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My aim is to expand my skills, knowledge and experience in a sales assistant position. I have a passion for clothing and footwear, so I would be delighted to work amongst their industry as it would be an opportunity for me to link my passion with my work. Due to my outgoing personality and previous work experience, I am able to communicate well and work effectively alongside other people. I have a lot of experience in dealing with different types of customers, so my communication skills would also benefit me when dealing with those who I am not working alongside of, but serving instead. I am a fast learner and have the ability to follow instructions well, therefore I believe I will be able to work at the required level of efficiency within a short amount of time. I am capable of facing day to day challenges strategically and with a positive attitude in order to resolve them with the least amount of trouble.


Contact number: 07940469437


Address: 7 Balcombe House, Streatham Hill, London, SW2 4AP

Work experience

Jun 2015Aug 2015


Nostro Cafe Costa 

Paid summer job, where I was required to serve customers while maintaining a positive attitude, which included communicating well with customers and work colleges, even when under pressure.

May 2015Jul 2015

Sales Assistant 

Geranium Charity shop

Voluntary work, mainly involving serving customers and working at the till. 

Jul 2015Jul 2015

Office assistant 

Imran Khan and partners solicitors firm

A week of unpaid work experience, mainly involving making calls and sending emails to clients.

Jul 2013Jul 2013

Primary School Assistant 

Kings Avenue School 

A week of unpaid work experience, mainly involving assisting children aged 5-6 with their primary studies.

References available upon request.


Sep 2014Present

Dunraven Sixth Form

94/98 Leigham Ct Rd, London SW16 2QB

AS Levels achieved:

  • English Literature A
  • Portuguese A
  • French B ( I am retaking this exam and predicted an A grade) 
  • Art and design A
  • History C

I am yet to take my final A Level exams but I am predicted A*-B grades.

Sep 2009Jul 2014

Dunraven Secondary School

94/98 Leigham Ct Rd, London SW16 2QB

GCSEs achieved: 

13 A*-B's, including English and Maths.

Highest grades:

  • French A*
  • Portuguese A*
  • English Literature A
  • Biology A
  • Maths B
  • Statistics B


I am fluent in both English and  Portuguese.

I can also communicate in French and Spanish at a high intermediate level.