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Work experience

Aug 2015Sep 2015

Contractor - Senior SQL Developer

  • Designed and developed database applications using SmartConnect , TSQL and Stored Procedures.
  • Designed and developed SQL Server Objects (Tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Views, temp tables, table variables and User defined types) using Transact SQL (TSQL). 
  • Design and implement SharePoint-based Libraries, Folders, Web pages, Workflows, Lists, Views, and Forms.
  • Created SharePoint sites, site collections, master pages & templates, web parts, content types & policies, lists, libraries, workflows, and security groups.
  • Created SSRS Reports Using Report Builder 3.0  
Nov 2014Aug 2015

Contractor - Microsoft Access VBA Architect

  • Created VBA Modules and Procedures To Import/Export Data - Microsoft Access 2010

  • Created VBA Modules with Conditional Counting and Looping

  • Created and Export Queries - NGS Qport Access

  • Developed AR Valuation - Microsoft Access 2010

  • Created VBA modules to Import excel workbooks - Microsoft Access 2010
  • Created Forms to export data into Excel and execute VBA modules to format after Export.
  • Created VBA Modules to open and close record sets to display data properly in forms and reports.
  • Created Scheduled tasks to execute batch files automatically and save to designated UNC Paths
  • Importing massive data from multiple sources through VBA code.
  • Linking Patient info to Medicare tables to export into Excel through VBA
Dec 2013Nov 2014

Contractor - SQL Server / Microsoft Access VBA Architect

  • Provided support to Compliance team activities through Access database development and maintenance, data analytics, data reporting and system activities. 
  •  Developed, maintained department Access databases to support production, operations, quality and reporting needs.
  • Worked with business to improve/automate business processes and end users to determine reporting and database needs.
  • Acted as a data analyst/expert to include researching and analyzing data, preparing recommendations based on data summaries, trend analysis, etc. 
  •  Analyzed system changes to determine and document impact to systems, business processes and associated testing needs.
  • Created VBA Modules to open and close record sets in order to display data properly in forms and reports.
  •  Created SQL Stored Procedures In Development Environment.
  •  Created SQL pass-through queries and set proper ODBC Connection strings.
  •  Created report control table links from SQL Server in order to execute proper joins and read LAN Id’s from each computer utilizing the application.
  •  Collaborated with DBA in Minnesota to have all code promoted into production through approved procedures.
Feb 2013Dec 2013

Full Time - Database Developer

  •  Requested UDS SQL Server Backups through One Site Digital Dashboard.
  •  Restored SQL Server Backups through Extraction Utility.
  •  Attached Restored SQL Server Backup to designated server through SQL Server Management Studio.
  •  Analyzed Business Objectives, Report Design Examples and Report Content through Report Development specifications. 
  •  Created SQL Server (TSQL) datasets for Visual Studio 2005 Business Intelligence Report Projects.
  •  Created SSRS Report Parameters and Set appropriate Report Properties.
  •  Utilized and configured Report items in Visual Studio 2005 Toolbox such as Tables, Matrix, Rectangles, Line and more.  
  •  Worked directly with Business Analysts to understand Report Specification Requirements and unexpected development additions and requests. 
  •  Attend Weekly Governance Report Preparation Meetings.
  •  Worked Directly under Database Developer III to establish deadlines and development goals.
Nov 2012Feb 2013

Contractor - Microsoft Access VBA Architect

  • Created VBA modules to Import excel workbooks - Microsoft Access 2010
  • Created Automated Export Forms for Director Of Purchase Services - Microsoft Access 2010
Nov 2012Nov 2012

Contractor - SQL Server Developer

  • Redesigned existing SQL server stored procedures.
  • Optimized TSQL queries for improved performance and availability.
  • Created Scheduled Jobs and Alerts using SQL Server Agent.
  • Developed various drill down / drill through reports using SQL Server Reporting Service and implement securities for sensitive reports.
  • Created Test Plan documents to define the strategy used to set the expectation and define the scope clearly.
  • Created business requirements document (BRD) with detailed descriptions in order to clearly define start and end points of the process.
Sep 2012Oct 2012

