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York University



Graduate Diploma

York University

Sustainabilty Education



Nipissing University

Intermediate-Senior Qualifications

English, History 


Bachelor (Honours)

Nipissing University

Work experience


Special Education Resource Teacher

Simcoe County District School Board
  • Provide support and resources to students who are identified as exceptional and their parents/guardians
  • Utilize Ontario Student Records and PowerSchool files to create and update Individual Education Plans
  • Utilize PowerSchool to adjust student timetables
  • Plan and facilitate Special Needs Committee meetings
  • Provide board transportation forms and IPRC waivers to board/students/parents
  • Act as a liaison between students and board for SEA equipment 
  • Assist in the organization and implementation of the OSSLT for exceptional students
  • Act as a liaison between Barrie North Collegiate and elementary schools

Gifted Resource Teacher

Simcoe County District School Board
  • Facilitate the “Gifted Cluster Program” and work with teachers and Guidance to develop curriculum-based opportunities for learning within gifted cluster classrooms
  • Provide extra-curricular opportunities for gifted and enriched students (field trips, guest speakers, in-school academic challenges)
  • Created and maintain an online “Opportunities Guide” for students who are gifted/enriched/student leaders that provides information on learning and leadership experiences local, provincial, national and international levels (developed an abridged guide for the rest of the student body)
  • Work with SCDSB consultants to develop resources for other GCCP teachers/programs

Gifted-Enriched Learning Strategies Teacher

Simcoe County District School Board
  • Work with students, parents/guardians, SERTS, Students Success, Guidance and Administrative staff to support students in achieving success in academics and life
  • Utilize PowerTeacher to track attendance, completing reporting procedures
  • Topics covered in course included: multiple intelligences, group dynamics, learning strategies, healthy lifestyle strategies, awareness and planning for post-secondary scholarships, critical thinking, philosophy, global awareness, student-led/teacher-facilitated whole class projects, independent research project
  • Field trips included University of Toronto libraries, Free the Children headquarters, the ROM, the AGO, Georgian College Speakers Series, Youth Leadership Camps Canada retreat, World Press Photo Exhibition, National Film Board, Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival 'Monthly" screenings
Feb 2013Jun 2014

Life Skills Teacher

Simcoe County District School Board
  • Develop and implement functional lessons that encourage the development of life and social skills through in-class activities and engagement with non-Life Skills students and staff 
  • Work with Educational Assistants, school administration, outside agencies, and other Life Skills teachers to develop individualized learning profiles and programs that support student needs
  • Develop IEPs and safety plans utilizing SMART goals that best support students' strengths and needs
  • Field trips and guest speakers include the Elmvale Zoo, Scientists in the Classroom, and Canadian songwriter and producer David Archibald (songwriting workshop).


Ontario Educational Leadership Centre
  • Worked with OELC staff to develop workshops for students in areas of critical thinking and global citizenship
  • Engaged students in active, engaging, arts-based workshops to encourage students to think about their role as a leader and citizen
  • Grade 6 Gifted Leadership Course
  • Secondary School Leadership Course
  • Ministry of Education Student Voice Forums
  • Trillium Lakelands District School Board School Improvement Student Leadership Forum

Leadership and Peer Support Teacher

Simcoe County District School Board
  • Designed course of study for GPP3OR
  • Created and implemented units and lessons addressing team work, leadership and mentor skill development, public speaking, event planning and organization, leadership through activism, project development
  • Field trips included Brock University Youth University, Youth Leadership Camps Canada leadership retreat

English Teacher

Simcoe County District School Board

  • Designed engaging and relevant lessons that combined popular culture and social justice issues with Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines
  • Encouraged student participation in writing contests
  • Assisted department leader in research and selection of new course texts for ENG1PR and ENG3CR
  • Taught the after-school TIPS program to assist students in preparing for the OSSLT
  • Field trips included Bayfield Cinema, Algonquin Park, Barrie Film Festival

Pre-Service Teacher

Government Secondary School Anya-Lewoh, Cameroon
  • Taught Form 1 and Form 3 English Language (equiv. to Canadian Grade 8 and Grade 10)
  • Developed and implemented innovative lessons on grammar, paragraph structure, and creative writing
  • Effectively managed class sizes of 83 and 76 students 
  • Worked in medical clinic distributing eye glasses, assisted in digging of water pipeline trench, and climbed Mt. Cameroon as part of this journey

Pre-Service Teacher

Trillium Lakelands District School Board

  • Taught Grade 10 Canadian History, Grade 12 Canadian History and Grade 12 World History, and Grade 12 Challenge and Change 
  • Developed and implemented units on Prohibition, World War I, Romanticism, Genocide, the Holocaust, Mental Disorders and Treatment, and Peace and Conflict 
  • Volunteer faculty advisor for the Model United Nations Club, and assistant Track and Field and Jr. Girls Volleyball coach

