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Work experience


Technical Architect

In charge of Software and System architecture also engineering culture at, here is my achievement:

  • Design and implement caching system for core services that improve response time and database resource consumption by 60 times faster than before
  • Design and implement new software architecture layering standard using Domain Driven Design pattern for existing monolith services to create stable monolith before splitting into Microservices
  • Implement test strategy for Unit and Integration testing for all services and add run test into every deployment and PR opened
  • Implement database schema migration for all services
  • Design and Implement Golang boilerplate for microservice, this boilerplate consists of software layering and api versioning standard
  • Design and Implement Serverless architecture for microservices, this design and implementation are cost cutting with best performance design


PHP (Laravel and Lumen), Golang, Javascript (NodeJS), Cloud Computing (AWS & GCP), Software Design Architecture (SOA, Microservices, Serverless Architecture), Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Cloudformation, Serverless Framework), Database (MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB), Queuing System (RabbitMQ and SQS), Monitoring (Hygiea, Grafana, DataDog, CloudWatch, Rollbar) 


DevOps Consultant

Working as DevOps Consultant and Engineer at the same time, design and implement cloud based infrastructure for Microservices architecture, here is my achievement:

  • Design infrastructure architecture for 20+ microservices with performance and cost consideration
  • Implement designed architecture using Amazon Web Service cloud platform and Terraform as Infrastructure as Code
  • Implement automation of CI/CD for 20+ microservices that uses Monorepo and Trunk based development for 3 environment stage (dev, staging, and production)
  • Create monitoring dashboard for performance, application logging, and deployment process


Python, Shell Script, Javascript (NodeJS), Cloud Computing (AWS & GCP), Infrastructure as Code (Cloudformation & Terraform)


Full-Stack Software Engineer

Working as full stack software engineer helps business need using technology solution by collaborating with product and business team, here is my achievement for this role:

  • Reduce server usage by improving and refactoring some logic code and database queries, this improvement also affect to response time to become faster than before
  • Develop new product by improvising with team from zero for 4-5 months and this new product contribute hundreds millions rupiah to Q2 2018 GMV
  • Handling all of product from buyer product, seller product, and internal product, this point makes me understand all the flow and logic inside all products and this is made me a Technical Architect by 2018-08
  • Develop tracking system to track detail of all user activities, from clicking email link until checkout the product


PHP (Laravel and Lumen), Javascript (Angular JS, jQuery), Database (MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB), ElasticSearch, Serverless Architecture, CloudPlatform (AWS and GCP), Queuing System (RabbitMQ and SQS), Monitoring (DataDog, CloudWatch, Rollbar)


Software Research and Development Staff

Bina Nusantara University

Research new technologies and implement the technology for internal university needs, here is my achievement for this company:

  • Design and Implement new online test system, this system are used for mid term and final term for all departments, this system uses Angular 2 and ASP.NET.
  • Design and Implement chat bot for new student recruitment, this chatbot are used by new student to check their test results and their test schedules


Typescript (Angular 2), ASP.NET, Database (MySql, MSSql, MongoDB), NodeJS, PHP. 


Software Engineer

STTS Consultancy

Working as a web developer to create web based software solution for multiple clients needs, my achievement for this role:

  • Develop POS application from zero alone and the POS are used in many clients business
  • Develop warehousing application to track stock of products from zero alone


PHP (Laravel), Javascript (AngularJS), Database (MySQL)


Junior Researcher

Bina Nusantara University

Professor assistant researcher, helps professor to write paper and thesis, here is my achievement for this role:

  • Successfully published 5 international papers with my name listed at the papers authors
  • Learn how ANN and naive classification works
  • Developing image recognition software, text classification software and mapping system software


TensorFlow, Python, PHP


Teaching Assistant

Bina Nusantara University

Working as teaching assistant for programming subject, I have learned so many things in this role, mostly fundamental and basic implementation of software engineering


Programming language (PHP, Java, C#, ASP.NET, Golang, Javascript, Typescript, Python), Technologies (Laravel, Spring), Database (MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB), Chatbot, AI tools (Tensorflow, Dialogflow, WitAI)


Web Developer

V2 Media Co.

Remotely working from Indonesia for US based software solution company that have multiple clients with different needs, I started my career as part time programmer at this company, I handled multiple clients mostly using JSP and PHP


PHP (CodeIgniter), Javascript, JSP


Web Developer Internship

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia

Working as an web developer intern for PT Telkom Indonesia, this is the beginning of my programming career, I started to learn PHP and MySQL at this company, here is my achievement:

  • Learning how to write code for web application for 1 months, before start to build my very first project at this company
  • Develop web based application to track employees log such as clock in, check in, request for tools, request for invoice, ect


PHP, Javascript (jQuery), Database (MySQL)




Bina Nusantara University

Computer Science - Specializing in Software Engineering


High School

SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra 2 Makassar

StudyComputer Networking and Informatics

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