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- Work Team Leader as regards Transfer Pricing implementation in Latin America covering Legal and Tax requirements legal entity - Project Team Member of the Design, Developing, Validation and Implementation of the Gillette’s Latin American Financial Shared Service Center, on, Tax, Accounts Payable and Accounting, with a final assignment to Tax Manager -Development of the Tax and Accounts Payable Sectors, collaborating with the organization in the the local merger of new local companies that were internationally bought by Gillette -Lider manager in the analysis of Latin American industrial and administrative costs, staring from ABC Theory, as regards Purchasing and Production of the SKU’s manufactured by the different Gillette’s Entities, normalizing their costing processes to allow the Latin American Corporate Directors, making strategic decisions as regards the maintenance or closing of some manufacturing facilities. -Successfully negotiation with government authorities on Price Control during hyperinflation periods in Argentina. - Different Team Work Integrations, especially related to Total Quality Implementation in the whole organization, working either as facilitator or as member of the team -Inntegration with Pernod Ricard Argentina's, Administrative and Treasury Managers, to negotiate payments of due date foreign accounts receivables, either affiliates or independent distributors, following up funds deposits, reporting intervenient banks, before the Argentine Republic Central Bank, in line with the present exchange control regulations in force at present.. Successful Accomplishment of updating of past due Transfer Pricing Presentation in Johnson & Johnson Argentina during 2007 and 2008 Successfully assist Surinvest,Uruguay branch in Argentina, as regards the Argentina’s Tax Environment to perform in or out funds movements involving Argentina’s Persons that have funds or wish to deposit funds in Uruguay, following local regulations

Work experience


Indepemdent Tax Advisor

Different Little Business
Jun 2007Present

Independent Supplier

Independent Advisor and Outsourcing Service Supplier

PERNOD RICARD ARGENTINA S.A. Reporting to both, the Commercial Manager and the Treasury Manager

August 2007 / June 2008- Support the Allied Domecq Argentina Merger with Pernod Ricard Argentina S.A. in solving issues referred to Foreign Trade Operations, Pending Foreign Accounts Receivables among Worldwide Affiliates and Distributors:. Foreign Accounts Receivables:Collect pending debts of the emerged and new . Foreign Trade Relationship with Central Bank Exchange Control Regulations: Fulfilling of all information to be submitted to different Banks, for them to comply with the Export Embarking Permission Values either of the merged companies and the new formed company. This information covered the Statute of Liberation, that is to say 6 years that were not concluded and pending to be informed. It is important to mention that the Banks already inform don a monthly basis to the different companies and to the Central Bank through a report issued by the Tax Office called SECOEXPO. This situation was detected through my analysis within the company.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON ARGENTINA S.A. reporting to their Financial Director

July / September 2007 – Electronic presentation of Imports and Exports and Exportations referred to the forms supporting the 2005 / 2006 Transfer Pricing Studies and the review of the tributary review of the importation processes.

Mar 2007Present

Transfer Pricing Independent Consultor

GB Consulting Group
Jan 2005Mar 2007

Latin America Financial Service Center Tax Manager

Gillette Latin América

Latin American Tax Manager reporting to theLAFSSC Shared Service Center Accounting and Tax Manager. Responsible for all Latin American Entities’ Operative Tax Activities. Besides the responsibility over Tax processes and regular activities I’ve manages the work team that had the responsibility of following the internal control and operative processes established by the US Sarbannes Oxley Regulationsas regards the LA Region

Jan 2001Jan 2003

Accounts Payable and Taxes Project Leader, .

Gillette Latin América

Responsible of managing the work team the design and implementation of the “to be”Accounts Payable Process Coordination and Management of the work teams, analyzing every LA market conditions whose activities will be migrated to the LAFSSC. Empowered as attorney to be one of the signatures to deliver payments to all LA Market


International Tributary Law Programme post grade

Torcuato Di Tella/NorthWester University

2 years programme with double certification through 1st. and 2nd Seminars given by NorthWester University Proffessors .



Universidad de Belgrano