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As the Director of the Neurological Research Institute, LLC, Dr. Amy Yasko plays an instrumental role in discovering and implementing new ways in which to approach the treatment of autism. In her capacity as Director, Dr. Amy Yasko leads parents with children suffering from autism through a comprehensive protocol designed to achieve results through usage of specific dietary supplement programs. Using genetic tests, Dr. Amy Yasko examines the methylation pathway, which has ties to a multitude of major diseases, including autism. Once the tests have been completed, Dr. Amy Yasko customizes a unique herbal supplement plan designed to work with the child’s body to naturally remove viruses, bacteria, and toxins and subsequently bypass weaknesses in the methylation pathway. 

Beyond her efforts with the Neurological Research Institute, Dr. Amy Yasko has authored a number of publications, including web articles, magazine articles, and books. Dr. Amy Yasko’s most recent book, Autism: Pathways to Recovery, explores the scientific causes behind autism and establishes a starting point for parents seeking effective treatments for their children. 

Dr. Amy Yasko possesses a diverse background with experience in various disciplines, including biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, and allopathic medicine. Prior to establishing the Neurological Research Institute, Dr. Amy Yasko held leading positions, such as Medical Consultant for Holistic Health Consultants, LLC; Chief Medical Officer of Serenity Corners; and Cofounder and Vice President of Oligos Etc. Inc. Additionally, Dr. Amy Yasko has held numerous academic positions at institutions such as Yale Medical Center and Strong Memorial Hospital. Dr. Amy Yasko matriculated at Albany Medical College, from which she graduated summa cum laude with her Ph.D. in Microbiology, Immunology, and Infectious Disease. Extensively educated, Dr. Amy Yasko also holds a Doctor of Natural Health and Doctor of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Fine Arts from Colgate University. 

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