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Amy Iorio has extensive experience developing creative, innovative multimedia products and content. She held a number of management positions at Microsoft Corporation that saw her overseeing the design of, and securing partnerships with major entertainment companies like Disney and HBO in support of Microsoft TV. Ms. Iorio also produced and directed an award-winning children's short film called Seven's Eleven. At Yahoo!, she launched Shine, a site for women, as the Vice President of Lifestyles for the company's Media Group. In 2008, Ms. Iorio went on to co-found Shadowfax Consulting, through which she utilized her expertise to help clients create successful Web products. While with Shadowfax, she developed, an online social collective that unites young people and helps them flex their social, political, and consumer power. Presenting a unified vision, SplashLife offers special content and membership benefits designed to encourage tomorrow's leaders.Today, Amy Iorio serves as a board member for Resource Media Association, a communications and media firm that creates campaigns for various health and nonprofit entities.


Professional and Social Media Networking

Work experience

Principal and Co-Founder

Shadowfax Consulting



Harvard University


Strategic Planning
Product Development
Executive Management