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Someone to blame for BreadTalk's long customer queue and 20 millions Yahoo! Messenger users in Indonesia. I generate more profit for your business while you sleep.

Talented strategist with expertise on formulating high-impact benefit-oriented marketing campaign through fully integrated multi-channel marketing campaign targeted at a specific, blue ocean market that your competitors missed to understand. 

Deeply experienced in Offline & Online Marketing Strategies, Digital & Social Media Strategies, Branding, Community Building, Community Managing, Business Analyst, Business Developing, and Building Tech-based Startup. 

Worked with huge brand name such as : Acer, Asus, Alienware, BMW,,, Djarum, Electronic Arts, Intel, HolyCow, Gigabyte, Google, Mayora, Phillips, Philip Morris, Tokopedia and more. 

Work Experience


Business Consultant
  • Consulted's founders and teams to create B2C and B2B agriculture software.
  • Consulted marketing team to refine their marketing strategies using modern metrics and data analysis. 
  • Consulted and assists the founders to create the first crypto currency for investment in  Indonesian startup scene.   


Mabel Pastry
  • Led team of pastry chefs developed highest possible version of traditional  pastries, resulting in super high quality artisan pastries that loved by most and explode in sales. 

Head of Digital Marketing

Penta Studio
  • Led Digital Team to discuss and deliver KPI-based advertising campaign for big brand partners. 
  • Designed strategies, implemented and tracked customer acquisition, engagement, retention and brand marketing initiatives using facebook ads, google analytics and instagram ads.  

Business Consultant

Penta Studio
  • Consulted Penta Studio's marketing divisions to define and execute marketing strategy based on competitor research.
  • Transformed company cash flow condition from negative to millions in profit, within 8 month.

General Manager
  • Developed new revenue worth 1 billion rupiah from unsold merchandises in the 1st month. 
  • Generated 2,550% increase in B2C revenue and 600% increase in B2B revenue in 6 months.  
  • Achieved 5 years Working Capital target within 6 months.

Chief Executive Officer
  • Led the team of developers to create user friendly website for photographers and models community.
  • Led marketing team to successfully implement marketing strategies to achieve acquisition targets.
  • Secured $150,000 initial capital through investments before the company started.
  • Gained 3,000 photographers + models database in 3 months beta session phase.   
  • Worked with 5 biggest professional model agencies to spot new talents at Modelooks.

Chief Marketing Officer
  • Responsible to launch integrated marketing strategy & campaign throughout Indonesia via digital, social, offline, atl & btl campaign. 
  • Catapulted first billion of sales in first year company operation, generated 24,600% increase in revenue from B2C and B2B sales.  
  • Within a year quadrupled the company value and got attention from nationwide mass media (MetroTV, Bloomberg Businessweek, SWA Magazine, Marketeer Magazine, etc) and potential venture capitals & investors in 2009-2010.
  • Awarded for Most Promising Startup 2010 by SpraxUp Djarum.   
  • Given mandate by Minister Mari Elka Pangestu to speak as a role model championing creative business and entrepreneurship to inspire SME business in Indonesia in 2011 - 2013.

Managing Director
  • Increased website traffics and Alexa ranking to 21 from 8,000 via successful digital and social marketing strategy, both online and offline.  
  • Generated 3,700% revenue through successful sales in a year.
  • Generated 2,000% website traffics through successful social media strategy and campaign.
  • Being number 1 website for games news and reviews in Indonesia and Asia, 5 years in a row and drive growth of local game studios in Indonesia from 7 to 128 game studios. 
  • Partnered with Acer, Asus, Alienware, Electronic Arts, Konami, and etc as media placement agency and advertising strategy partner. 


GDI ( Game Developer Indonesia ) Fundings - 2012
Discussed with Minister Tifatul Sembiring resulting in creation of scholarship and government funding for digital video games industry in Indonesia.

EnjoyJakarta Marketing Campaign - 2012
Discussed with Jakarta's Mayor Joko Widodo and Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry about expansion programs for Jakarta tourism marketing campaign, resulting in EnjoyJakarta tourist bus designs, tourism spots and centers, merchandising, and etc.

Gorontalo Tourism Campaign - 2010
Discussed with Governor Fadel Muhammad & Susi Pudjiastuti about Gorontalo's untapped tourism potential, resulting in the creation of Gorontalo's tourism marketing campaign in 2010.

BreadTalk Marketing Campaign - 2007  
Formulated guerilla marketing activation program and strategy for Breadtalk. Generating word of mouth strategy that launched Breadtalk brand to the top. 

Yahoo! Messenger Guerilla Marketing Campaign - 2004 
Generated marketing strategy and guerilla activation campaign for Yahoo! Messenger, resulting in 350% growth of that year company product acquisition target.