Teaching Assistant – HIST1406/1407 Canadian History

Nipissing University
  • Seminar leader for first year history seminars 
  • Facilitated discussion and group work in a classroom setting 
  • Marked assignments and essays

Examples of Student Learning

Awards Received

  • SSHRC Canadian Graduate Scholarship (2005)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship – Declined to accept CGS (2005)
  • Valedictorian – Intermediate/Senior Division, Nipissing University (2005)
  • President’s Scholarship, Nipissing University (2000, 2001)

Extra-Curricular and Community Involvement

Student Engagement Trips (2006-Present)

  • Organized curriculum-based and extra-curricular field trips to engage students in learning
  • Destinations have included Barrie Film Festival, Hot Docs International Film Festival, Georgian College Speaker Series, Bayfield Cinemas, York University, University of Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum, National Film Board, Art Gallery of Ontario, World Press Photo Exhibit, University of Waterloo, Physics Phatastica at the Perimeter Institute, Algonquin Park, YLCC overnight leadership trips, SPARK Leadership Conference at Canada's Wonderland. 

DECA (2018-Present)

  • Facilitate student leaders in training for and engagement in business-leadership competitions
  • Work with other SCDSB DECA schools to develop best practices for exam writing and role-play scenarios

HOSA (2018-Present)

  • Facilitate student leaders in training for and engagement in health science and emergency management competitions

Chess (2018-Present)

  • Organize in-school Chess competition
  • Facilitate student engagement in the SCDSB Chess League and other tournament play

Positive School Climate/Wellness Committee (2013-Present)

  • Work with school staff to develop initiatives and resources to promote a positive and inclusive school environment
  • Assisted in the planning of a school-wide 'Week of Wellness", during which the entire student population was bused to Springwater Provincial Park for wellness activities, as well as a one-day "Wellness in the City" event
  • Develop monthly "Character Board" in the school cafeteria, which provides inspiration images, quotes and text to inspire students to be their best self
  • Organized the purchasing of staff 'Excellence Begins at North" t-shirts to promote school spirit and encourage the school community to think about excellence 

Model UN (2014-Present)

  • Support students in their preparations for the SCDSB Model UN simulation

Student Awards Night and Commencement  Ceremonies(2006 - Present)

  • Reader and back-stage support for our school recognition and graduation

Simcoe County Regional Science Fair (2016-Present)

  • Facilitated student application process

McMaster University Science and Engineering Olympics (2015, 2016)

  • Facilitated student preparation for and engagement in the Olympics

Hot Docs (2007-Present)

  • Arrange for teachers to be able to borrow award-winning documentaries through the Hot Docs ‘Docs for Schools’ program
  • Organized a one-day school wide film festival showing two documentaries to the entire student body

Link Crew Leadership Program (2007-2016)

  • Received Link Crew program training from the Boomerang Project in 2007
  • Organize Grade 9 Orientation Day to support grade nines transitioning into high school 

Free the Children Club (2006-2010)

    • Facilitated raising over $25,000 to build schools and support communities in Kenya and Sierra Leone through events such as coin drives, coffee houses, Awake for Awareness, and the 24 Hour Famine
    • Assisted student leaders in organizing and hosting the “Students Effecting Change” conference which saw 400 high school students participated in social justice workshops and hear keynote speakers Craig Kielburger and Irshad Manji
    • Facilitated fundraising for I Read ABC in Uganda,  a co-op project  in Ethiopia and the Association for the Protection of Women and Children in Cameroon
    • Recognized as a “Remarkable Educator” in the ‘Acknowledgements’ section of The World Needs Your Kid: How to Raise Children Who Care and Contribute by Kielburger, Kielburger, and Page

    Speak Up (2008-2010)

      • Worked with students to apply for Ministry of Education Speak Up grants and received $1200 for to organize a Student Voice Forum for Barrie North students
      • Forum included a presentation by former child soldier Michele Chikwanine and workshops for grade 9 and 10 students
      • Successfully applied for 2010 grant; vice-principal administered funds during my maternity leave

      United North (2007)

        • Worked with students to promote whole-school fundraising initiative to support the David Busby Centre (a centre for the homeless and individuals in need) for the 2007-2008 school year
        • Students collected food and clothing and monetary donations

        Barrie North Musical Productions (2007, 2009)

          • Producer for two school musical productions: Scheherazade (2007) and Little Shop of Horrors (2009) 

            Involvement in Local and Provincial Organizations/Events

            • Minden Terry Fox Run Volunteer (1995-Present)
            • Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival Teacher Advisory Committee (2007-2013)
            • Algonquin Highlands Fire Services Support Crew (1999-2012)
            • Barrie Community Christmas Cheer Campaign for Families in Need (2007, 2009)
            • Ontario Volunteer Initiative 40 Hours Advisory Committee (2005-2006)
            • Youth Speaker for the Canadian International Development Agency (2005)
            • Volunteer Canada Youth Advisory Committee (2003-2006)
            • Heart and Stroke Foundation Canvasser (1995-2000)
            • Haliburton County Special Olympics Bowling Coach (1998-2000)

