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Work experience

Event Coordinator

British Institute of International and Comparative Law

  • Created marketing materials to promote events which increased attendance by 10-50% per event
  • Streamlined internal and external communications that resulted in consistency of promotion materials
  • Designed, developed, and implemented customer relations management system to increase efficiency of registration and payment processes by 100%
  • Reconciled all event-related finances
  • Negotiated with vendors to reduce costs for speakers' flights, hotels, and transportation by 10-20%

Business Development and Co-Founder

Paramount Solutions, Inc.

  • Executed marketing strategies to ensure long-term financial stability by identifying key partners for joint ventures and pursuing contracts which matched team competencies
  • Examined complex customer needs and partnered with complementary companies to deliver detailed solutions, leading to 100% growth in the second year of operation, and over 50% growth thereafter
  • Drafted budgets and cost proposals and submitted bids resulting in a 50% increase in successful bids
  • Analyzed profit and loss statements by contract/business segment to determine strategic strengths/weaknesses
Jun 2011Aug 2011

Global Marketing Strategy

Sitel, Business Process Outsourcing

  • Supported Sr. Manager, Global CMO, and General Manager of Global Markets in determining long-term strategy by researching competitors and key verticals
  • Responded to ad hoc requests for research/data from other areas of the organization (Finance, Product Management, and Client Support Services) to provide critical information to Sr. Management in making strategic decisions
  • Researched top five global competitors to forecast long-term marketing strategy, product/service offerings, social media/mobile technologies, global presence, and other strategic initiatives to inform Sitel’s decisions for its three-year strategy; provided strategic insights and recommendations to Global CMO and Executive Leadership Team
  • Analyzed competitors' financial trends over the most recent eight quarters to understand revenue/profit dynamic and estimate future growth as benchmarks for Sitel; evaluated business impact of acquisitions on competitors' growth
  • Examined semi-annual pulse reports (voice of the customer) from clients and identified trends and opportunities for improvement
Sep 2010Jun 2011

Marketing and Brand Strategy Intern/Consultant


  • Created formal presentation of branding guidelines and re-branding strategy for annual franchise meeting for 40 franchise owners
  • Analyzed 2010 branch marketing spend (.7M) to uncover potential savings and possible cost reallocation to reduce marketing expenses going forward
Mar 2011May 2011

Marketing Strategy Consultant, Internet Marketing Project


  • Researched competitive landscape and created company's first marketing budget with allocations for digital/social media, SEO, etc.
  • Identified and explored key industries to generate target list of potential new clients whose content solutions’ needs match StudioNow’s capabilities and developed targeted marketing strategies for acquisition and maximizing ROI
  • Re-branded the StudioNow Creative Network, the portion of the business/online community dedicated to recruiting filmmakers, photographers, and writers, and created targeted communications to attract high-quality talent
  • Developed marketing strategies and communications to obtain new clients, utilizing online outlets such as LinkedIn and webinars
  • Conducted primary research and developed content creation strategy for website to engage existing and potential clients
Jan 2011Mar 2011

Digital and New Media Consultant

Hanes Brands, Inc.

  • Completed extensive online competitive analysis to identify key areas where target market is currently being underserved and offered suggestions to boost brand engagement through social media and mobile campaigns
  • Developed creative strategies, including a virtual shopping portal and a QR video campaign to engage customers online and through mobile applications to expand awareness and increase share for the Playtex line of hanging and packaged bras; online bra fitting application to be released in Summer 2011
Jun 2010Aug 2010

MBA Intern, Marketing and Brand Communications

TruGreen, a ServiceMaster Company
  • Managed franchise relationships for 40 franchises throughout the United States
  • Created templates, ongoing processes, and communication strategies to provide strategic marketing support to franchise owners, leading to a 30% increase in participation during webinars, conference calls, etc. and increased compliance with new branding initiatives
  • Developed and distributed branding guidelines for franchise owners for media relations, broadcast and print advertising, digital and social media, and product/platform compliance
  • Conducted a brand audit of all franchise communications, collateral, fleet, etc.
  • Analyzed value proposition, market share, sales trends, and other metrics of TruGreen's alternative brands and presented findings and recommendations for a re-branding strategy to the Chief Marketing Officer
  • Edited questions for a customer segmentation survey developed to solicit consumer insights on product/service offerings; worked with market research agencies on execution
Jan 2005Jun 2005

