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An experienced public affairs, government relations, and legal professional with a background in law enforcement, corporate relations, legislative affairs, lobbying, and not-for-profit organizations who is currently seeking a full-time position in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.   

Work experience

Jan 2011Present


Public Affairs & Government Relations Solutions

Successes include:

-Formulated legislative strategies and public policy campaigns for a national debt recovery firm.

-Served as an expert consultant for a start-up trade association; including recommendations for staffing, membership recruitment, budget, legislative strategy, grassroots outreach, and public promotion.

-Served as an expert advisor to a group of industry subcontractors to develop a new trade association.

-Developed presentation, corporate sponsor recognition, and exhibit formats for a national trade association’s annual convention (attendance at 5000+).  Secured over $150k in direct corporate sponsorships & gift donations.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Assist individuals and companies with developing public advocacy and legislative strategies, including issue papers and presentations; conduct research; analyze statistics and budget data, and recommend grassroots strategies.

Study the objectives, promotional policies, and needs of organizations to develop public relations and government affairs strategies that will influence public opinion or promote ideas, products or services. Advise clients on business development opportunities.

Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups. Work with other public relations/government affairs professionals to identify trends or key group interests or concerns.

Aug 2002Dec 2010

Vice President of Legislative Affairs

American Shipbuilding Association

Duties included drafting legislation, composing position papers, correspondence to Members of Congress and industry representatives, in addition to analyzing legislation and reports.

Drafted annual programmatic and policy requests, and submitted all fiscal year recommendations and supporting documentation to Congress and Executive Branch.

Met with Members of Congress, committee, and personal staff in support of legislative initiatives.

Conducted in-depth research for the Legislative and Executive Branches, military officials, and the private sector.

Prepared and presented updates on legislative initiatives to Association Board of Directors.

Assisted in drafting the Association President’s testimony before House and Senate committees.

Attended and summarized committee hearings, drafted questions for committee members, and wrote statements for the record.

Prepared presentations and briefing materials for industry meetings and briefings with Administration and congressional officials.

Composed press releases and monthly newsletters reporting on issues of importance to the industry.

Managed the industry’s nationwide grassroots program. This included composing the monthly online newsletter, drafting action alert letters to Congress, and creating the promotional materials.

Testified before the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission during its 2005 session.

Met with the Office of Southeast Asia and Pacific Affairs of the U.S. Trade Representative regarding the impact of the Australia Free Trade Agreement.

Conducted comprehensive research and wrote reports on China and Russia’s defense industries and projected implication to U.S. national security.These reports were utilized as an authoritative source for America’s foreign intelligence services, Members of Congress and U.S. media outlets.

Legislative successes include: amending the U.S. Tax Code to create an equitable taxation formula for U.S. shipyards building naval ships; securing a reporting requirement in the FY 2008 and FY 2010 House Defense Appropriations Bill requiring the Department of Defense to develop a plan to phase out the use of foreign-built ships in favor of U.S.-built ships; securing appropriations in fiscal years 2003 ($25 million), 2008 ($5 million), 2009 ($48 million), and 2010 ($35 million) to assist with commercial construction; and defeated legislation to waive U.S. domestic source requirements.

Aug 2000Aug 2002

Legislative Assistant & Legal Counsel

Office of Representative Jerry Moran, First District of Kansas

Responsible for issues relating to the judiciary, law enforcement, tax, the federal budget, foreign policy, terrorism, defense, and small business.  Duties included briefing and advising the Representative on legislation and policies; formulating legislative strategies; drafting legislation; soliciting co-sponsors; and working with the committees of jurisdiction.

Among the bills drafted for and introduced by the Member included legislation to revise the rules under the Military Survivor Benefit Plan; a bill requiring the U.S. Attorney General and Federal Trade Commission to issue guidelines relating to mergers by wholesale purchasers of livestock and unprocessed agriculture commodities; and legislation to amend the Internal Revenue Service Code to increase the unified credit against gift taxes.

Provided staff support during meetings with constituents, state, and federal officials.Met with federal and state officials if the Member was unavailable.

Drafted speeches and correspondence for the Congressman to constituents, in addition to drafting professional letters for the Member to other Members of Congress and the Executive Branch.

