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My name is Amy Gates and I am a graduating senior from California State University, Chico.  In May, I will be receiving my Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies and Child Development with honors.   Not only have a demonstrated my command for the subject, but I have also had a variety of experiences to reinforce what I have learned.  I have gained over 250 hours working with children aged 2 to 18 in formal and informal settings.  I have developed multiple inquiry projects within classrooms, planned lessons, and assisted in gaging children's classroom readiness.  Included in this reflective portfolio, one will be able to find my resume, documentation of my learning, and examples of course work.




Liberal Studies and Child Development Dual Major

California State University

3.87 GPA

Manga Cum Laude

Honors in General Education

Honors in Child Development


Supervised Fieldwork
  • Gained 33 hours of internship experience at Chico Community Children's Center

  • Designed and implemented inquiry based curriculum within the classroom

  • Observed and evaluated classroom curriculum

  • Facilitated optimal physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development for toddlers

Supervised Practicum
    • 120 hours of internship experience in the  preschool of the Associated Students Child Development Lab at CSU, Chico serving children aged 3 to 5

    • Developed and implemented inquiry-based curriculum targeting prosocial behaviors

Supervised Internship
  • Gained over 95 hours of internship experience in a kindergarten classroom aide at Citrus Avenue Elementary School in Chico, CA
  • Assisted teacher in small and large group activities, preparation work, and lesson planning
  • Implemented curriculum
  • Created a portfolio documenting learning experiences

Experiences with children

  • Gained over 80 hours of volunteer experience in a pre-kindergarten classroom at Toro Park Elementary School in Monterey

  • Conducted observations in the Chico State Autism Clinic in order to better understand the connection between, individuals with autism, families, communities, and teachers

Work experience


Resident Advisor

CSU, Chico, University Housing and Food Service
  • Worked in two separate buildings for a year each
  • Created an inclusive living environment for 30 female freshman designed to link community, faculty, and residents
  • Promoted academic excellence
  • Collaborated with on and off-campus organizations to implement programs
  • Worked the front desk assisting residents, answering questions, and scheduling meetings.

Assistant Director

City of Monterey, Whispering Pines Day Camp
  •  Children ranged in age from five to nine and with accommodations five to eighteen
  • Planned events and activities for children 
    • Planned, prepared, and instructed four crafts a week for seven weeks
  • Oversaw staff training and daily meetings
  • Supervised field trips and mentored adolescent volunteers
  • Acted as a liaison between recreation leaders and parents, demonstrating ability to manage and communicate with diverse populations
  • Weekly activities include hiking, singing, folk dancing, arts and crafts, outdoor cooking, camp skills and nature activities

Certifications and Skills

  • Serve-Safe Certified
  • CPR/First Aid Trained
  • EpiPen Auto-Injector Certified
  • Glucagon Injection for Type 2 Diabetes Trained
  • Red Watch Certified through Wildcat ROAR!
  • Strengthsfinder 2.0 member
  • Proficient in SPSS
  • Proficient in Word
  • Proficient in Excel

Reflective Narratives

Professional Response

This is my professional response to the scenario:

You are teaching a parenting class next year as part of your new job. The topic for today’s class with the parents who have been court-ordered to attend your class is discipline.

The topic of “spanking” is raised. One parent says in a loud voice for everyone to hear, “I was spanked as a child and I turned out just fine. What’s wrong with spanking?”