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My pathway in life is to develop myself, ideas, projects and people. I use every opportunity to grow and create a positive environment for myself and others to improve step by step the state of being. You can count:

  • Over 1000 hours of training sessions delivered
  • Impact on more than 200 people/year
  • More than 50 topics delivered
  • 5 leadership positions

Work experience

July 2014present


Ana Georgescu PFA

In 2014 I took my development into my own hands and started creating partnerships in order to deliver a greater variety of tasks. By being a freelancer I had the chance to contribute to the Happy Employee type of programs in different companies such as Innobyte (together with Azimut, a company from Cluj Napoca), Garanti Bank (together with FLUX Training and Consultancy), Oracle, ING Insurance (now NN), Philips.

In some cases I participated in the process of the needs analysis and "diagnosis" of companies such as Innobyte where we conducted an extensive evaluation through interviews, questionnaires and focus groups.

In other cases I delivered sessions that were required by management or human resources in order to improve skills and have better performance (marketing, communication) or simply to motivate members and have fun while getting to know each other better (in a way similar to creative team building activities).

Recently I have also started working as recruiter, finding suitable candidates for the company I work assignment-based in UK.

Sep 2016Aug 2017

Project Manager


My role in this social business is to improve the financial income through any means. I have focused during my time here in creating relevant partnerships with other companies, associations and NGOs by using my connections (like the British Council and Zero Generation for example) as well as making new connections. I attracted sponsors for future partnerships that will support teenagers in their personal development and learning path.

Secondly, together with a group of volunteer teenagers, I organised uLEAD - a Junior Leadership Summer School dedicated to high school students. The design of the event is meant to stimulate and excite participants into personal growth and skills development through non formal education, group coaching and inspiring speakers.

Sep 2014present


British Council Romania

I am a trainer in the British Adventure Camps, the Teen Club and the Social Club for adults. I deliver sessions to improve the verbal skills of young teenagers by using non-formal methods. I do personal development exercises and challenge kids to overcome their barriers and step out of their comfort zone in a safe environment where we can explore their reactions and emotions. 

Feb 2016present

Care Assistant

Active Assistance

My role is to support my clients with the needs stated in the Care plan, and, if possible, improve their state of mental well being.

Jul 2014Dec 2015

Psychologist and Integrator

Gant & Sterling Consulting

This Company has a project called „Fii Profesionist!” (Be professional) that aims to create a job-seeking website addressed to youth in search of professional development. I created an online personality test meant to reveal the working style and developing traits of the candidate. You can see it on

Mar 2013Sep 2015


Impact Hub Bucharest

My role is hosting – creating a bond between members, meeting their needs during the working hours and inviting and guiding new members and visitors within the office space and through the internal regulations of the location.

Dec 20132015

Training and Education Coordinator

  • Coordinating the Bond’n’Bake project (delivering nutrition workshops for children and creating for them a cook-book that aims to strengthen the relationship between adults and young children by using values such as healthy nutrition and shared communication. The book's pages are created together with local artists and their visual aspect is very captivating). 
  • Collaborating with other Projects and NGOs to deliver quality development programs for local communities 

-  Nutrition workshops for children between 4 and 14 at the CreArT Gallery, 
- Taking part together with my team in  social-impact oriented events and festivals to raise visibility and awareness for non-formal education (*Street Delivery, *Book-Fest, *Impact Festival, *Social Impact Award, *PotSiEu)

  • Motivating young volunteers to participate in our projects.
  • Coordinating People in Progress (a 2-day international training conference on professional and personal development with an emphasis on Public Speaking and Powerful Presentation Skills).
Nov 2012Jul 2015

Project Manager and Trainer

Gifted Education Center

I have delivered full personal development programs for children with the IQ over 120. The main focus was emotional expression and integration of frustrations, via diverse and creative topics (The Theater of Emotions, In front of the Camera). I also organised the evaluation and graduation events of the Gifted Center. Starting May 2015 I organised and managed the Bright Summer Program aiming to attract gifted children, familiarize them with the Center and enhance their education.
The program was modeled according to Gardner's multiple intelligence theory and it approached the logical, lingual, emotional, musical, kinetic, intuitive, visual and social skills of the participants, holistically.

Apr 2011Apr 2012

Senior Training Officer

European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations 

During my mandate as STO I coordinated the team of trainers to design and deliver a variety of training sessions after conducting together with the Junior Training Officer an extensive needs analysis of the Federation.

In this time I have also focused in creating opportunities to develop better training skills by engaging my team in external partnerships with the Board of European Students of Technology and European Medical Students' Association.

I have also organised and delivered several Train the Trainers events in order to create more trainers for the organisation, as my collaboration with the Training Team went on and I am still active on occasions.



Trainer of Trainers Certificate

The National Basic and Advanced Training Center for Trainers, Avalon Management

Degree in Psychology

University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences



I have the ability of directing a group of people or an organization towards their goal, by taking care of the process and maximizing results.


I have the ability of creating an authentic connection between people by framing the common context and using assertive skills.  

Team Work

Working together with diverse people of a group, in an effective and efficient manner, in order to reach our aims and goals.