Instructor for the February 2001 tax legislation seminar for the Kansas Continuing Legal Education Program.

Organized a field hearing regarding the production and trafficking of methamphetamines in the state. The hearing was jointly hosted by the Congressman and Director of the Drug Enforcement Agency, and attended by the Director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, state sheriffs, chiefs of police, and county prosecutors.

Assisted state law enforcement agencies in obtaining federal grants to combat methamphetamine production, trafficking, and hazardous material clean-up for rural areas, in addition to working with state and county agencies to apply for federal grants to fund rural domestic violence shelters.

Jan 2000Aug 2000

Assistant City Attorney

City of Wichita

Duties involved the litigation of bench and jury trials in municipal and District Court.

Responsible for the daily preparation of the Traffic Docket.

Researched criminal and traffic ordinances, and drafted recommendations to ensure compliance with state statutes and State Supreme Court rulings.

Oversaw the Attorney Disposition Docket for attorneys to dispose of cases via plea bargain.

Served as the prosecutor on call during open office hours in which citizens could discuss traffic violations.  Disposition of these cases helped to reduce the number of traffic cases set for arraignment or trial, thereby relieving congestion from the trial docket.

Oct 1997Dec 1999

Legal Clerk

Office of the Kansas Disciplinary Administrator

Assisted in the evaluation of professional responsibility complaints against attorneys, summarized open investigation case files for attorneys-in-charge, and compiled exhibits for disciplinary hearings.Drafted legal briefs and memoranda for attorneys-in-charge, and composed professional legal correspondence.

Participated in follow-up interviews and evidentiary collection with investigating attorneys in the field.

Cataloged all Kansas disciplinary cases from adoption of the Disciplinary Rules and Model Rules to the present date.The cases and case files were summarized and the information imported into a database searchable by officials in the Kansas Supreme Court.

Assisted in the research and formulation of the Trust Account Overdraft Notification Program; Kansas Rule of Professional Conduct 1.15 (d)(3)(iii).



Kansas Bar

State of Kansas


• Government & Public Affairs:  Over 15 years of progressive experience in government and public affairs with concentration in the areas of government affairs program development/management, legislative analysis, legislative tracking, issues development and implementation, and direct lobbying activities on behalf of diverse client bases. Responsible for continual relationship development and communication of issues to federal, state and local public officials, private entities, regulatory authorities, stakeholders, shareholders and the media.

• Industry & Association Relations:  Primary advocate for and liaison to business trade associations representing diverse membership bases. Responsible for the dissemination of information to internal and external industry, public stakeholder and member audiences through direct communications, publications, presentations and electronic media. Oversight of grassroots political involvement programs. Appointed member of association committees and subcommittees.

• Business Development: Specialist in business development through advocacy. Multiple successful initiatives in policy, law, legislation, public relations, media relations and external affairs for the specific purpose of enhancing or protecting business opportunities while highlighting corporate and industry reputation. • Corporate Responsibility: Responsible for managing internal and external corporate responsibility activities promoting the positive attributes of community commitment, philanthropic engagement, eco-friendly initiatives and employee volunteerism. Experienced public affairs operator with public/community relations responsibilities.

• Communications:   Primary and support roles in media and public relations including experience with local, state and national media outlets. Responsible for drafting of executive speeches, press releases and response to direct media inquiries. Spokesperson and presenter at conferences and professional development events.

• Administration:   Experience in diverse operating structures including corporate, small-mid and independent operations. Management team member responsible for the administration of departmental functions including the development and oversight of strategic plans, departmental budgets, and the supervision of professional and contract employees.

•  Technical:  Proficient in Microsoft suite of desktop applications, intranet and internet, and legislative/legal/statutory research applications.



Charts & Statistical Data


Amy Praeger has spent her professional life helping government agencies, businesses, and non-profits meet their objectives.  She is an informed and passionate advocate for the issues, groups, and industries she represents. A Texas native who grew up in Kansas, Amy possess the best qualities of both regions, including a strong work ethic, solid values, manners, and an engaging personality. Presently serving as a government relations and public affairs consultant, she assists small businesses and non-profits in developing and executing their campaigns and legislative agendas.

