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Work experience

September 2015October 2015

Junior Software Consultant

MHP Romania

Reinforced previous knowledge regarding programming principles and Java basics. Took leave because of medical problems, now resolved. 

July 2015August 2015

Perl Intern


Learned basics of a new programming language (Perl). Acquired knowledge about Agile software development, and SCRUM principles, respectively. Gained an understanding of the inner workings of a project and the complexity of product development. Improved skills regarding task completion and time management.

May 2014May 2014

WebDesign 4 WeBiz Course

Centrul de Afaceri TRANSILVANIA Business Center Cluj

Developed a music website using Wordpress and various other e-tools. Learned about the principles of eMarketing and mobile marketing techniques.

Sep 2013Oct 2013

Web Development Internship


I developed a blog and an online shopping website using technologies such as PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript and Git.


Oct 2012Jul 2015

Bachelor in Computer Science

Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca (Romania) 

Learned the fundamental concepts of computer science and mathematics, developing a variety of applications that introduced numerous problem-solving methods and allowed me to gain an understanding  of software development and maintenance.

Sep 2008Jul 2012

Baccalaurate Diploma

”Nicolae Bălcescu” High School, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Attended a wide range of courses with an emphasis on mathematics and computer science.


Programming languages

Java, C#, SQL, Perl

Java Technologies & Frameworks

JUnit, Servlet

Perl Technologies & Frameworks

Mason, Perl DBI

Client-side technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), AJAX

Building tools


Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows, Linux

Mobile Development


Database administration


Development IDE

Eclipse, NetBeans, Android Studio


Good knowledge of OOP and design patterns.


Panic Management Application

I am currently developing an Android application designed to help in overcoming panic attacks. The creative drive behind it is giving the theoretical knowledge of panic attack management form in an Android context, with the goal of a final product that is of real help to people with this issue. 

This project was born out of my desire to contribute in a meaningful way to society using the skills I possess, and the ambition of a continuous personal progress. I am a quick learner, and I am driven to discover new ways in which any knowledge I gather can be applied.