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Projects Accomplished

  1. Movie Management System for iPhones- A movie managemet systems similar to for Apple iPhones and T-Mobile G1
  2. myToDos– Scheduler application for iPhone with    Email & Alarm features. Ranked no. 10th out of 117 applications
  3. myBigAlarm– Alarm app for iPhone with color changing and custom alarm recording features
  4. Capstone Project – Brought applications on computer to the mobile phone, worked with Objective c, programmed using GPS and Google Calendar Awarded an “A” grade.
  5. Video Hosting Application - a Visual Basic project on server-client architecture to gain experience on distributed systems network programming. Awarded “A” grade.
  6. Nine Men’s Morris – A Java Swing 2 player game aimed to learn the Software Engineering concepts of Requirements Capture, Design, Coding and Testing, Awarded an “A” grade.
  7. Automated Document Grader -A C#.NET based application to check whether the submitted document is as per the guidelines, Awarded an "A" grade


To obtain a full time position in the field of Software Development /Information Technology/Application Development that utilizes the skills I have acquired through my quality work


School: North Dakota State University

Degree: Bachelors

Major:  Computer Science

Awards and Recognitions

  1. John Deere Scholarship
  2. NDSU Dean's List

Technical Skills

Programming Languages      C, C++, VB, JAVA, C#.NET, VB.NET, Objective C, Assembly LanguageOperating Systems                Windows 9x/XP/2000/Vista, Mac OS X, UNIX, NEXTSTEPDatabase Technologies         Oracle 9i, MYSQL, SQLite Database, SQL Server 2000Web Technologies                CMS, HTML, CSS, XML, JSP, ASP.NET

Scripting Languages              JavaScript, Perl, RubyNetworking Concepts            CCNA I,II,III, TCP/IP, Client/Server Programming

Work experience

May 2009Present

Software Engineer/ IT-Web Developer

Anderson Fabrics
  1. Collaborated with a team of five members to develop various new features for some of the projects using C#.NET, PHP, Javascript, HTML and AJAX
  2. Develop and execute unit tests, fix bugs and handle performance related issues
  3. Developed Client Notification System utilizing the concepts of socket programming to report back to the customers if the system is down for scheduled maintenance or upgrades
  4. Utilized the concept of Human Computer Interaction to create rich and intuitive user interface for the company's website
  5. Developing " Effort Estimation System " using C#.NET to let the customers analyze the fabric and the amount required to build a particular custom product
Nov 2008May 2009

Website Developer-On Campus Employment

Extension Agricultural and BioSystems Engineering

Web Developer at NDSU Agricultural & Bio Systems Engineering Department, working on Water Quality  ( website.My responsibilities include but not limited to:

  1. Develop water quality website with Content Management System using TYPO3
  2. Design to satisfy the required performance & User Interface guidelines
  3. Modify the current search feature to be more optimal and precis
  4. Develop a web based editor for editing the content of the website by Administrator
  5. Develop and execute unit tests, fix bugs and handle performance related issues
  6. Develop Water Quality meter for Irrigation,LiveStock and Drinking water
  7. Integrate with existing Agricultural Department Website
  8. Develop a tool to find all the broken links on web pages and report it accordingly
  9. Provide a fully archived news section to get RSS feeds automatically from the Internet
  10. Provide support for multiple languages and platforms
May 2008Oct 2008

Software Developer-Internship

Do Apps Inc

Software Developer at DoApps Inc.I was mainly responsible for designing and developing the applications, my responsibilities were as follows:

  1. Planned, designed, and implemented  applications in C++ ,Objective C for iPhones
  2. Developed and executed unit test suites for iPhones using Cocoa-Touch and Instruments
  3. Investigated and fixed bugs, handled performance related issues for the applications
  4. Designed detailed user interaction models, and workflows for the iPhone applications
  5. Worked with designers, marketing, and strategy to deliver the final product
  6. Successfully communicated conceptual ideas and design rationale
  7. Provided inputs to the design and architecture of the overall EQO services solution
  8. myTo-Dos™ application was ranked at no. 10th in the world out of 117 applications
Aug 2007May 2008

Technical Comissioner-Volunteer

NDSU Student Government
  1. Project Manager NDSU Printing Services
  2. Provided technical help and addressed technical issues arising all over the campus
  3. Organised and took part in the Student Government Technical Discussions and Debates


I'm currently developing webapplications in PHP at Anderson Fabrics Inc.Since May I have come up with quite a few web applications to help our customers obtain information in a more convinient manner
I have been using HTML for more than 5 years now.I'm extremly confident in HTML and DHTML
I'm currently using C#.NET to develop Effort Estimation System for Anderson Fabrics Inc.
I have got some experience with VB.NET, working on my school projects.
Java was used to develop Nine Men Morris Game for one of my classes.Java was also a part of most of my application development.
C/C++ was primary development language for most of my applications and programs.I have experience of Network as well as standalone applications
Objective C
Objective C was used to develop myToDos and myBig Alarm applications for iPhone and iPod Touch users.


Aug 2005Dec 2008


North Dakota State University - College of Science & Mathematics
GPA: 3.4 Dean's Honors List Technical Commissioner Student Government

Relevant CourseWork:

  1. Comparative Languages
  2. Files for Database Systems
  3. Computer Organization
  4. Assembly Programming
  5. Java Programming
  6. C/C++ Programming
  7. Software Engineering
  8. Software Project
  9. Human Computer Interaction
  10. Network Security
  11. Operating System Concepts
  12. Operating System Design
  13. Algorithm Analysis
  14. Theory of Computation
  15. Social Implications of Computer
  16. Cisco Certification I, II ,III


Mr.Rainieri Ventura

Mr. Rainieri Ventura was one of the sponsor of my Software Project with IBM.This project was a huge success and it enabled me to understand how software development is done in the professional world.It was a wonderful experience

Dr.Jun Kong

I took Operating Systems Design and Human Computer Interaction class with Dr.Kong.I was very lucky to work under him and take classes with him.He is a very good professor and tries his level best to make his students understand the concepts and apply them in the real world.

Dr.Dean Knudson

Dr. Dean Knudson mentored my Software Project for IBM, Rochester which required me to develop a Communication Suite for Google Android (now known as G1) Phones