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Work experience

Sep 2016Current

Lead Developer


Built Web CRM ,website , Sales man app (Android & backend) , Delivery & Logistics app (Android & Backend) 

Jul 2015Sep 2016

Sr. Android Developer

Global Shiksha Pvt.Ltd

Ownership of Android app named Educhat 

Mar 2015Jul 2015

Lead Developer for Android and Web


 Developed the Company's project from scratch in Android and lead the backend team

Jul 2014Mar 2015

Protocol Stack Developer


Protocol stack developer of LTE/3G/2G  mobile modules


Jun 2010Apr 2014


National Institute of Technology

Computer Science

Jun 2009Apr 2010

12th Standard

Narayana College

92.5 %

Jun 2007Apr 2008

10th Standard

Meda High School

92.9 %



Has experience of Android since Froyo generation . Well known among android developer groups with name An&roid


I have worked on backend for all the android apps i have made .

Scrapped various websites using php including Justdail


Built the web ui in Javascript and HTML-CSS at Winningloop


Built  complete tech stack in Winningloop using Codeigniter


Completed MyPoolin Project at AproGifts Pvt.Ltd while i was lead developer there


Sun certified Java developer 


Has been owner for various LTE/3G/2G modules at Mediatek Inc



MANIT APP is my first project on any platform .This app parses college website to show the notice board , to show the college gallery  ,it uses c2dm for push notifications of important alerts 

The navigation i used for my college app two years ago ,the similar kind of navigation is used by google for its current latest version of app 


Careercup 3rd Yr

Careercup is the mobile app parsed from the famous . The app had premium version where we can see all the answers to the questions, free version had only questions


CouponDunia 3rd Yr

CouponDunia is the mobile app made during Gingerbread generation . Very few apps were present during that year in the market .So i made apps which i use it for myself. CouponDunia is made by parsing the website (Java parsing)


Rajasthan Gov Exam Result Parsing

2013B.Tech 3rd Yr

My roommate's brother stayed in remote rajastan and he lost his hallticket number . After analysing the result website ,i entered his father's name and incrementally input the hallticket number  untill it says success .It saved him hours of journey

Used Java Multithreading  to get the results faster



2013 B.Tech 3rd Yr

My GeekforGeeks android app is officially bought by GeeksforGeeks.I parsed the website dynamically inside the android itself .Used GCM to send trending posts  

I believe that mobiles helps us to have a better life and save time :p .My geeksforgeeks app helped a lakh of students to study algorithms on the go


Social Boat

2013 B.Tech 4th Yr

This app helps to find people with the tags searched .Everyone can set their tags.Users can also create groups and tag the group members . 

"Lot of times ,people don't know what they want ,until you show it to them " .The privacy  settings ui  shows my skills to solve the fight between the design and features in an intelligent way .

The cronjob notifies  using GCM if anyone with the user subscribed tags comes nearby

The  backend is written in php and mysql


2014B.Tech 4th Yr

This was our final year group project . This is the project to connect between the parents and the school news . It had attendance ,homework ,result viewing ,gallery in the app and in the website

I have  involved in making the android apps for teachers and parents in this project




MyPoolin is a social network fintech app . Friends can create groups ,pool money and purchase gift cards 

I have involved in complete app development and  in  development of some backend modules in cakephp .Integrated Payment gateways  Payu , Mobikwik.Used quickblox  as chatting service provider


HyperLocal News app

2015after MyPoolin

HyperLocal News app parses the Google Local Area News and gets results from twitter api according to the location. This is an android app



Geekforgeeks IOS


Developed a simple app from geekforgeeks website data for Iphone . The backend code dyamically parses the data of the requested page and gives the input ,where this input is parsed and showed in mobile convenient way on the iphone app




EduChat is an app which connects schools and parents . It uses XMPP for communication . 

Refracted and  cleaned the android code after joining the firm . Optimised connection protocols  ,developed minor modules in backend which were written in laravel , changed the configuration of chat server which were written in erlang


 Tic Tac Toe - Loose or Tie


Developed tic tac toe android game where the computer is unbeatable . The algorithm searches the pattern according to the user input rather than doing the bruteforce pattern match from the beginning of matrix


EJabberd Loadtester


Written Ejabberd Loadtester in PHP . The programme create multiple instances and each instance establishes a socket connection and communicates with the EJabberd Server



EduChat Feed


Created a project which has news feed ,where users can post content , write comments . The backend has been developed in laravel and the front end is deployed in android


WinningLoop Retail


This is an ecommerce app on android where the retailers can purchase the products from the app .This app is a combination of web app and native app

The backend for this app is in codeigniter and mysql

All the apps and portals of winningloop are developed by me from scratch

WinningLoop Sales 


This in an android app for  Sales Agent in which they can view their daily assigned tasks . The task is generally to visit a store and to get an order .The tracking of sales agent is done . It also has the payment collection section and the pending payment status of the shopkeepers 



WinningLoop CRM


This is the web CRM where the customers ,sales agents ,products and warehouse will be managed . The sales agent's tracking results are shown . The financial reports and the pending accounts with each retailer will be shown . The quantity of individual products available in the warehouse , request for making purchase orders feature is also available

It is written in CodeIgniter ,Mysql,HTML,CSS (bootstrap) and Jquery


Designed and developed single page website in 6 hours



WinningLoop Delivery


Developed app for delivery guys at WinningLoop . This app shows the optimised route using travelling sales man algorithm for the good they need to deliver and the amount that needs to be collected from the current and the payment pending retailers


JustDail Parser


Wrote a backend script in php ,which parses all the business outlets data along with their geo locations and inserts in a database