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Anan Hamdan

Production Engineer& Maintenance and control and operation of industrial machinery&Refrigeration technician


Jun 2013Jul 2013

TOEIC Certificate :

American Language Center

American Languge Center-Jordan:

Test  Of English International communication (listening/Writing / reading) from American Language Center under license US Embassy in Jordan 2013.

May 2010Jul 2010

CCNA-Computer Networks

Pioneers Instutute-Jordan:

Learning the types of computer networks, building and the discovery of faults to the network router and method of programming and keys and how to connect the devices using similar and different cat 4,5,6 cable and fiber optic cables using the tools for that.

Oct 2008Jun 2010

Diploma in communications engineering

Intermediate University College :

Education Course:

Network & Network lab

Communication Systems

Digital Communications

Microwave Systems


Logic Design

Materials Science

Training on how the f logic circuits and how they work, use, and the work of radio waves FM and AM, and how to download and transfer of these waves and use as the location and circumstances and the types of radio receivers and transmitters that are used depending on the purpose the designer to do the work required and to identify the principle of work equipment GSM and radars, satellites and the design of computer networks .

Oct 1992Jul 1994

Industrial electronics-industrial high school

Sahab Industrial School:

Secondary certificate in Industrial Electronics  from Industrial Sahab School - Amman - Jordan, with (80%) in 1994, (Industrial Electronics).

Education Course:

Physics & Math

Electronics  Engineering

Engineering  Drawing 

Practical training on the use of measurement and testing devices such as AVO and Oscilloscope and Signal Generator and how to deal with many of the measuring devices and testing Electronic methods of examination of the pieces and deal with it, such as resistors, transistors and capacitors and Diode AC(Diac,Traic,Thairostor), and building electronic circuits and other metal industrial controllers, switches and types.

Work experience

October 2015Present

Production Engineer

Gulf International Packaging (Bahrani Group Member Company )

Gulf is a company specializing in plastic cans industry and foam for meals, my job is to follow things productivity from the start of production of the rolls so that phase modulation, I calculate the amount of plastic and gas (raw materials) and the number of rolls which will be produced, as there are several varieties of rolls in terms of weight, height and thickness and color, and each category there are a period of time for storage until the formation process, through the stages of production are monitored for the product, and speed machines, and are prepared daily reports and by which the calculation of the amounts that have been produced, and the time it took the process productivity, finding differences, where that each item of cans him calibrations and produce a standard of its own, and are reviewed reports with the administrators of production and technical operation, as are the production process based on the balance of warehouses foreign orders as well as the distribution of tasks and responsibilities on employers and workers, as I do the follow-up failures machines with the maintenance department, and follow up on things Workers with human resources.

Aug 2013October 2015

Monitoring and tobacco machaines operation technician

Gedora Tobacco Company(A branch of the company of ALLANCE ONE  in USA),:

I am working in this company as a technician industrial controller where I am responsible for the Department of tobacco,machines such as Silos and Pack Out,and working for ready the flavours for any tobacco blend and add the special materials , do I led a team of several qualified staff to operate the Department of packing of different nationalities where English is the commodity mostly conversational Job as I do to follow up the progress of the production process from beginning work until the end and follow the faults that may occur during the work of the machinery with the maintenance department through Send e-mails and asked what each department needs packing of raw materials may be required section, In the end the work I send a report on the business and the amount of tobacco that have been produced ,and i do to Implementation of periodic maintenance of the machines and production lines procedures. - Dealing with any mechanical problems that might occur during the production and dealt with quickly and proficiently. - Assistance in the preparation of maintenance reports to be presented to the factory management.

Jan 2010Aug 2013

Refrigeration Technical control, operation and control stations, chambers of electrical and general maintenance

General Trade Refrigeration Industry Company:

 I am worked as control and operation of the power station in the station provides that contains many of the controls and electricity to run compressors refrigeration (ammonia-NH3) of the type SABROE(400 V/37 KW/28 Amp) and pumps for air and water, where I check the oil pressure of the compressors of the type continuously and 4GS monitoring of temperatures in the compressors and refrigeration units(-10&-30)degrees and control lines pipes and valves opening and closing of ammonia lines, as well as the discovery of faults,public roads are also an ideal solution, I also examine the water softener and filter cleaning cooling tower. I maintain and check electrical connections, such as forklifts, motor oils, gear and brake. I can run as a generator of 3 Phase type CATERPILLAR in the event of power outages and a referral of the case of manual to automatic transmission as necessary, and I can drive forklifts types CATERPILLAR & JOHNHEINERICH

Jan 1996Dec 2009

 Maintenance & Machines Operation Technician

  • Arabian Company for Trade an Manufacturing :
  • I am Worked on the assembly and dismantling of meat machines of the type of KOPPENS & FORMAX and monitor the functioning of ways using appropriate operating system plc is also working on such machines, oil hydraulic system and the air pressure of each piston to push the meat mixture and the composition by type of product required and maintenance work required for these machines and maintenance this machines,Maintenance buy monitoring all facilities and equipment in the company and the work of periodic preventive maintenance of electrical and Mechanical works, such as elevators, pumps, and check all of ammonia gas lines and discover if there is a leak, and Electrical  parts which inside the electrical cabinets such as break circuts ,contactors ,overlaods timers , relays ,fuses,and cabels  380V/220V .



Knowledge in English (Reading / Writing/Speak).

Knowledge in using computer (CISCO Course).CCNA 

Very good in communication skills.

Excellent in computer skills.

Good in AutoCAD.

Holds a driver's license.

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I have the ability to lead a team, training, or management team in an institution or group in the company, and find a solution to the problems facing the workflow smooth way so do not affect the progress of work, and I have the possibility to carry out administrative works that display the work of management.

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To obtain challenging position in a well known establishment which offer opportunities for progress and development, and where I can add value using my qualifications and experiences.