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Career goal and interests

My career goal  is to excel in imparting education in the technical, professional and social aspects of civil engineering.

My career interests include:

Building on state-of-art teaching resources  

Pursuing research and practice oriented activities in the field of civil engineering (materials, structural and transportation engineering)

Supporting outreach and association of industry-academia-research-professional practice

Work experience


Assistant Professor

CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India

Teaching, Research and organization responsibilities 




Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

Major: Sustainable Transport



University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA

Major: Structural Engineering; Minor: Transportation Engineering


B. E.

Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, India

Major: Civil Engineering

Research and Publications

    1. Sheth, A. and Sarkar, D. (2019). Life cycle cost analysis for electric vs. diesel bus transit in an Indian scenario. International Journal of Technology.
    2. Sheth, A. and Sarkar, D., (2019). Review and qualitative assessment of biodiesel as an alternative fuel for bus transport. International conference on sustainable development, Pune, India.
    3. Santdasani, D. and Sheth, A., (2018). Solar Electric BRTS-Ahmedabad Efforts, Urban Mobility India Conference, Nagpur, India
    4. Sheth, A. and Sarkar, D. (2018). Social benefit cost analysis for sustainable bus transport project in Ahmedabad . Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India): Series A, Springer. (Under review)
    5. Sheth, A. and Sarkar, D., (2017). Development of public transport sustainability model for India. International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering and Management
    6. Sheth, A. and Sarkar, D., (2017). Financial analysis of solar electric bus in India. 2nd International Conference on Advancement in Engineering, Applied Science and Management, Delhi, India
    7. Sheth, A., Tewar, B. and Mistry, A. (2017). Laboratory experimentation of foundry waste for potential utilization in pavements. International Journal of science, engineering and management
    8. Sheth, A. and Santdasani, D., (2016). Solar Electric Bus: Benefits and Costs. International Journal for scientific research and development
    9. Sheth, A. and Sarkar, D., (2015). Development of solar transport for smart cities. Seminar on Role of civil engineers in smart cities, Institution of Engineers, India
    10. Sheth, A. (2013). Exploring PPP for solar powered BRTS Ahmedabad. World Congress on business, finance, marketing and industrial management for sustainable development
    11. Sheth, A. and Doctor, P., (2013). Solar energy for fuelling the
      BRTS in Ahmedabad: A Cost Feasibility study. International Conference on Various Facets of Energy Technologies and its Management for Sustainable Development
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References and supporting documents  available on request.