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 Results-oriented mobile developer with four years experience in development . I make it my goal to create software with keeping users in mind, creating applications with a useable and interactive user interface experience. I also understand the importance of creating highly readable and easily maintainable source code. I am constantly striving to learn new technologies and look to ways to better myself in this rapidly changing industry.

Work History

Apr 2012Jul 2012

Training at Nokia here Map Creater


Training in Nokia Jordan as here map creator agent.  

May 2013Aug 2014

iOS Developer and Android Developer 


 I worked in click-it as iOS and Android developer as team member and we achieved to deliver Booking App-JO it's mobile application for restaurant table reservation (Apple watch and Android ware support).

Available in App Store and Google Play.

Sep 20142016

Mobile and wearable Developer 


Mobile Appellation that I developed:

  • US-Media : iOS mobile application that letting the users to search TV-Shows , Movies , calibrates and the main service this app is provide to the users is searching the streaming services like Netflix , Hulu and more , this app is integrated with MovieDB API (Apple Watch Support).   
  • A5barkom : application gathering news from the most known News provider in the MENA reagin all together and with amazing news notification system this app is using Cloud code and php server side code.
  • E7zar : simple family mobile game,  in this game I'm using the gyroscope sensor in the iPhone to the detect the  position of the device.
  • Currencies it's a currency converter application integrated with Currency Layer to get an updated currency prices , this app developed with a very interactive design. 
  • Q-Recorder :  voice recorder app design specially for journalist, in this app I worked with a reporter in NBC News Channel to let this app being what the reporter and journalist really needs and it's integrated with Dropbox cloud service (Apple Watch Support) . 
  • Quick Note : voice record app how designed for all kind of users you can save your records as location ,events and the app is integrated with   dropbox cloud service for uploading and downloading your records.
  • Currencies :it's a currency converter app integrated with Currency Layer API to get a updated currency prices and this app developed with a very interactive design.
  • iDraw Board : Interactive kids draw and colouring game how target kids with special needs.
  • iPhoto Editor : Photo editing application with image filtering frames support stickers .


Apr 2011Dec 2015

Bachelor in Computer Network Programming

Petra University In Amman

Computer Network and Communication Systems Analyst, Network Administrator, Email System Administrator, Computer and Network Systems Programmer, Computer Network Security Administrator, Mobile Computing Programmer, Computer Network planner and designer, Internet and Web Programmer/Developer, E-business application programmer, Internet Accounting Programmer, Webmaster, Web Engineer.


Feb 2016Mar 2016

Arab Net Beirut 2016

3-day Arab Net Beirut 

1 workshop day and 3 days Networking , Panels and Interviews.

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