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Work experience

Jun 2008Present

IT Officer


Project Name:      KCCSS (Kabul City Camera Surveillance System)

Activities Area:    Installation and maintenance of CCTV (Close Circuit Tele-Vision),                                                    ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognizer) Cameras

                            and Automating Intelligence Dept.'s Work Flow.

  •         Installation and maintenance of a new-technology Server Room with all equipments.
  •         Installation of Control Room for city cameras.
  •         CCTV Camera Installation + Connectivity
  •         Installation and maintenance of ESL3100-SC and ESL3100-HP-SC                             single channel Ethernet microwaves as well as multi-channel microwave links.
  •         Designing network infrastructure.
  •         Support in implementation of ICT management systems and strategies.
  •         Effective functioning of hardware and software packages.
  •         Performance of specific technical functions, including changing of                                     hardware electronic components (disks, memories, network wiring,                              power sources, etc.)
  •         Routine repairs and assistance in upgrading patch and antivirus                                        programs on a timely basis.
  •         Monitoring of file server traffic, usage and performance on a frequent and               regular basis.
  •         Supporting users in backing up and restoring their files, as well as in virus               detection, removal and prevention.
  •         Participation and assistance in the organizing training for the company staff on ICT issues.
  •         Maintenance of an update inventory for all softwares and hardwares.
  •       Extraction of data from various sources, research and retrieval of data                            from internal and external sources.
Aug 2007Jun 2008

IT Assistant

Morning Sun Co. Ltd.
  •         Managing day to day operations of MSCL.
  •         Maintenance of every IT equipment within LAN environment.
  •         Purchasing of IT equipment.
  •         Planning, Implementing and Maintaining the MSCL (Morning Sun Co.                Ltd) Departments' Network systems.
  •          Developing and keep up to date all IT requirements.
  •          Troubleshooting all aspect of MSCL network problems.
  •          Backing up all precious data in servers.
  •          Repairing damaged computers and other IT equipments.
  •          Establishing and troubleshooting Internet Connection.
  •          Responsible for training and development of MSCL's both existing staff and newcomers.


Mar 2007Mar 2008

Associate Bachelor Degree

ATVI (Afghanistan Technical and Vocational Institute)

By gaining the Associate Bachelors Degree + Computer Driving License, my knowledge in various parts of ICT field has been increased. 

It extended my point of view regarding Information Technology as well as my skills in the field.

Aug 2006Aug 2007

DIT (Diploma in Information Technology)

LOGIX Institute of Information and Business Management


CCTV & ANPR Cameras
Installation and Maintainence of CCTV (Close-Circuit Television) Cameras and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognizer) Cameras, which are mainly used for security purposes.
Microwave Links
Installation and maintenance of Multi-Channel Video and Single-Channel Ethernet Links.
PC and IT related equipments' troubleshooting.
MS. Office Package
Microsoft Office Packages (MS. Word, MS. Excel, MS. Power Point, MS. Access, MS. OneNote, MS. Visio, MS. Outlook, MS. InfoPath)
Working in Networking environment since long time back.   Windows Server 2003 (TCP/IP, AD, File & Print, DHCP, DNS, WINS, Routing, Remote Access, etc...) Services, Windows XP Professional (configuring and controlling), Windows Vista and 7, Basic Linux (Ubunto)... Configuring and maintaining network devices (Switches, Routers, Access points, Firewalls, VSAT connections ... )  


Languages: Currently developing Arabic for future educational and cultural purposes; studied English at Jihad Danish Cultural Association and learned Urdu language while been in Pakistan; interested in languages, history, and culture.

Sports: All sports but Football, Volleyball, Cricket and some mental sports are my ideal ones.

Certificates and Admirations


Currently completing my B.Sc. in Computer Science, specialization in Networks at Kardan University / Kabul.

My research will focus on the different Network Systems and ease of works they've created on social lives of all human beings.

I have an Associate-Bachelors degree in Information and Communication Technology from ATVI (Afghanistan Technical & Vocational Institute) plus a Diploma in the mentioned field from Logix Institute. I would like to pursue an MA in Computer Science at any well-known universities abroad.

The type of work opportunities I am looking for are in the field of Networks, Communications, Technology, Technical-Security, and any other related work areas which I could also feel comfort with and would perform the best of my efforts in order to be one of the best employees of the organization/company.

I am confident that my all skills and passion best matches with the position I am applying for, so I would welcome any opportunities to further discus about the position.


To achieve financial independence to pursue my educations and to gain practic knowledge.


Apr 2004Oct 2025

Advanced English

JDCA (Jihad Danish Cultural Association)
Mar 2007Mar 2008

14th grade graduation

ATVI (Afghanistan Technical and Vocational Institute)
Aug 2006Aug 2007


LOGIX Institute of CS