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Hello, I’m An DUONG from Bangkok (Thailand)

I have three years of experience working in web development. I love to write clean code with fully testing.

Now I'm working on Ruby On Rails 5, VueJs 2 and HTML5, CSS3.



DaNang College of Technology

Learn Information Technology in 3 years and get 5 scholarships from university. Graduation classified pretty good


1. Backen

 With three years of experience working on Ruby On Rails framework, I know how to build an application from scratch from design database, write code with fully testing, to deploy to production, caching and error trackingmonitoring an app.

   - Code style

- Flowing  S.O.L.I.D principles, Law of Demeter principle.

- Aside traditional design patters like Singleton, Factory, Observeralso know some pattern on Rails app such as: Null Object, Value Object, Form Object, Service Object, Presenter, Decorator,...

- Using Rubocop (a Ruby static code analyzer) also using Brakeman (a static analysis security vulnerability scanner for Ruby on Rails applications).

   - Database

- Database designer. 

- Worked with PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB

- Use Redis for background job.

   - Testing

- I'm a big fan of Test-driven development (TDD).

- Unit test (Model test, Controller test, Request test, View test) with Rspec framework.

Acceptance test (Feature test) with Capybara framework, using Poltergeist drive for PhantomJS headless or Selenium drive.

- Using Travis CI, Semaphore CI for continuous integration (CI).

   - DevOps

- Using Docker, Docker Compose on local machine.

- Setup and deploy Rails app to production server.

Automatic deploy with CI server or manual deploy with Mina, Caspitrano.

- Work on Ubuntu, CentOS, Amazon Linux.

Work on Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Heroku, Cloudflare.

Monitoring server with Cloudwatch, Newrelic.

- Error tracking with Newrelic, Sentry.

2. Front-end On front-end part, things I can do.
   - HTML, CSS


- Using Bootstrap framework.

- Using SCSS/SASS preprocessor, flow smacss.

   - Javascript

- Write Javascript with ECMAScript 5, ECMAScript 6 style.

Work on Ember JS, Vue JS.

- Also using some tools like Webpack, NPM, Yarn.

3. Another things

  - Chatbot

- Integration Chatbot with Facebook, Slack, Chatwork using Lita, Hubot.

  - Elastic search

- Design index, understand how to analytics data for easy search.

  - Realtime

- Realtime application with Action Cable on Rails.

  - Service worker

- Can implement Service worker, push notification based on web browser. 

  - PHP

- Have short time work on Laravel framework and Cake framework.

  - Elixir

- Beginner research Elixir and Phoenix framework.

Work History

Sep 2016Present

Ruby On Rails Developer

Nimbl3 Thailand
  • Nimbl3 is a company base on Bangkok, Thailand. It's very diverse and multicultural team, the member come from 7 countries (Thailand, Viet Nam, Nepal, Netherland, Columbia, France, Turkey).

During the time worked for Nimbl3, some project I'm working on

  • Workhiro:
    • This is a product of Nimbl3 company, Workhiro is the simplest way to track job applicants, engage with them and collaborate faster with your hiring team.
      • User can post a job position
      • Candidate can apply via job portal or send an email to job position
      • User can see a list candidates applied, change state of candidate.
      • User can send an message to candidate or take a note with candidate.
      • .....
    • Role: Developer.
    • Number people in project: 5
    • Technical Skills: Ruby On Rails, Heroku, Semaphore, Rspec, Capybara,  Bootstrap, Ember JS, Stripe.
    • URL:
  • Travel book:
    • Travelbook is a social sharing image, experient for travel.
      • User checkin and add image, video for 1 place 
      • User can comment on 1 travel book
      • User can make friend with another people.
      • Travelogue newsfeed from my friends.
      • .....
    • Role: Developer.
    • Number people in project: 5
    • Technical Skills: Ruby On Rails, Heroku, Semaphore, Rspec, Capybara,  Bootstrap, React, Redux.
    • URL:
  • Tankebosen:
    • Tankebosen is a treatment program, and metal health check.
      • User enroll and learn a treatment. 
      • User can check health with mental health check 
      • .....
    • Role: Developer.
    • Number people in project: 5
    • Technical Skills: Ruby On Rails, Heroku, Semaphore, Rspec, Capybara,  Bootstrap.
    • URL: - still under construction.


