing Commitee of IVED-ITB

January 2013

Participant of Java Overland Varsity English Debate (JOVED) |  Brawijaya UniversityOrganizing Commitee of JOVED - Brawijaya University

June 2013

Champion of National University Debating Championship (NUDC) | University Selection Hasanuddin University

May 2013

Champion of National University Debating Championship (NUDC) | KOPERTIS IX (Regional)KOPERTIS IX

July 2013

Octofinalist of National English Debate Championship (NUDC) | National Level Indonesia National Department of Education

August 2013

Presenter in 10th international seminar on sustainable and vernacular architecture (SENVAR)Organizing commitee of 10th SENVAR - Hasanuddin University

October 2014

International annual seminar of architecture. Representing team to report the research conducted in title of public space at Pambusuang Beach.


Makassar State University - TOEFL

Jun 2013

TOEFL (Paper Based-Test)

560 Pts. Certify that the individual is capable in speaking and writing in English fluently


  • Pazzle

December 2015 - Present

December 2015 - Present Start-up company which runs in construction material and architecture works. we're producing aerated bricks with affordable price with satisfying quality for building wall application and partition. currently we are open order for Sulawesi region and palu where most of our client reside. I am also responsible in marketing the product and maintain the publication via our Instagram @get pazzle.

Acting as co-owner under Mr. Zaenal Siradjuddin as the founder.

  • PO1

December 2014 – February 2015,

We're designing a smart phone app to help you coping with you campus communities and academic excellency. this application aim to make the most of you by being an "ACO" or in bahasa is Akademi, Cinta and organisasi which same as Academic, Romance and Organization.

Acting as Project leader with team members are :

  1. Nurul Inayah Zainuddin, XL Future Leaders - Psychology major of Makassar State University
  2. Ikhsan Chalik, XL Future Leaders - Geology major of Hasanuddin University
  3. Feybe Manoppo, XL Future Leaders - Economy major of Hasanuddin University
  • Hongkong- Bali - Waerebo Field Trip 2015

March 2015 - March 2016

Chairman who manage, delegates and problem solve issues to conduct batch field trip to three location which are China, Indonesia (Bali), and Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara Timur). Team members consist of batch 2012 architecture engineering student of Hasanuddin University

  • 3rd Hasanuddin British Parliamentary Debating Championship

June 2013

Convener who responsible in managing by delegate job desk to successfully conduct event and satisfy all participants. team member consist of UKM Debat Bahasa Inggris UNHAS Members.

  • Celebes Friendship Trophy

August 2014

Convener who responsible in managing by delegate job desk to successfully conduct and satisfy participants, team members consist of UKM Debat Bahasa Inggris UNHAS Members.

  • Parlemen Muda Sulawesi Selatan

Agustus 2015

Head of Publication and administration who responsible in selecting qualified participant and actively approach media partners to cooperate and give big exposure towards the event. team members consist of Indonesian Future Leaders - Chapter Sulsel Members.

  • Community Service Program - Alleyway Thematic of Makassar

Agustus 2015

Secretary of District, who responsible in administration and building cooperation to third parties ( citizen, government,  and private companies). the program is part of academic curricular of Hasanuddin University in sixth semester. team members consist of :

  1. Raymond Tumanduk, Animal medical student of Hasanuddin University
  2. Dian Purnamasari, Public health student of Hasanuddin University
  3. Andi Aisyah Amalia, Broadcasting communication student of Hasanuddin University
  4. Syahriansah, Economic and management student of Hasanuddin University
  5. Suci Indrawati, Law student of Hasanuddin University
  • Children of Tommorow

July 2015

Public Relation Manager,  that helps the team to manage communication with other stakeholders to successfully conduct the program. the program is community based to find out down syndrome stress parents and help them to cope with the condition of their stress. team member consist :

  1. Nurul Inayah Zainuddin, XL Future Leaders - Psychology major of Makassar State University
  2. Ikhsan Chalik, XL Future Leaders - Geology major of Hasanuddin University
  3. Feybe Manoppo, XL Future Leaders - Economy major of Hasanuddin University