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  • Senior Marketing Manager in an innovative Startup company, excellent ability to identify and develop business potential, service, sales and analytical oriented.
  • Passion and drive to touch un-developed arenas, defining and creating vision and strategy leading to result-oriented, successful and differentiated activities.
  • Marketing and consumer outlook, driving multiple and complex interfaces to collaboration and accomplishment of corporate goals, increased revenue streams, business committed to objectives.
  • Initiating and promoting complex and cross-organizational projects, comprehensive outlook, dynamic and creative approach to challenges, charismatic, assertive, focused on the end-game, striving for excellence, team player.
  • Proven ability in leading teams to professional and inter-personal synergy, supporting optimization and increase of processes and results.

Work experience


Head of Marketing and Analysis


Part of the initial core team leading an innovative startup company aimed to disrupt the
pre-owned vehicle market in Israel. Creating a differentiated user experience and streamlined transaction.


  • Strategically leading the brand launch from market research through ideation to rollout and analysis
  • Establishing a new market category in the pre-owned vehicle market
  • Building product and brand identity from value proposition to business model
  • Managing a 4+M$ marketing budget to provide a cross-channel 360 customer experience, Utilizing social, content and offline and online initiatives
  • Leading business development activities creating partnerships with leading market players
  • Defining long-term roadmap for growth in demand, cost reduction and increase of revenue
  • Building a cross-organizational, cross-functional team defining business and operational processes


Key Achievements

  • 25% monthly increase in demands, creating growth engines from 1%-10% per transaction.
  • Establishing a digital platform, growing by dozens of % per month in full online quality conversions.
  • Creating an innovative brand, reaching 2nd place in the market awareness within 1 year.

Senior and Professional Management Roles 

YES Satellite TV

Customer Loyalty and Retention Sector Manager, The Marketing Division

  • Managing the existing clients’ private sector, 580K+ homes with annual revenues exceeding 1 Billion ILS.
  • Leading a team of marketing and product managers.
  • Planning and managing the marketing strategy, defining economic and pricing models according to client-focused marketing logic, and differential models in compliance with specific sectors.
  • Defining and leading strategic marketing initiatives in the customer experience, loyalty and customer retention worlds.
  • Formulating work processes and infrastructures: Review of local and global work processes in support of effective strategy definition.
  • Analyzing consumer behavior – market analysis and customer-oriented marketing.
  • Initiating marketing collaborations with external suppliers, in the content, technology and service worlds. 
  • Defining budget, business plans, conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis, monitoring results and activity trends, customizing accordingly.

Key Achievements

  • Launching the first customer loyalty plan budgeted at over 1M$, leading to positive dialog and 6% reduction in abandonment, stopping the effect of aggressive competition and regulation changes on abandonment and revenue loss.

 Service Quality Department Manager | Clients Division

  • Managing a multi-disciplinary department, supporting and monitoring the activity of the Clients Division – knowledge management, projects, revenue increase, organization & methods, systems analysis, reports, availability.
  • Defining and planning forecasts, budgets and work plans, leading to trends improvements and optimization of budget activities.
  • Managing and leading cross-organizational complex projects, towards comprehensive support of marketing activities, systems and technologies, creating optimal solutions to end-to-end customer experience.

 Marketing Projects and Revenue Increase Sector Manager | Clients Division

  • Establishing a project management array in the marketing and revenues increase arena.
  • Driving and leading internal and external interfaces, providing solutions to organizational and project needs, based on consumer and customer experience outlook.
  • Defining and monitoring work processes, goals, controlling effectiveness, receiving and analyzing reports.
  • Forming and managing pro-active activities towards revenue increase in the Upsale worlds to existing clients.

 Knowledge Management and Surveys Sector Manager | Clients Division

  • Establishing the knowledge management and client experience array: Defining and upgrading the system, leading to interfacing with external systems.
  • Cross-organizational support in activities with the Marketing, Sales and Business Development Divisions, meeting corporate business goals.
  • Managing client satisfaction surveys.




Ono Academic College


Tel Aviv University

Military service

  Instructor, Moran Unit, IDF