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Work experience

Feb 2016 - Current

Environmental Health & Safety Professional II

OSU Environmental Health and Safety

Currently employed as an EHS professional II in the OSU department of Enterprise Risk Services. Responsibilities include: 

  • Develop, review, and implement health and safety programs related to OSU’s DEA controlled substances, nanotechnology use, and chemical labeling stations. Work includes creating assessment checklists, best practices, policies, safety audits on shops and laboratories, cross-training EH&S staff, and maintaining online resources
  • Manage the OSU’s ergonomic evaluation program, conduct on-site ergonomic assessments, maintain ergonomic evaluation records, and purchase associated equipment
  • Perform shop, lab and agricultural safety audits, assesses potential hazards, investigate reports of unsafe conditions, conduct safety training, and maintain EHSA database records
  • Assist with the tracking of accident reports and work with the Enterprise Risk Facility staff to maintain records and identify occupational hazards
  • Coordinate OSU’s laboratory safety training program to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local codes. Evaluate current lab safety training programs, provide quality control and develop training programs for laboratory staff. Work with EH&S information technology staff to ensure accurate training records are maintained within the EHSA database, and maintain the OSU EH&S training website page
  • Develop and maintain safety documentation and resources
  • Provide on call and hazardous materials response, and assist with other campus emergency events
  • Measure and maintain records regarding university personnel’s exposures to chemicals and noise levels, provide recommendations based on OSHA and NIOSH permissible exposure limits
Jan 2010Mar 2015

Faculty Research Assistant & Lab Manager

OSU Dept of Microbiology; Giovannoni Lab

Worked as Lab Manager and Faculty Research Assistant in the OSU department of Microbiology in the Giovannoni lab. Position involved researching the mechanisms of pathogenesis of intracellular bacteria, with a specific focus on SAR11 bacterioplankton. Responsibilities included:

  • Lab management responsibilities included acting as lab chemical and radiation safety officer, writing and training lab safety protocols, maintaining lab chemical and radioactive material records, providing emergency protocol training, the maintenance, storage, and shipment of hazardous materials, leading cruises for water collection and field research, maintenance of a 5000 microorganism culture collection, stocking and ordering lab supplies, negotiating with supplier sales reps, and making large lab equipment purchases
  • Supervising activities included, recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training undergraduate employees, managing student employees work schedules and time-sheets, conflict resolution, running weekly lab meetings, and writing training guides and protocols for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers
  • Isolation of marine prokaryotes from sea water using methods such as using dilution to extinction and Tangential Flow Filtration and then scaling up cultivation of the isolates for gene sequencing
  • Using High Throughput Culture Collection to cultivate marine bacterioplankton by using Guava Flow Cytometers to monitor cell density and generate growth curves
  • Sample cultivation and collection for Metabolomic work and Dissolved Organic Material (DOM) analysis
  • Radio labeled DNA uptake assay
  • DNA extraction, 16s PCR, RFLP and BLAST to verify isolates and perform metabolic reconstruction experiments with Pelagibacter ubique (SAR11)
  • Operation and maintenance of laboratory machinery such as Flow Cytometers, thermal cyclers, gene pulser/electroporator systems, CTD and rosette samplers, mass spectrometers, gel electrophoresis equipment, gel imaging systems, centrifuges & autoclaves
  • Performing depth profiles at the Bermuda Institute of Oceanic Sciences
Mar 2009Dec 2009

Research Assistant

Oregon State University Biomedical Labs

Volunteered as a biomedical lab assistant in the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine. Position involved researching the mechanisms of pathogenesis of intracellular bacteria, with a specific focus on mycobacterium. Responsibilities included

  • Performing various cellular and molecular biological techniques, including plasmid DNA purification, gel electrophoresis, agarose gel extraction/purification, cellular electroporation, chemical transformation, yeast transformation, and more.
  • Working with mutant strains of Mycobacterium avium and otherMycobacteriato produce plasmid constructs using yeast expression vectors
  • Performing plasmid digestions, ligations & transformations on bacterial cells
  • Infection studies and tissue collection in mice involving M. avium to study gut microbiota and granuloma formation
  • Designing  primers using the Serial Cloner 1.3 program
  • Monitoring and maintaining quality control for tests performed for compliance with specifications and regulatory requirements
  • Isolating bacterial DNA to perform genetic sequencing, PCR, transcription, cloning and mapping
Feb 2008Sep 2008

Veterinary Technician

Willamette Veterinary Clinic

Worked as a technician in a busy 24hr emergency pet hospital. Position involved rotating responsibilities working in the diagnostic laboratory, Intensive Care, reception and taking office visits. Responsibilities included:

