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People skills - Strong communication skills and comfortable navigating all types of organisational and cultural challenges resulting from succeeding on a highly diversified and demanding academic and professional background.

Multi-faceted - Capacity to solve challenges at multiple contexts while moving at the high-pace, demanding world of academia for her PhD studies. Provided personal assistance to world-class magician and supported a venture launch in Portugal.

Resourceful and organized - Ability to drive impact on broad range of challenges – proven experience in contexts ranging from event organization to sponsorship contracting. Flexible and detail-oriented, able to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish any task.

Work experience


Personal assistant

José Sousa – Athlete and CrossFit box owner

Provided personal and administrative support to José Sousa, ICKKF world championship winner and owner of a successful CrossFit affiliated box in Porto, Portugal.

Key responsibilities ranged from business affairs coordination, including work and travel arrangements to sports events, contacting sponsors, athletes and marketing personnel. Additionally, managed expenses and all daily errands that come with keeping the business running.


Personal assistant

Helder Guimarães – Magician and entertainer

Provided personal and administrative support to Helder Guimarães a world championship winner and highly-demanded card magician.

Key responsibilities included coordination of business affairs including work and travel arrangements, organization of schedule and assistance with personal errands as well as management of expenses and coordination of all liaisons with media and entertainment.


Research Intern

Biochemistry department– Porto Medical School

Integrated a multidisciplinary research team studying the role of different drugs in the angiogenesis of breast cancer, melanoma and macular degeneration.


Research Intern

Cellular and Molecular Biology Institute

Integrated a research project for the sequencing of Catharanthus roseus peroxidases, using basic and advanced molecular biology techniques.


Sales assistant

Fantasy boutique – clothing store

Integrated a family owned boutique throughout summer time on a part-time basis, acting as shop salesperson and supporting on store organization



PhD, Biomedicine

University of Porto Medical School(2008-2009, 2013-2014)                                         University of California, Riverside (2010-2012)

Thesis – Role of host neighboring cells in breast cancer metastasis.

Supervision – Prof Raquel Soares, Biochemistry Department at Porto Medical Faculty.


MSc, Molecular Oncology and Medicine    

University of Porto Medical School                                  

Thesis – Role of Imatinib on hormone-dependent breast cancer angiogenesis.

Supervision – Prof Raquel Soares, Biochemistry Department at Porto Medical Faculty.

Received Masters degree with distinction.


BSc, Biology

University of Porto Sciences School

Graduated the scientific branch of the degree focusing on molecular biology, microbiology and tissue cultures.



native speaker






minimum professional proficiency


elementary proficency

Microsoft office

MAC and Windows proficiency

Web Savvy

Social media, blogging and web search proficiency

Additional Information

  • Musical education: 5th grade of piano at the Porto Conservatory of Music; 2 years of classic guitar lessons.
  • Other interests: literature (as avid reader as well as amateur writer), cinema, music, traveling, hiking, nature.