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Work experience

Sep 2007Apr 2008

Stable Hand

Washington Riding School

This position was a voluntary one.

I first heard of the Washington riding School through my youth worker.

The Washington Riding School specialises in the excerise and physiotherapy of disabled people.

I contacted the school out of interest initially, I was invited along for the day to have a look around.

I had a chat with the owners to see whether there was anyway I could become involved on a voluntary basis. The owners said that there were positions available, and for my work I would be awarded with rides.

I worked at the centre every Sunday at 8am - 5pm

My role consisted of:

  • Walking
  • Grooming
  • Mucking out
  • Water replenishment
  • Saddling up in preparation for users
  • Supervisory spotting and horse leading
  • Supervision of Instructors
Aug 2006Mar 2007

Jan 2007Jan 2007

Pet Carer

Tripple A

Whilst on work experience at Tripple A, I was working along side one of their supervisors doing various day to day jobs, such as:

  • Dog walking which is essential that it is done at least once a day.
  • Mucking out which also has to be done twice a day.
  • Feeding  is normally once to twice a day depending on the different breed of dog and their feed.
  • General cleaning of the dogs once a day.
  • Grooming which is done every other day.


Oct 2008Jul 2009

NVQ Level1

East Durham College

I attended a Catering + Hospitality college from October 2008 - July 2009.

Within this time I gained experience in a working kitchen and resturant enviroment.

During my year a learned;

  • How to prepare a table for service
  • How to prepare a bar for service
  • Basic food skills
  • How to prepare food correctly
  • How to store food correctly
Sep 2003Jun 2008


Farringdon Community Sports College

English     Entry Level 1

Maths     E

RE    F

Science      CCCC

Other Qualifications


Clait        level 1


I am an outgoing, conscientious individual, with time keeping being of upmost importance to me, several positions have required I rise early in the mornings and work long days.

I am always looking to apply myself to a job where I can strive to better or realise my full potential.

I work with younger people and peers in Sea Cadets in a leadership role. This itself comes with responsibility, but feel I manage successfully.

Work experience has seen me take on voluntary positions, which I have become involved in through youth work, both instances were involving animals with the latter aiding the rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

The Sea Cadets


At the moment my objective is to get a job and earn money whilst being part of a team.


My interests are:

I have attended the Sea Cadet Corps for seven and half years. During this time I have achieved the Lord Lieutenants Cadet award, only 10 people achieve this in the North East each year.

I have also achieved my level three cook stewards badge which is a cooking course. Along with my Seamanship badge which is all to do with ropework which is associated with being at sea.

Writerstores which is all administration, they are specializations within the cadet corps. Competent crew and supervised cockswin which are (pulling), canoeing which are water courses.

I am in the Northern AreaSea Cadet Band. I have achieved my drummers badge; where the assessor chooses three drum routines that you have to be able to play, my buglers badge which again the assessor chooses three random tunes that you have to be able to play correctly to achieve the qualification.

Being in the Sea Cadets and part of the band, have ensured my ease to be part of a team at all times.


BTEC Music Diploma
 I am halfway through my BTEC Music Diploma with the Sea Cadet Corps. The two instruments that I currently play are the snare drum and the bugle. I hope to have completed this Diploma by June 2010.
Food Hygine Award
I have got my food hygine award which is valid until 2012.