  • Performing and interpreting blood chemistries, tissue cytologies, white blood cell differentials, absolute reticulocyte counts, platelet counts, activated partial thromboplastin time, urinalysis and other analytical laboratory tests, providing written/oral reports for the Doctors
  • Taking office visits to evaluate and analyze patient status, collect patient history and relay initial observations or findings to the Doctors
  • Operating and maintaining medical/laboratory machinery such as chemistry analyzers, digital radiographic systems, anesthesiology machines and medical monitoring systems
  • Assisting with surgical procedures and monitoring all vital signs
  • Calculating drug dosages and administering various pharmaceuticals
  • Composing and organizing both written & computerized medical records
  • Managing in-house patients and providing appropriate medical treatments
  • Working in reception answering calls, scheduling appointments, arranging payment plans and relaying messages to the Doctors
  • Assisting with the Inventory and ordering of pharmaceuticals, office supplies and medical equipment
  • Performing blood draws and managing blood transfusions
Jul 2005Aug 2007

Veterinary Technician

Adobe Animal Hospital

Worked as an ICU technician in a busy 24-hr emergency pet hospital that employed over 120 people. Position primarily entailed working in Intensive Care, Surgery and reception. Responsibilities included:

  • Inventing, coordinating and enforcing new patient care systems to increase treatment efficiency
  • Performing and interpreting blood chemistries, tissue cytologies, white blood cell differentials, absolute reticulocyte counts, platelet counts, activated partial thromboplastin time, urinalysis and other analytical laboratory tests
  • Operating and maintaining medical/laboratory machinery such as chemistry analyzers, digital radiographic systems, anesthesiology machines, monitoring systems
  • Designing and updating lab manuals and protocol binders
  • Assisting Doctors with necropsies and cadaver examinations
  • Managing Intensive Care, providing treatments for in-patients
  • Calling clients to follow up on patient cases, update files and provide appointment reminders
  • Educating clients on current medical procedures & accompanying product options
  • Receiving and processing incoming product shipments 
May 2003Aug 2004


Zao Noodle Bar

Position entailed waitressing at a busy downtown restaurant. Responsibilities included:

  • Opening and closing the restaurant, maintaining the facilities
  • Assisting with the coordination of catered events and arranging co-worker schedules
Jan 2002Jun 2002

Teacher's Aide

Juana Briones Elementary School

Position involved working with children in a 3rd grade class. Responsibilities included:

  • Arranging student teacher meetings and coordinating field trips
  • Assisting with class presentations and preparation of lecture materials
  • Assisting with individual studies and homework assignments
May 2000Aug 2001

Mail Clerk

Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Position entailed working at the Hoover institution Mailroom as a mail clerk. Responsibilities included:

  • Monitoring the mail room phones, forwarding messages, and sorting delivered mail
  • Preparing the facilities for conventions or lectures and general maintenance


Aug 2002May 2005

Bachelor of Science

University of the Pacific
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.82
  • Dean'sHonor Roll from 2002-2005

Related Coursework:

Microbiology, Genetics, Principles of Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Human Physiology, Ecology, Evolution, General Physics, Comparative Animal Behavior, Statistics & Probability, Calculus, Undergraduate Biological Research

Volunteer Work/Internships

Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Corvallis, ORPresent

Wildlife Rescue Volunteer

Responsible for the rehabilitation and re-release of injured animals back into the wild, with field experience capturing and releasing injured wildlife such as small birds, deer, bobcats, raccoons, large raptors and squirrels.

San Francisco Zoo,San Francisco, CA1995-2001

Junior Zoologist

Responsible for handling, feeding and providing treatments for large raptors, armadillos, bobcats, wallabies, ferrets, reptiles and more. Managed Nature Trail volunteers and assisted with the coordination of educational wildlife programming in the Children’s Zoo.

Coyote Point Museum,San Mateo, CA1999

Wildlife Intern

Responsible for handling, feeding and preparation of displays for various birds of prey, coyotes, reptiles, raccoons, otters, foxes, bats, and more. Assembled information on native Californian wildlife to create museum exhibits and managed junior volunteers.


Laboratory/Medical Test Procedures
Experience performing laboratory procedures, such as Real-time polymerase chain reactions (QPCR), Agarose gel electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, thin layer chromatography, infrared spectroscopy, High-performance liquid chromatography, High-throughput culturing (HTCC), solid phase extractions, white blood cell differentials, absolute reticulocyte counts, platelet counts, blood chemistries, activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), skin cytologies, ear cytologies, urinalyses and fecal floats.
Laboratory/Medical Equipment
Familiarity with various laboratory and medical equipment including Flow Cytometers, Thermocyclers, Lasercyte Hematology analyzers, Mass spectrometers, Chemistry analyzers, i-STAT analyzers, gene pulsator/electroporation systems, Refractometers, Infrared spectrometers, Light Microscopes, SNAP ELSIA tests, Digital Radiographic systems, Centrifuges, Ultrasonic cleaners, Autoclaves, ultrasound systems, and anesthesia machines.  
Public Speaking
Public speaking and presentation skills. Experience delivering to a variety of audiences (one-on-one and small groups of up to 50 people). Tailored delivery of presentation content in terms relative to peer, professional, or layperson status and understanding.
Microsoft Office + Other software
Computer literate in a wide variety of software applications including Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office OneNote, Information Management Systems (AVImark, Vetstar), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.


Dr. Steve Giovannoni 

Dr. Kim Halsey

Cindy Fisher

Dr. Jennifer Sargent

My Alma Mater

Lab Work

Field Research off the OR coast

Field Research in Bermuda

Emergency Response Training