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I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated Graphic Designer / Web Designer with more than 20 years of experience designing for many different sectors as a free-lance and 10 years working as a full-time Web Designer for La Presse, one of the largest French-speaking newspapers of North America. I enjoy working with clients and being part of a team where creativity and a cheerful attitude are considered valuable. In constant mutation, I react to changing trends with excitement and an open mind.

Work experience


Interface Designer UX / UI



Nuglif offers the daily news industry a powerful and sustainable business model that is fully adapted to the needs of today's readers and advertisers.

My responsibilities and a Senior Interface Designer at Nuglif

  • Creation of ergonomic interface elements for mobile applications for the News Publishing World
  • Work in close collaboration with the Artistic Director and programmers within a Multidisciplinary team 
  • Work inside the frame of Agile Methodology
  • Participation in the application’s development of functional and design standards
  • Branding / Color Schemes 
  • Wireframe Production
  • Mockup Production based on GUI
  • Participation in the definition of the graphic style of the interfaces
  • Development of Flowcharts
  • In charge of all the design of Iconography for all Nuglif products
  • Website Design
  • Logo creation
  • Icons creation
  • Participation in UX tests
Oct 20002015

Web Designer / Graphic Designer

Cyberpresse / La Presse

As a graphic designer, I’ve been working for La Presse, (one of the 50 best-printed papers in the world), since 2000, when the site was launched. Since then, many other sites have been added to this network and I’ve been participating with 3 other designers and a team of programmers in the development of one of the most successful information websites in its field.

Not only is Cyberpresse first among news sites in terms of volume of monthly visitors and average number of daily visitors, but it also leads in statistics that measure readers’ commitment,suchastheamountoftime spent on the site, the number of pages read and repeat visits.

  • Development of new interfaces for all the network sites in collaboration with experts in Ergonomics and participation in Workshops and usability testing
  • Creation of strong visual concepts to meet the needs of web users and many different boards of directors
  • Participation in many missions of recast and ergonomics recommendations for content and new services for all different sites of the network
  • Creation of artwork for print and electronic Medias, including promotional material, as web banners, advertising campaigns and posters
  • Participation in numerous brainstorming for new slogans
  • Work on the corporate identity of the company, designing logos, icons, branding signatures, brochures and business cards
  • Production of numerous Power Point presentations to diffuse marketing content
  • Design andimplementationofgraphical environmentsfor presentingeditorial and advertising contentfortheWeb
  • Follow up ofgraphicand functionalanalysisofrecenttrendscharts and technological developments on the Internet
  • Development, writing and implementation of Graphic Standards
  • Preparation of necessary material for integration with the programming team
  • QA (Quality Assurance) of projects online

Computer Graphics Production Director

GCL (Group Collège LaSalle) Multimédia
  • Art Direction
  • Management of junior designers, Project coordination
  • Design and development of concepts, page layouts
  • Presentations, follow-up with clients and suppliers, quotations, deadlines
  • Office supervision, back-up systems, quality control
  • Pre-press, mock-ups, final press follow-up
  • Printed Media, Web Design

Graphic Productions Coordinator

Xplor Design
  • Concepts, Layouts, Graphic Design
  • Quotations, contact with suppliers and clients
  • Pre-Press, Mock-ups
  • Project Coordination


Chez Brasil Bed & Breakfast

In 1996, I started this independent dream-project with my best friend Eliana Saia and we kept it together for almost 4 years. It was a great time and even if it didn't last forever, the memories and all the creative process involved was enough to make it an important part of my portfolio as a designer and entrepreneur:

Chez Brasil, Your Brazilian Home in Montreal !

¡Mi casa es tu casa!!!

We were 2 Brazilians residents in Montreal offering a “home away from home” in two beautiful houses in the trendy Plateau district in Montreal. Our homes were colourful, comfortable and cozy...everybody felt at home – hence the name «Chez Brasil». The Plateau Mont-Royal is reputed to be among the most cultural districts in Canada, boasting an interesting array of original cafés, restaurants, boutiques, cinemas and events.

Many of our guests were people who arrived in preparation to immigrate, to attend congresses or simply to enjoy a holiday as tourists. They have become our friends and represented a growing network of contacts spreading the word about the “joie de vivre’ ambiance characterized by the love of music so much a part of our Brazilian culture. 


Graphic Designer

Inter-Dec College
  • Concepts, Layouts, Graphic Design
  • Quotations, contact with suppliers and clients
  • Pre-Press, Mock-ups
  • Project Coordination

General manager / Consultant in Fashion Design

La Bagagerie Confections LTD.

  • Sales
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Management, staff training, stock control
  • Window displays, store supervision

Fashion Designer and boutique owner

Hysteria Fashion Apparel / Scaramouche Design
  • Fashion Design / Interior Design Projects
  • Purchase and sale of art objects and antiques
  • Design and production of new line of women’s underwear (sold nationally)
  • Apparel production management
  • Sales management
  • Employee training

Decoration Department Manager

Hélio Barki Department Store LTD.
  • In charge of Drapes and Linen Department
  • Sales Management
  • Promotions, purchasing
  • Window displays, signs and posters
  • Inventory, recruiting, employee training

Graphic Designer

Vecchi Editions S.A.
  • Page-Layout of a monthly Fashion Magazine (Brazilian Figurino Moderno)
  • Publicity and Promotion Design


Sep 1995Sep 1996

Attestation d'études collégiales (AEC)

Inter-Dec College

Atthe endof mycourse, I wasaskedby the boardofInter-DecCollegetohead up anew Graphics departmentthatwouldproduce advertisement for all the schools belonging to theLaSalleCollegeGroup.


College Degree in Teaching (BAC)

Instituto de Educação do Rio de Janeiro

Proficiency Certificate in English

Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Inglesa

  • Proficiency Certificate in English (Cambridge University)
  • Lower Certificate in English (Cambridge University)
  • Michigan Certificate in English



I've been using Photoshop for more than  22 years now, since I graduated in 1996 in Computer Graphics. I'm fully equipped at home as well and used to follow all updates.

Same time of experience for Illustrator, which I use all the time for vectorial graphics, together with Photoshop.
Saketch 50.2

Since this Software appeared on the market, I started using it and I work in conjunction with Photoshop and Illustrator to build dynamic Wireframes.

Adobe After Effects CC 2018

I have a long experience of working with video presentations. At Nuglif, during the development of La Presse+ platform, I was asked to create many video tutorials in how to use the application, and After Effects was the software I used for that.

Adobe IN DESIGN CC 2018

Also another software that I use a lot, specially when I have printed jobs to do.

Adobe Lightroom CC 2018

I'm an amateur photographer and have a special passion for Image Retouching. Lightroom is my favourite.

Microsoft Power Point 16.13

I'm very well skilled in Power Point and have a lot of experience creating nice presentations for many clients.

Microsoft Word 16.13

I own all Microsoft softwares and use them in my daily basis.  

MAC Platform
PC Platform


La Presse / Cyberpresse

Mon Cinema

Chez Brasil

Mon Volant Campaign

Mon Toit / Advertising Campaign



Cyberpresse Auto-promos


Section Vivre


Cyberpresse Dossiers Ads

Publicity CVendu

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Book Covers

Tele-Québec Sites

iD Beauté Hairdresser

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