Contractor - Business Operations Analyst

  • Mapped current Microsoft Access processes, identify disconnects and re-engineer process to gain efficiencies.
  • Recognize the structures, usage and sources of SQL Server business data as well as the context in which it is utilized throughout the business.
  • Meet regularly with business intelligence developers to clearly detail project statuses and expected completion dates.
  • Document functional requirements in a clear concise manner that is easily understood by the business community and followed by technical support.
May 2012Sep 2012

Contractor - SSRS Developer

  • Developed T-SQL stored procedures and scripts based on business requirements.
  • Used Red Gate suite of tools to synchronize and compare database schemas.
  • Created interactive reports with SSRS, using report parameters, query parameters, Filters and Expressions.
  • Created Parameterized reports in SSRS 2008.
  • Create scripts, save to vault for development team to move database changes to Production environment.
  • Worked in an environment incorporating agile methodology (Scrum).
Oct 2010May 2012

Full Time - SQL Server Developer, Microsoft Access VBA Developer

  • Analyzed and Enhanced existing Microsoft Access 2007 application programmed to track the status of each invoice until mailed.
  • Improved the performance of the current Microsoft Access application creating batch file scripts to copy the current Microsoft Access build to each user’s desktop.
  • Designed, implemented, and delivered well-presented reports from SQL databases to upper management and customers.
  • Assisted Senior Developer performing SQL Server Database Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery procedures.
  • Scheduled Full, Differential and Transactional log backups for the user defined and system databases using the Database Maintenance Plan Wizard, by running backup and restore commands.
  • Maintained Database Authentication modes, Creation of user, Configuring permissions and assigning roles to users.
  • Scheduled SQL Alerts and Jobs.
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL) development using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Revised Various Crystal Reports of Formatting, Inserting Objects, Formula's, Conditional Formula's, Filtering, Database Changes, Modifying Templates, Field Layout and Design.
  • Handled all help desk tickets and ensured resolution of problems and documentation.
Oct 2010Oct 2010

Remote Contractor - Web Application Developer

  • Implemented and administrated hosted SQL server, including the design, operation of data recovery, and user/group/role definition.
  • Developed TSQL queries, advanced TSQL queries and stored procedures.
  • Created VBA programmed applications in Access and Excel to be used by employees to increase productivity and work quality.
  • Created VBA modules to Import scrubbed excel workbooks into Microsoft Access in order to append into Linked SQL Server tables.
  • Implemented, developed, modified and enhanced SSRS reports supporting utilization and location of leased gas compression units.
Jun 2010Sep 2010

Contractor - Microsoft Access VBA Architect

  • Perform Face to Face technical support regarding upgraded Microsoft Access Database applications in surgical units.
  • Assisted in the software implementation and rollout of Windows 7 and Office 2010 throughout the hospital.
  • Review Microsoft Access databases.
    Validate 2010 compatibility.
May 2010May 2010

Contractor - SiteHandler Developer

  • Developed Forms for wireless companies to Track and report date changes into Site Handler.
  • Attend project meetings and calls.
Jul 2006Apr 2010

Full Time - Microsoft Access VBA Developer

  • Created, VBA programmed, managed and maintained multiple Microsoft Access Tracking databases.
  • Created VBA modules to clean data in excel workbooks exported from various applications.
  • Created ODBC connections in order to link tables from an Oracle environment into Microsoft Access.
  • Exported Excel Objects with real time data from Microsoft Access into several designated shared folders.
  • Created Ad Hoc Reports for upper management in Pilot Freight Services.
  • Proactively communicate with Vendors, freight carriers, DC staff, and corporate personnel to ensure merchandise was shipped on specified shipping dates.
  • Communicated with designated transportation companies to preclude delays in transit.
  • Identified & escalated problems to the appropriate vendor and buyer for resolution prior to event receiving deadlines.


Aug 2002Aug 2010


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