            Conference/Workshop Presentations

            2017            Simcoe County District School Board                             Midhurst,  ON

             SCDSB/OSSTF Professional Development Day

                “Choose Your Own Adventure - Research and Reflection on Assessment, Reporting

            and Student Engagement

            2016           SCDSB Special Education Advisory Committee      Midhurst, ON

            Gifted-Enriched Programming Overview

            2015           Simcoe County District School Board                         Barrie, ON

            Arts, Equity, Innovation Conference (AEIC)

            "We Love Learning - A Journey in Inquiry-Based Education" 

            2009            Simcoe County District School Board                        Midhurst, ON

            Professional Development Workshop - Secondary

                “Hot Docs – Incorporating Documentary Film into Your School and Classroom”

                2007            York University                                                                 Toronto, ON

            Research Theory and Practice for Education

                “The Mis-/Under- Representation of Youth  in Canadian Federal Policy & Policy Development”

                2006             York University                                                               Toronto,  ON

                On Contested Terrain:  Envisioning Canadian Educational Landscapes 

                “From Communicated Boundaries to Inclusivity and Intergenerational Solidarity - The Discourse of  Adult Perceptions of  Youth”

            Additional Education

            • ASHOKA Changemakers Conference (SCDSB/Georgian College 2018-2019)
            • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) (SCDSB 2017)
            • Building Futures (SCDSB 2017)
            • Safe Talk (SCDSB 2017)
            • Behavior Management Systems Training (SCDSB – Re-certified 2017)
            • SEA iPads to Support Learning PD (SCDSB 2016)
            • Professional Learning Opportunity: Teaching Written Language for Students with Learning Disabilities 101 (SCDSB 2016)
            • Online Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test, Closing the Literacy Gap (SCDSB 2016)
            • Leveraging Digital for Deeper Learning Collaborative Inquiry (SCDSB 2015-Present)
            • Integrating Secondary School Courses Collaborative Inquiry (SCDSB 2015-Present)
            • New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Collaborative Inquiry (SCDSB 2015-Present)
            • Focus on Feedback Collaborative Inquiry (SCDSB 2015-2016)
            • STEAM Collaborative Inquiry (SCDSB 2015-2016)
            • BLDS Exploring Leadership (SCDSB 2015-2016)
            • Leading Mentally Health Schools (SCDSB 2016)
            • "Docs for Schools" Teacher Conference (Hot Docs 2016)
            • SEA Training - Firefly for Kurzweil (SCDSB 2016)
            • County Class Programming - Gifted (SCDSB - 2015)
            • Tech Talk PLT (SCDSB - 2015)
            • Social Media and Legal Issues (SCDSB - 2015)
            • BLDS - Exploring Leadership Book Group (SCDSB - 2014-2015)
            • Bring IT Together Conference (ECOO 2015) 
            • iPads and Special Education (SCDSB - 2014)
            • Facilitation Training (SCDSB - 2014)
            • L2 Inquiry Conference (SCDSB - 2014)
            • iPad SEA Writing Team (SCDSB - 2014)
            • Cross-Literacy PLT (SCDSB - 2014)
            • Tech Talk PLT (SCDSB - 2014)
            • SEA Assistive Technology: Read and Write Gold (SCDSB - 2014)
            • Collaboration: A Necessity in Effective IEP Implementation (SCDSB - 2014)
            • IEP Programming for Students in County Classes (SCDSB - 2013, 2014)
            • ACE/ACT: Alternative Curriculum Expectations & Assessment Communication Tool (SCDSB - 2013)
            • Teaching Sexuality for Students who Learn Differently (SCDSB - 2013)
            • MyBLUEPRINT Training (SCDSB - 2011)
            • IEP and Programming for Students in Secondary GCCP Classes (SCDSB - 2011)
            • Minds on Media Workshop (SCDSB - 2011)
            • iPad in the Classroom - Technology in Education Conference (SCDSB, SMCDSB - 2011)
            • Smart Board Training Levels I, II and III (SCDSB - 2011)
            • Student Safety Plans Workshop (SCDSB - 2011)
            • Assessment for Learning (SCDSB - 2009)
            • KTEA Teacher Training (SCDSB - 2008)
            • The Role of the Special Education Resource Teacher (SCDSB - 2008)
            • IEP Writer Training (SSCDSB - 2008)
            • IEP Smart Goals Workshop (SCDSB - 2008)
            • Assement-Planning-Evaluation Workshop (SCDSB - 2007)
            • Teaching Students with Special Needs (SCDSB - 2007)
            • Current Educational Priorities (SCDSB - 2007)
            • WHIMIS Training (SCDSB – 2006)
            • Mediation and Conflict Resolution Certificate (University of Cape Town, Arcadia University, Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution, 2006). 

            Student Comments


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