• Member of the Board of the SNIA storage professionals in Brazil
  • Storage and SAN technical support based on Adaptec, Brocade, Cisco, Conner, EMC, Fujitsu, HDS, HP, IBM, Infortrend, LSI, Microsoft, Mylex, NetApp, Seagate, Storagetek, SUN,Tandberg, TMS, Veritas, Vinca and Vmware Solutions
  • Technologist Research to have a Green IT infrastructure and sustainability of business and ecological environment (renewable energy and efficient process and technologies)
  • Work to have a collaborative environment to have synergy results.
  • Work experience

    Work experience
    Apr 2007 - Present

    Director of Sustainable Technology

    Dynamis Systems and Services
    • Development and research for sustainable technology
    • Ministering classes, lectures and training on: improvements professionals, technology convergence, business continuity, update vision of capitalist, collaborative work, reference by virtuosity, sustainability and responsibility EcoSocial
    Apr 2008 - May 2008

    Product Manager

    CSF Storage
    • Technical and business support to our Sales Staff to proposals and biddings... focused into Software (Avamar, VMware, ABBYY, Fsecure) and Storage (EMC,IBM, Infortrend e Overland)
    Mar 2008 - Apr 2008

    Technology Consultant

    DMStor Informatica
    • Implementing Tandberg Tape Libraries into many Tribunal da Justiça offices across country.
    • Technical support to customers and biddings, to following solutions: Infortrend storage, LSI hba´s, Quantum LTO drives, StorMagic NAS Software, Yosemite Backup, SyAm Management and BitDefender Security Kit
    Aug 2007 - Sep 2007

    SR System Analyst

    Edinfor LogicaCMG
    • Implementing and Management of Storage and SAN demands to our Customers and Projects requests, based in EMC, IBM, Brocade and Cisco technologies
    Oct 2006 - Apr 2007

    Technology and Storage Consultant

    CPM Braxis
    • Research and recommendation of IT and Software solutions to the following areas: Provisioning, Business Continuity, Storage, Operational Systems and infrastructure to Bradesco Bank
    • Technical Support to biddings, in example to Albert Einstein Hospital
    Jan 2005 - Apr 2006

    Storage and System Analyst

    • Project Implementing and developing based in HDS, EMC and Brocade Solutions in critical mission areas and customers as: Banco do Brasil, Embraer, Claro, Vivo and Nextel.
    Aug 2004 - Dec 2004

    System Consultant

    OSI Consulting
    • Project development of users authentication and anti fraud based on BMC Solutions into Banco Real (ABN AMRO Bank)
    Apr 2000 - Apr 2004

    Regional Software Specialist
    • Projects implementation and developing in high-end and enterprise open systems focused in Business Continuity and Mission Critical using and integrating EMC solutions into multi vendor customers environments
    • Pre and Post technical sales support in Storage and Software
    • Pre site meetings to figured out and designer right solutions to customers needs and migrations
    • Pre and Post technical support in Business Continuity and Mission Critical using EMC solutions
    • Change Control analysis and approvals to ensure our SLA and no impact in business continuity
    • Full Support to our customers (national and international) 24x7 based on Shift time Agenda
    Feb 2000 - Apr 2000

    Support Analyst

    Mondial Assistance
    • IT and Infrastructure support
    • Disaster Recover Plan to Servers
    • Implementing and developing backup policies based on BackupExec software
    Jul 1999 - Feb 2000

    Support Analyst

    • Backup policies using IBM ADSM/TSM
    • Management of Windows NT environment
    • High availability into SAP R/3 using MSCS
    • Site and servers Disaster recover plan
    • Technical support for storage and software
    Aug 1998 - Jun 1999

    System Analyst PL I

    Conquest One
    • Developing Disaster Recover Kit, to quick rebuilding of servers and infrastructure optimization to Unilever
    • Developing and implementation of Backup policies and high availability solutions to Unilever, Alcoa, Alpargatas an LitaMortari
    • Implementation of Windows NT, Exchange, IIs and SQL
    May 1995 - Jul 1998

    Support Analyst

    Uniao Digital Perifericos (MUDE)
    • Implementation and support to following solutions: Network management (DMS, Landesk), server mirroring and cluster server (Vinca, SFTIII, Wolf Pack), disaster recover (Vinca, Seagate), Backup (BackupExec, ArcServe and ADSM (TSM))
    • Technical Instructor to local staff, resellers and customers
    • Development of high-end storage and contingency solutions using MicroNet, AXIS, Mylex, Adaptec, Conner, Seagate, HP and IBM portfolios
    Dec 1993 - Apr 1995

    Technical Support

    Top Services (Adecco)
    • Hardware and Software Technical Support to users and other branches
    • Implementation and management of Novell and Windows
    • Development of product and services suppliers
    • Technical support to biddings and proposals
    Jul 1991 - Sep 1993

    Electronic Technician

    SID Informatica
    • Technical support to: computers, bank terminals, ATM's and PDV's
    • Qualification and improvement of product and services suppliers
    • Development and participation of Services Total Quality Process
    • Utilization of many tools of management as: worksheets, graphics and control reports
    • Quality Control of computers, printers, terminals and peripherals
    • Programing of E-proms and MOP Cards
    Nov 1989 - Oct 1990

    Electronic Technician Apprentice

    • Technical support and nationalization of electronic products from Japan (working on school vacations)
    • I work there until the company moved to Sao Carlos