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Project Manager with 8 eight years of experience in Systems Implementation on various platforms. My current role involved an ERP Financial Systems implementations.

Work experience

Jul 2000Present



·For a major technology and management consulting company, led team that defined the strategy and business processes for the implementation of an ERP Financial System. Understood the business requirements, designed, prototyped, and tested the implementation of the Financial ERP application. Acted as an integrator between the business users and technology solutions. Provided subject matter expertise to the business users. The system currently supports more than 10,000 users across North America. Successful, on time roll out resulted in company significantly improving its finances by being better able to track and monitor expenses and being able to bill the clients more accurately and promptly.

·Streamlined the customer care operations of the financial department of the company by creating new procedures and new response structures within the department. The satisfaction level of the end users contacting the support staff improved since now most issues were resolved with just one call, in turn raising the productivity and efficiency of the support staff. Proactively resolved issues in the system by getting regular feedback from the end users and implementing the enhancements and break fixes in the system.

·For a major media company, led in designing and implementing a workflow tool to track the various advertising campaigns and promotions of the company. This included tracking the advertising ideas and plans generated by the advertising department from start to implementation, which in turn allowed the client to significantly improve its ability to calculate returns generated by the different marketing campaigns and make improvements to follow up advertisement plans.Also implemented a custom dashboard for the senior management of the company to track the progress of the different plans and campaigns being designed by the advertising teams. The implementation of the application made a significant impact on the financial bottom line of the company, as it is now able to generate more revenue with better designed sales campaigns.

·Designed the launch of a strategic sourcing and retail relationship management initiative for the client, a major west coast wireless and landline Telecom Company, which allowed the client to be the first in the industry to sell over the counter wireless services along with the hardware. Implementation involved re-engineering existing business procedures, including reviewing current business policies, and then development of Future State procedures that consisted of development of functional and technical requirements.Provided client with a road map for implementation of new software, retail, office and warehouse procedures. The launch also included training client’s sales associates and warehouse operators in the workings of the new Point of Sale system used in the retail operation. The initiative also enabled client to offer only DSL connectivity to potential customers without them having to buy a phone service, a first in the industry.This implementation allowed the company to become profitable and avoid a hostile takeover.

·For a major music licensing company in New York City, implemented business process redesign to launch a custom web portal for licensing music to its customers. Created detailed design specifications for the new web based processes and performed in-depth analysis to identify gaps in existing processes. This involved breaking down the current processes to its lowest level of steps and incorporating changes to work in the new web based setting. The client now uses the application to significantly cut down its processing time of the licensing process.The web based system also allowed the company to reduce its overhead costs by being able to reduce the manpower required to support its licensing operations.

·For a major north eastern telecom company developed system requirements, designed, prototyped, tested and implemented an integrated custom web based Customer Relationship Management application.Installation of the application allowed client company to make significant improvement in its operations, thereby allowing the company to become a desirable takeover target and eventually being bought out by one of the larger telecom companies.

·Participated in securing project for implementing a comprehensive Billing System and Customer Relationship Management tool for a well-known internet music sharing company.Created price plans with products, promotions and plans using Pricing Tool of Infranet, a customer relationship management and billing tool. Created and presented to client dummy accounts for customers along with accounts for child customers. Customized invoices using Invoice Designer for potential customers. This allowed the client company to roll its internet based music sale business on time.

·Participated in a major federal and state government backed Billing Support and Operation Support Systems implementation for telecom companies. Created detailed functional requirements, tested and implemented the web based application that enabled long distance phone companies to offer local services with custom features to its customers.Also tested ability of local telecom companies to provide last mile access to the long distance telecom companies. Successful implementation allowed long distance telecom companies to start providing local services.

·For a multinational credit card company participated in project to streamline the Customer Relationship Management business processes. Assisted in selection of vendors to supply a comprehensive customer relationship management tool. Prepared detailed reports with break down of the total cost, level of support and upgrade costs. Upon completion of the implementation, the client was able to significantly cut down its response time to its customer’s requests using the new processes and application.


M.J. Neeley School of Business

Masters in Business Administration

Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

  • Strategy and Technology Management
  • One-year internship at Alcon Labs, Inc.

University of Delhi

Bachelor of Commerce

New Delhi, India

  • Financial Accounting
  • Economics

Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India

Cost and Works Accountant

New Delhi, India

  • Specialization in Accounting and Audit

National Institute of Information Technology

Systems Integrations Specialist

New Delhi, India

  • C+

Other Certifications

  • PeopleSoft Release. 8.44 from Oracle University
  • Kintana Workflow Tool
  • Rational Team Test from IBM.
  • Java Programming from Sun Microsystems
  • Infranet – a Billing and CRM application