Dec 2015Aug 2016

Ruby On Rails Developer

Neolab VietNam
  • Jinjer Kintai:

    • This is a project for a startup company in Japan. This project will help managers manage paperworks on a website. Here is some important features:
      • Working time management: Calculate total hours of working time, total hours of working overtime.
      • Salary management: Calculate salary for each staff.
      • Staff management: Create time-card for staff, create shift for staff.
      • Holiday, Day off management.
      • Integrate Chat systems such as ChatWork, Slack, Chatops, RocketChat.
    • Role: Ruby on Rails developer, Integrate Chat developer and DevOps.
    • Time: 8 months
    • Number people in project: 20
    • Technical Skills: Ruby On Rails, AWS Services, Bootstrap, Javascript, Underscore, MongoDB, Redis, ChatOps, Meteor.
    • URL:
Oct 2015Present

Ruby On Rails Developer

  • Asian Beauty:
    • This is social about beautiful for woman. The project helps woman share or get experience about beautiful from another user. Here is some important features:
      • Register or Login with Facebook/Gmail account.
      • Post article, post image, video.
      • Comment, Share, Love article.
    • Role: Ruby on Rails developer, DevOps.
    • Time: 2 months.
    • Number people in project: 3
    • Technical Skills: Ruby On Rails , AWS Services, Bootstrap, Javascript, SASS, SEO, PostgresSQL, Redis.
    • URL:
  • Strange Snake:
    • From Snake Classic ideal, we created new game Snake with new rules, the project is server side for game. Here is some important features:
      • User register, login with Facebook account
      • Save level, map, money, score for user
      • Sync level, map, money, score to any device
      • Leaderboard score with world or with friend list.
      • Admin page get report stats of game every day.
      • Push notification to user
    • Role: Ruby on Rails developer, DevOps.
    • Time: 2 months
    • Number people in project:  6
    • Technical Skills: Ruby On Rails, AWS Services, PostgresSQL, Bootstrap, Javascript, Redis.
    • URL: It's will publish soon, this is video overview
  • Xbean service system
Apr 2015Dec 2015

Ruby On Rails Developer

AsianTech Inc
  • AidTower:
    • This is project about online learning platform. Study online student can study any category: music, math, computer, ...and teacher can get money from lesson of them. Here is some important features:
      • Teacher create lesson with type lesson is online or offline.
      • Student can make schedule study with any teacher, any category
      • If lesson is offline, teacher create video of lesson before and when correct time on schedule of student, student can view lesson, view video.
      • If lesson is online, when correct time, student and teacher will be go to room and make video concurrent real time.
      • Student and teacher can Chat real-time, send file.
      • Payment for student and teacher.
    • Role: Ruby on Rails developer.
    • Time: 4 months
    • Number people in project: 10.
    • Technical Skills: Ruby On Rails, Bootstrap, Javascript, MySQL, Redis
    • URL:
    • Virgo:
    • Sleep:
      • The project helps users can have a sleep wellHere is some important features:
        • Get data of sleep from device
        • sleep analytic quality
        • Draw graph sleep.
        • Admin view stats user, data user.
      • Role: Ruby on Rails developer, DepOps.
      • Time: 2 months
      • Number people in project: 3.
      • Technical Skills: Ruby On Rails, Bootstrap, Javascript, MySQL, AWS Service.
    Jun 2014Apr 2015

    PHP Developer & Android Developer

    Software Developer Center at DaNang University
    • Project Manager System
      • Using Laravel framework write project manager system.
      • Some function include:
        • Manager team, project, milestone, task, comment.
        • Notification via email about task, comment,....
      • Role: PHP developer.
      • Time: 3 months
      • Number people in project: 2
      • Technical Skills: Laravel, Bootstrap, Javascript, MySQL, deploy.
    • Dashboard & API for Technatives:
      • This is dashboard for admin of Technatives company and API for HurtLocker Application.
      • It manager all Android and iOS application of Technatives company, include
        • Total download application via day
        • Event, Purchase, Notification.
      • For API for HurtLocker, it includes
        • Manager purchase application, time expert.
      • Role: PHP developer.
      • Time: 4 months
      • Number people in project: 5
      • Technical Skills: CakePHP, Bootstrap, Javascript, API, MySQL, deploy.
      • URL
    • Foodbook
      • This is project for startup company, a social food in Viet Nam on Android, iOS.
      • Some function include:
        • Login with Facebook, Google.
        • Add new restaurant.
        • View list restaurant via address.
        • View detail, comment, like, rate, restaurant.
        • Share to Facebook.
      • Role: PHP developer and Android developer.
      • Time: 3 months
      • Number people in project: 4
      • Technical Skills: PHP, Android, API, MySQL, deploy.


    - Coding, reading technical news, book.

    - Travel, game, movies, music, sport.