Anastasia Karuzina

  • Kaliningrad Russia
Anastasia  Karuzina

international student, looking for internship


Oct 2013 - Present

Specialization:International Business.                                       Field of studying:  International Relations.                               BA program(2nd year)

Collegium Civitas

In the heart of Warsaw, capital of Poland, I am learning about all spheres of our everyday life, focusing on economics, politics, and business. The knowledge I recieve from the classes is based on practical experience of lecturers which later on will become a base for creating my future successful career.


Jul 2011 - Jun 2012

The participant of Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX)

American Council for International Education (sponsored by the U.S. Government) 
FLEX program gave me an opportunity to live an academic year in the USA and experience studying in Amecian High School, being a part of typical Amercian family and live the same way American society lives.



Communication and efficiency

The result of life experiece

Russian language

Native language

English language


Polish language

Good communication skills



International Student Club member 

The goal of the club is to create the comfortable atmosphere for students'integration. It helps me to develop communicative and decision-making skills.