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Performance focused technology officer, who thrives in challenging and fast paced IT organizations delivering advanced technology systems, solutions and applications. Expertise in defining high level design and standards. Specialized in customer relationships, team building, project management, budget / schedule management & problem solving techniques.  Driven by new challenges and desire to be successful in all endeavors.  Immensely enjoy navigating all aspects of complex projects.


    • 21+ years of experience in IT Industry.
    • Worked in all phases of SDLC, Customer Support, Estimation, Proposal, Client Communication and Project Management.
    • Worked on Banking Products like Forms, Globus, Touchpoint.
    • Worked for Top US Banks through Fidelity in Charlotte, NC
    • Worked directly as full time employee in Paypal Offshore development center.

Professional Experience

Aug 2007Present



Responsible for running various development projects (small - mid-size projects ($10K - $50K) for client communication and delivery management. Handling Multiple small projects on Php, Mysql, Joomla, ROR, Smarty, Drupal, Android and IONIC Framework.

Aug 20072015

Project Manager

Covansys (India) Ltd

Responsible for development, enhancements & production support for the following projects in VISA (client).

  • P2P (Procure 2 Pay)
  • 1099 ( W9 forms for business/small companies)
  • DPT (Data population tool, which synchronizes the card activities between AHS, DS and other online application within VISA)
  • Budget/control Management
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Process control
  • Offshore team co-ordination, client communication
Sep 2005Jan 2007

Technical Project Manager

Convansys (India) Ltd.

Hold multifaceted responsibilities, providing the underlying software infrastructure required to implement and support a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for all of Fidelity National financial (client) Touchpoint products.

The Xpress Enterprise Services (XES) product is an enterprise-wide integration solution and insulates Fidelity’s core applications and will support various vendor products, additional application interfaces, and a wide range of channel delivery solutions. Other roles and responsibilities were:

  • Project Management (approx. $8M budget)
  • Team Building / Team Management
  • Offshore team co-ordination
  • Budget / schedule management,
  • Change control management,
  • Risk management, and
  • Process control.
May 2004Aug 2005

Project Manager

Convansys (India) Ltd.

Responsible for TouchPoint – Rehosting / NEC-APBASE project, which is a fairly large system encompassing approximately forty components with over eight-hundred methods or services, WebTone must rely on a form of migration plan to provide a phased roll over to the new architecture. TouchPoint Enterprise Services provides an infrastructure that effectively delivers financial products and services across all delivery channels in a consistent and predictable manner. Other roles and responsibilities were:

  • Technical Architect
  • Process / Project Management
  • Team Building / Team Management
  • Responsible for overall project.
  • Budget / schedule management,
  • Change control management,
  • Risk management, and
  • Process control.
May 2003Apr 2004

Project Manager

Convansys (India) Ltd

Responsible for the project OpenDIOSA, which is NEC’s foundation for mission critical systems. The component of OpenDIOSA that provides application support is APBASE. This project involves enhancement of APBASE sub components for next generation that were developed at Covansys. The enhancements were

  • USPA ( User Scratch Pad Area ) (HPUnix, C)
  • APLOG(Logging performance optimization) (HPUnix, C)
  • 32 to 64 bit conversion of all Modules (HPUnix, C)
  • Linux RedHat 7.2 Compatibility Check/Porting (Unix, C)
  • Descartes Product Development ( Windows, VC++ )

Other responsibilities were:

  • Technical Architect
  • Client Communication
  • Team Management
  • Allocation of work and scheduling
Jun 2002Apr 2003

Technical Project Manager

Convansys (India) Ltd

Worked for client Cyber Renaissance Inc. on Descartes project. Descartes is a Performance monitoring system for IT systems managing mission critical systems.  The target environment for Descartes PMAT is: Operating System (both PDH/WQL) MS Windows 2000 Server, DBMS System: MS SQL Server 7.0 or SQL Server 2000.   This project is equivalent to Performance Monitor (perfmon) of NT, but capable of monitoring 1000 machines in network.

 -  Requirement Collection, & guiding others and solving technical issues.

-  Designing Agent Handler /Agent / Descartes (GUI) / Thread Management System /Network Management System/ QMS

-  Technical Exposure to WINDOWS 2000 Server, IOCP, WQL Programming, MYSQL, SQLServer, VC++6.0, BC++5.0, ObjectPascal, Windows Internals.

