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To obtain a rabbinic position.


"Yafe Talmud Torah Im Derech Eretz"

Young charismatic Rabbi of Gibraltarian Descent with experience in religious leadership positions and ability to bring people of diverse backgrounds together.  Cantor in the customs and tunes of Spanish Portuguese Jewish culture and energetic orator capable of delivering content effectively through various techniques.  Experience in outreach and fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

Work experience

Mar 2012Present


Ahiezer Torah Center - Yam Hatorah - Keter Tzion

Lectures daily to a group of young adults giving classes on topics varying from gemara, to Jewish law, history, Mussar and Jewish philosophy.

Sep 2010Present

Hazan for Yamim Noraim

Young Israel of Scarsdale

Acting Rabbi & Cantor for the Sephardic Minyan.

Officiated all High Holiday prayers in the Spanish & Portuguese tradition.

Delivered insightful & elevating sermons in between prayers.

Dec 2004Present

Independent Religious Instructor

  • Teaching adolescents from various Jewish backgrounds and knowledge levels.
  • Implement diverse instruction techniques to accommodate ages and learning difficulties.
  • Bar Mitzvah, Groom and Chazanut instructor.
Jan 1999Dec 2001


Jewish Learning Exchange (JLE)

Serviced the London Jewish Community, providing knowledge about Judaism and appreciation of the Torah to all Jews in a serious program, regardless of affiliation, background, or education, in a warm, welcoming environment.


James Levy

+350 (200) 79000

Sam Benzaken

Rabbi Yochay Oren

Max Maslaton

(718) 376-3359

Marc Bengualid

Chayim Walkin

American number in Israel is

(718) 689-1866



Dec 2004Present

Keter Sion Rabbinical College

Intense study of the Talmud, with emphasis of practical Halacha in the areas of Brachot, Nidda, Shabbat, Basar ve Chalav (kosher kitchen), Avelut (laws of mourning), Hilchot Yom Tov ve Chol Hamoed (jewish holydays).


Semicha (Rabbinic Ordination)

Yeshivat Ateret Yisrael
Studied to gain a strong commitment and understanding of Torah while acquiring the skills to be a role model and teacher. This two-year course, culminating in Rabbinic S’micha (ordination), is led by Rabbi Chayim Walkin, the Mashguiach of Yeshivat Ateret Yisrael of Jerusalem. His objective was to train Rabbinic leaders, community leaders, and outreach professionals. With these goals in mind, classes geared to the development of communication skills and the transmission of hashkafah form an integral part of the course.

Mir Yeshiva
Sep 1999Jun 2001

Middlesex University

Studied for two two years of law school under a well-qualified, experienced academic staff, which included solicitors or barristers with practicing experience. The areas of research included buisness law,tort, employment law,family law, discrimination law, EU Law and Human Rights. 

After two years transferred to a Yeshiva in Israel to pursue Semicha ordinance in Jewish law.


Talmudic Studies

Mikdash Melech Rabbinical College

Studied advanced level  Gemara, Navi,Hashkafa,Mussar and,Halacha.

Acted as youth leader for freshman,providing guidance, support and encouragement.


Leadership Skills
Excellent organizational, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Outstanding oral and written communication skills. Trilingual.  As I was born and raised in Gibraltar which is a British colony bordering Spain and home to a strong Jewish community from Spanish descent, I am fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.