Amy Hiles

Amy Hiles

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2008 - Present

Bra Specialist

Victoria's Secret
  • Assist in cash handling and cash regsiter operations.
  • Complete knowledge of all bras, sizes, inventory, and fittings.
  • Oversee fitting rooms.
  • Complete knowledge of all Victoria's Secret, including but not limited to:  credit card information, clothing and sizing, fitting room etiquette, customer service.
  • Trained on various degrees of loss prevention.
  • Maintain an awareness of all promotions, advertisements, sale and specials.
  • Assist in all floor moves, merchandising and display maintenance.
  • Assist all customers throughout the store.
Jan 2008 - Aug 2009

Sales & Service Advisor

Penn Automotive, Inc.
  • Responsible for making sales calls and enlisting potential businesses in fleet operations with Penn Automotive.
  • Prepare estimates either via phone or fax for vehicle repairs.
  • Track, record and manage vehicle maintenance schedules for customers.
  • Manage billing, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivables, sales, and promotional advertising.
Oct 2006 - Dec 2007

  • Responsible for answering telephones and completing service write-ups.
  • Transferred completed mechanical work order forms into computer for proper billing to transportation companies.
Aug 2000 - May 2007

Vending Manager

Erie Seawolves Baseball
  • Prepared refreshments for sale during the ballgame.
  • Managed vendors (at least 12 per season) and overseen vending sales.
  • Managed loss prevention.
  • Responsible for entire vending inventory.
  • Recruited new vendors for each upcoming season.
  • Provided training to vendors for ideas and tips for promotional selling.
Aug 2005 - Oct 2006

Night Auditor
  • Responsible for completing all nightly audit and sales reports.
  • Call around's to other hotels for information such as occupancy and rates.
  • All guest relations throughout the hotel.
Sep 2005 - Jan 2006

Sales Associate

Old Navy (Gap, Inc.)
  • Complete knowledge of all Gap, Inc. including but not limited to:  credit card information, clothing and sizing, fitting room etiquette, customer service, and cash register operation/signing on and off registers.
  • Trained on various degrees of store loss prevention and methods.
  • Maintain an awareness of all promotions, advertisements, sales and specials.
  • Complete knowledge of website navigation and online ordering.
  • Assist in floor moves, merchandising and display maintenance.
  • Assist all customers throughout the store or direct any questions/concerns to management.
Aug 2004 - Jan 2005


Walt Disney World Resort
  • Assisted guests in gift shops through merchandise and show.
  • Cash handling, signing on and off registers, transactions and sales with hotels across the entire Disney Resort.
  • Trained on Disney's methods of customer/client service.
  • Learned Disney values and the importance of responsibility and teamwork as well as complete customer/client satisfaction.
Aug 2002 - Aug 2003

  • Responsible for answering telephones and assisting front desk secretaries.
  • Clerical duties such as filing, typing office memos and various other Microsoft documents.
  • Assisting all Revenue Investigators.
  • Work with inheritance tax.
  • Send out tax pamplets, brochures and books.
  • Track inventory.


Oct 2008 - Present

Master of Education

Gannon University - Graduate/Professional Degree

Completed Coursework for Master's Degree:

  • Educational Tests and Measurements
  • Foundations of Literacy in Secondary Education
  • Advanced Educational Computing
  • Students with Exceptionalities - Middle/High School
  • Methods and Materials of Instruction
  • ESL Teaching Methodology
  • Classroom Discipline
  • Current Issues
  • Learning Theory
  • K-12 Educational Practicum I & II (10 week field teaching at high school level)
  • K-12 Educational Practicum III (2 week field teaching at middle school level)
Aug 2003 - Dec 2007

Bachelor of Arts Degree in English

Pennsylvania State University - The Behrend College
  • Minor in Psychology
  • Graduating G.P.A. 3.1

Completed Coursework in English:

  • Effective Speech - Principles of communication, implemented through group problem solving, with some attention to formal speaking and message evaluation.
  • Introduction to Human Communication - Introduction to major theoretical, critical, research and pedagogical issues in human communication.
  • Newspaper Practicum - A newspaper/print media practicum.
  • The Mass Media & Society - Mass communications in the United States:  organization, role, content, and effects of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, books, and films.
  • Applications for Media Writing - Tutorial and practice in various kinds of journalistic and commercial writing, emphasizing basic skills.
  • Introduction to Ethics - Ethical theory about virtue, duty, autonomy, and life quality applied to moral problems, including character, violence, oppression, abortion, and suicide.
  • Introductory Sociology - The nature and characteristics of human societies and social life.
  • Fundamentals of Acting - Introduction to the art and craft of acting.
  • Rhetoric & Composition - Instruction and practice in writing expository prose that shows sensitivity to audience and purpose.
  • Introduction to Critical Reading - Responses to a variety of literary texts written in English that evoke difference approaches.
  • Effective Writing: Business Writing - Writing reports and other common forms of business communication.
  • Introduction to Fiction Writing - Written exercises and short readings in the elements of fiction writing; the writing of at least one short story.
  • Fiction Workshop - Practice and criticism in the composition of the short story and the novel.
  • The Capstone Course in Professional Writing - Senior Thesis in English submitted to a faculty committee for appraisal.

Completed Coursework in Psychology:

  • Introductory Psychology - Introduction to general psychology; principles of human behavior and their applications.
  • Developmental Psychology - Developmental principles; physical growth; linguistic, intellectual, emotional, and social development from infancy to maturity.
  • Personality Psychology - Past and recent conceptualizations of key issues and root ideas of personality psychology.
  • History of Psychology - Introduction to the history of psychology and its founders.
  • Human Sexuality - Principles of human sexuality and sexual behaviors; and the reproductive system.
Sep 1999 - Jun 2003

Advanced Diploma

Central High School
  • Studied Business, General studies and Accounting.
  • Placed among Top Ten Percent of 250+ graduating class and with high honors.
  • Graduating G.P.A. 4.0



Loss Prevention

Retail Sales


Webpage Design

Excelled Communication & Customer/Client Service


Adobe Reader

Public Speaking

Microsoft Office