Jan 2002May 2002

Project Leader

Convansys (India) Ltd

This project is an implementation of HUB & SPOKE structure to simplify inter-system interface, reduce total system development cost and construct flexible integration system. Hub Coordinator offers highly reliable mission critical functions.

Designing RWL Component for HUB using base as NEC TPBASE transaction processing software.

Technical Exposure to HP Unix 11.0, Oracle 8i, TUXEDO 6.5J, TPBASE 6.1

Jan 2001Dec 2001

Onsite Coordinator

Convansys (India) Ltd

Global Expansion Program for International Private Client Group (IPCG) provides investment, liability, insurance, tax and related services and products on a global basis, similar to those provided by the U.S. Private Client Group servicing the domestic U.S. market.

 Designing/Writing Interfaces for Globus product with MQ-Series and Jbase/VC++6.0.

Business Exposure to Vertical Segment area

Technical Exposure to Sun OS 5.8, VC++ 6.0, Jbase, ClearCase, JBc, SQL Server 2000

Feb 2000Jan 2001

Project Leader

Convansys (India) Ltd

This is a porting project for the Middleware Division of NEC, Japan. It involves the porting of NETMOS-UIS function from EWS UX/4800 to Windows-NT. UX/4800 is a Unix variant on NEC’s EWS server.

 Writing C-ISAM equivalent on WINNT, resolving issues of NutCracker and screen designs on VC++5.0.

Exposure to Complete Development Life Cycle starting from Requirements to Acceptance Testing.

Exposure to NuTCracker, C-ISAM, VC++ 5.0, Networking

Mar 1999Jan 2000

Designer and Developer

Convansys (India) Ltd

Delayed Control Project is a subsystem of OpenDIOSA integrated with APBASE (Tuxedo version) used for processing transaction services with lower priority.

 Working on TUXEDO transactional servers, enqueueing and dequeing messages from Oracle 8i AQ using OCI. Exposure to Oracle8i, HP Unix 11.0, Tuxedo 6.4J, OCI.

Sep 1998Feb 1999

Project Leader

Vetri Software (India) Ltd.

Responsible for Business Process Re-engineering, Design and Migration of existing Mainframe System to Oracle 8.0 Client/Server environment.  TIP System is a statistical information system developed by The POLK Company(client) that provides various information pertaining to the Trucks and Trailers registered in USA and Canada.

Aug 1996Aug 1998

Project Leader

Vetri Software (India) Ltd.

The forms are scanned and the Images are identified and information from the images are extracted using OCR engines & MITEK engines and stored in the database which is further used for automated transactions processing. An object-oriented system for archiving any data in electronic format. Archival of document images and corresponding data, after converting the information contained in the image into data using workflow, is done by the Archival/Retrieval System 

Responsible for coding, testing and Implementation.

Exposure MS Windows NT 3.5,4.0 servers and MS Windows 3.X clients, TCP/IP, SQL Database, Barcode Recognition Engines, OCR Engines, Handwritten recognition engines (MITEK), VC++1.52 & 2.1 ,C, Unix

 Responsible for Implementation of Merita project in Merita bank (client), Finland.  Stabilized and Optimized Ilmarien project work.  Interaction with clients and bank officials to finalize the new requirements for subsequent phases.


Senior System Engineer

Vetri Software (India) Ltd.

Done coding and testing for new indexing scheme for CACHET COLD. 

Exposure Windows 3.X clients, SUNOS, TCP/IP, C, UNIX

Responsible for all the outgoing data from production, which needs to check PARSER validations before shipment. Automated the complete shipment process.

Exposure to C, UNIX, WORD for WINDOWS.

Key Strengths

  • Strategic Technology Initiatives
  • Rapid Prototyping & Programming
  • Emerging Technology & market Assessments
  • Team Building & Management
  • Client Needs Analysis
  • Advanced Technology Research
  • Cross-Organization Collaboration
  • Multicultural & Accessibility Sensitivity
    Simple & Creative Solutions


  • Project Management  / Delivery Management
  • Technical Architect.
  • Business Development Manager

Overseas Assignments


May 1993May 1996

BSC Maths

Annamalai University

May 1999May 2001

MSC Information Techlogy

Annamalai University
May 1994Aug 1994

Computer Science

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT - Madras)