While many individuals still wrestle with the question of what they want to be when they grow-up, Amy has known since high school that she wanted to be involved in law and government. This does not mean that she has locked herself in to one career path.  Indeed most of her professional experience has been acquired by being open to any and all opportunities. 

Having no particular connection to the shipbuilding industry, she saw a challenge and became an advocate for the American Shipbuilding Association (ASA).  As Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the trade association, she promoted the importance of maintaining a strong industrial base for national and economic security.  She served as a dedicated advocate, educating policymakers and the American public on the need to support American manufacturing.  Her achievements include testifying before the U.S.- China Economic and Security Review Commission in support of the U.S. industrial base, in addition to conducting comprehensive research and composing reports on China and Russia’s defense industrial bases with emphasis on the projected implication to U.S. national security.  Her research and reports on these latter topics were utilized as authoritative sources by America’s intelligence services, Members of Congress, the military, and U.S. media outlets. 

Prior to joining ASA, Amy served as legislative counsel for Representative Jerry Moran (KS-1) where she was responsible for issues relating to judiciary, law enforcement, tax, the federal budget, foreign policy, national security, defense, and small business.  In addition to her legislative and government relations experience, Amy has a background in law enforcement having worked as a prosecutor for the City of Wichita, Kansas.  She also served as a law clerk for the Kansas Disciplinary Administrator.   

Amy obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Kansas State University.  She earned her Juris Doctor from Washburn University School of Law and is a member of the Kansas Bar. 

Her biography, as her life, remains a work in progress.  Bluebonnets and barbecue have beckoned her back to the Lone Star State. Amy is currently searching for a full-time position in the Dallas-Fort Worth  metro area. She is excited about embarking on a new opportunity, bringing passion and commitment to do the best job possible in order to achieve the goals of those she represents.

She can be reached at:

Phone:  972.755.9141

Email:  [email protected]

Newsletters/Press Releases

Issue Papers

Professional Attributes


Including legislative analysis, legislative research, bill drafting & tracking, testimony, budget, and appropriations.

Presentation Development & Event Coordination

Developing presentation materials, including talking points, handouts, and audio/visual productions. An excellent public speaker, capable of persuasively presenting messages to individuals, and large and small groups.

Strategic Planning

Developing legislative and public policy strategies for executing agendas, including drafting legislation and associated materials, soliciting support, and bill tracking and analysis.

Grassroots Organization & Coalition Building

Working with private companies, trade associations, and non-profits to build support for initiatives. Developing strategic messages and campaigns to generate public support for issues. These endeavors include drafting issue papers, talking points, charts & graphs, and letters of support.

Lobbying & Advocacy

Interfacing with elected officials, agency representatives, corporate executives, and citizens in support of policies and issues.


Excellent verbal and written communicator, including drafting professional correspondence, position papers, speeches, talking points, and newsletters. Able to tailor messages for a variety of audiences and settings.


Computer and non-computer based research. Emphasis on legal research, legislation, budgets, regulations, and statistical data.


Presently working as a government relations and public affairs consultant, I assist non-profits and small businesses with lobbying efforts and increasing their profile to achieve greater recognition in an increasingly competitive climate. I also work with companies to form coalitions and other businesses and non-profits to further shared goals.

I have a documented track record of advocacy, strategic planning, and leadership, in addition to a genuine commitment to the plans and objectives I undertake. My ability to find solutions that lead to success, foster coalitions, pursue excellence, and work with a high degree of integrity has become my brand. I am extremely personable (with a quirky sense of humor and dry wit), and enjoy developing and maintaining close working relationships with individuals in government, non-profit organizations, and private sector firms.


Government Affairs / Public Policy / Public Relations / Consulting / Industry Advocacy / Corporate Relations / Business Development / Analysis and Strategic Planning / Regulatory Affairs / Grant Writing / Fundraising / Political Action Campaigns / Trade Associations & Not-For-Profits / Grassroots Organization & Coalition Building / Counsel / Criminal Law / Professional Responsibility / Issue Paper, Briefing Materials, Press Releases, Newsletters, and Presentations.