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Work experience

Oct 2017Current

RN Neuro Trauma ICU

Medical Center Plano

Part of a level one trauma facility and Neuro ICU unit that manages a vast patient population. Stroke patients, MVC victims, assault, TBI, spinal injuries, and multiple other neuro concerns. Our ICU also takes care and manages many medical/surgical ICU patients. Sepsis, organ failure, Respiratory and cardiac failure.  Responsible for monitoring sudden changes in neuro status, monitoring ICP and multiple drainage devices that require hourly recording. Ventilated and sedated patients are very common in this unit.  The titrating of multiple drips and maintaining of blood pressure parameters are some of the responsibilities that are present. multiple codes occur weekly that require teamwork and quick effective thinking. This job requires diligent follow up and the ability to perform autonomously managing time wisely and prioritizing.  Maintaining effective communications with physicians,  ancillary staff, family and the patient themselves is paramount. 

Dec 2011September 2018

Registered Nurse, Kidney and Liver Transplant

Baylor All Saints

Registered nurse on the Transplant unit. Patient care is given during final kidney, liver, or pancreatic organ failure, during transplant evaluation, preparing for surgery, immediately post operatively as well as on readmittance to the hospital for varying diagnosis' ranging from cardiac issues, orthopedic issues, neurologic or pulmonary concerns.  A variety of other med/surg or telemetry  patients are also cared for on this floor when census permits. I am able to care for patients that require telemetry monitoring as well as administer and titrate cardiac drips.  I perform wound care, and closely monitor patients that are considered to be in critical condition.

Beyond my duties as an RN in regards to patient care, I participate in the Partnership Council as the geriatric nursing representative for our unit.  I am on the NICHE committee for our hospital and participate in many initiatives designed to better patient care through education of staff and improved practice.  I am a clinical coach on our unit working with new graduate nurses as well as experienced RN's and am always available to assist my peers and management with new and exciting opportunities.  I am honored to be chosen to serve on the Peer Review Committee which is hospital wide and facilitates a fundamental right that all registered nurse's have in the state of Texas to be evaluated by their peers when quality of work is a concern. I am always seeking ways to grow and create process improvements at work. 

During the last year of my employment at Baylor, I worked as a Transplant Coordinator in Administration serving as a Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Coordinator working closely with lifegift.  I worked with our outreach clinics in Lubbock and Amarillo and managed all 120 of our patients in the West Texas and New Mexico areas that followed up there. I managed their medication needs, lab follow ups, procedure scheduling and any referrals as well as transplant concerns remotely and traveled on a monthly basis for face to face assessments.

Dec 2015September 2016

Float Pool Registered Nurse

HCA/ North Hills Hospital

Registered nurse based in the hospital wide float pool.  Under the direction of the Nurse Manager and House Supervisor, fulfill staffing needs throughout the hospital.  Cardiac, critical care, med/surgical and Emergency department skills are utilized.  Flexibility and autonomy are strong pre-requisites for this position.  Involved in Nursing Practice Council and attend Unit based council for PCU, ensuring involvement in the hospital and participating in process improvements. 

May 2011Jan 2012

Nurse Tech

Baylor All Saints

Provided patient care directly by assisting with CNA responsibilities such as transferring, bathing, assisting with feeding, exercise and emotional care. Because of my Nurse Tech status was able to gain much experience by performing, under the supervision of a RN, all the skills that were learned and demonstrated in nursing school and would be expected of me upon graduation. Some of these skills included starting and discontinuing an IV, performing sterile dressing changes, administering oral medications, IM and subcutaneous shots, post death care, insertion and removal of a catheter, maintaining strict I & O records, Insertion and removal of an NG tube, suctioning of a patient as needed, removal of wound drains. Was responsible for time management skills, charting in the appropriate computer program, reporting off on the status of patients and be alert for any changes that may occur in that status.

May 2008May 2011

NICU Unit Secretary

Baylor All Saints

Responsible for ordering and ensuring results of laboratory and radiology tests and procedures.  Maintained Unit inventory of appropriate supplies.  Assisted ancillary staff with individual requests as well as maintaining a professional line of communication between local hospitals and physicians for continuity of patient care.  Provided chart audits on a daily basis to ensure accuracy of documentation and data entry.  Performed minimal patient care upon request involving providing emotional comfort to neonates in the NICU. 

Mar 2007May 2008

Unit Secretary

JPS Healthcare

Responsible for maintaining patient census and entering orders as requested by physicians.  Scheduled procedures and ensured patient transportation to procedures.  I was charged with maintaining unit inventory of office supplies, medical supply stock and ensuring validity and quality of said supplies.  I was also responsible for maintaining a legally bound register of all births with necessary information on a daily basis.  Communication between Labor and Delivery staff as well as ancillary staff was paramount.  It was necessary to be proficient in Meditech, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel to perform my job as I was responsible for data entry and statistical compilation. 



Bachelors of Science

Texas Tech University

Currently enrolled and working on a RN to BSN bridge program with the intentions of then working on a Masters of Science in Nursing.

Jan 2010Dec 2011

Associate Degree of Nursing

Weatherford College

Generalized classes

Tarrant county college

Basic pre-requisites for entry to a Nursing Program were taken during this time.


Generalized classes

Tx Tech University

Some basic pre-requisites were taken.


RN patient care skills
Proficient in all basic skills for an RN to practice such as Dobhoff tube, NG tube insertion and discontinuation, IV starts and discontinuation, sterile dressing changes, Central and PICC line discontinuation and dressing changes, proper medication administration, insertion of a cather and discontinuation, suctioning of a patient as necessary, patient transfer and care, and critical thinking skills necessary to perform an array of tasks that may arise, telemetry monitoring, assistance with bedside sterile procedures, wound care and wound vac monitoring.
Healthcare provider ACLS

Certified on an annual basis in Healthcare provider ACLS for the last 7 years.  Attend annual classes to demonstrate and re-certify my proficiency.


Cynthia Arriaga, RN

Cynthia has served as my charge nurse  and supervisor in Transplant for 4 years and has worked along side me for a total of 5.  She can attest to my critical thinking skills, dependability, flexibility and role as a patient advocate.

Faith Bonokoski, RN BSN

Faith worked side by side with me in the Transplant unit for 5 years and can attest to my work ethic and ability as a nurse. She has observed me in multiple situations that call for quick decisions.  We have known each other for a total of 9 years. 

 Elizabeth Young, RN BSN

I have worked along side Elizabeth during my employment at Medical City PLano. She is familiar with my work ethic and level of patient care.


Looking for an RN position where I can utilize my strong competency and clinical thinking skills and proficiency in patient care while working together with a team of medical professionals to better the quality of life and care for the physical as well as the emotional health of those in need.


I possess many interests that contribute to my happiness as well as furthering my experience in my field.  First and foremost I am dedicated to furthering my education to achieve first a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and then progressing to a Masters of Science in Nursing with an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner certification as well as a dual certification in Education.  I am also  interested in medical advancements and research being conducted that can possibly change the future of my field.  I enjoy reading, spending time with loved ones, and being active in my community and volunteering my time.  Traveling, the arts, and music are also some things that I am passionate about.


This portfolio should serve as a demonstration of my committment to furthering my education and skill level with patient care and my dedication to provide the patient with the utmost competency, integrity, and compassion.



March 2018March  2019


American Red Cross
Dec 2018Dec 2019

CPR Healthcare Provider

American Red Cross
Mar 2018Mar 2019

NIH Stroke Assessment Certification