Legislative Assistant, Social Security Task Force Member

Progressive Democrats of America, Political Action Committee
  • Worked with Legislative Team and Policy Board to draft/create legislative alerts
  • Researched and evaluated proposed legislation in Congress
  • Coordinated with the Strategic Communications Team to generate press releases and position statements
  • Collaborated with various other PACs and non-profits including Public Citizen, Code Pink, and to promote or defeat certain legislation


Aug 2009May 2011


Vanderbilt University - Owen Graduate School of Management

Concentrations: Marketing, Strategy Emphasis: International Studies Study Abroad: -Vienna University of Economics and Business (Summer 2010) -Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Santiago, Spring 2011)


Senator-Owen Student Government Association; President-Global Business Association; Fundraising Director-Project Pyramid; Marketing Department Teaching Assistant; Vanderbilt Marketing Association; Womens' Business Association; NetImpact; Owen Culinary Society


  • Flournoy A. Coles, Jr. Prize for outstanding performance in international management studies
  • Global Business Association-President; Owen Student Government Association-Senator
  • 2010-2011 Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership in the Professions Fellow
  • Led group of 35 students on trip to Japan over fall break where; partnered with Japan Business Club; oversaw all logistics and details for week-long events including company visits (Tokyo Stock Exchange, Kirin Beverage, etc.) and cultural events
  • China Market Research Project Team Member (Shanghai, Spring 2010)
Jan 2011Feb 2011

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
May 2010May 2010

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

Studied Market Entry/Doing Business in Eastern and Central Europe, Culture, History, etc.

Aug 1999May 2003

Bachelor of Arts

Vanderbilt University

  • Homecoming Committee Chair
  • Vanderbilt University Habitat for Humanity-Publicity Chair
  • Delta Gamma Sorority-Director of Social Awareness
  • Masala-SACE (South Asian Cultural Exchange)-Publicity Chair
  • Vanderbilt Programming Board Member -Community Vanderbilt-Treasurer

  • Vanderbilt International Studies in London Teaching Assistant
  • Oversaw all events for Vanderbilt's Homecoming Week as Homecoming Committee Chair, including Homecoming Parade, Homecoming Court selection, daily campus events, and Counting Crows Homecoming concert; managed budget of $150,000 and five sub-committees
  • Studied International Trade and International Finance


Travel Photography Soccer Basketball Event Planning

Charitable Activities

Oasis Center, Delta Gamma Foundation American Red Cross American Cancer Society Kiva Susan G. Komen for the Cure


Amrita Dutta-Gupta possesses extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of strategic marketing and business consulting. She has assisted numerous companies in developing marketing strategies and increasing business productivity. Ms. Dutta-Gupta has gained valuable insight and crafted her skills in the field through a variety of international business experiences. Amrita Dutta-Gupta’s latest consultancy work came at Sitel, a business process outsourcing firm. Through meticulous research and detailed analysis, Ms. Dutta-Gupta helped in the formation of the company’s long-term marketing strategy, working under the Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Manager, and General Manager of Global Markets. Ms. Dutta-Gupta presented her recommendations and strategic insights to the executive board. Prior to her 10-week assignment at Sitel, Amrita Dutta-Gupta had served as a marketing strategy consultant for StudioNow, a subsidiary of AOL. Through research of the competitive landscape, Ms. Dutta-Gupta created the company’s first marketing budget with allocation for digital and social media, search engine optimization, and other new media trends. She also assisted in the acquisition of new accounts through the utilization of online outlets such as LinkedIn and webinars. Ms. Dutta-Gupta has also consulted for Hanes Brands, Inc. She was instrumental in stimulating brand engagement through social media and mobile campaigns. Ms. Dutta-Gupta also developed creative strategies to expand awareness and increase share for specific products within the apparel company. Amrita Dutta-Gupta has also assisted TruGreen, a ServiceMaster Company, on two separate occasions. The first came as an MBA intern when she was responsible for the management of franchise relationships for 40 stores throughout the United States. Ms. Dutta-Gupta assisted franchise owners with strategic marketing support, development and distribution of branding guidelines, and brand audits of franchise communications. Her second consultancy with TruGreen was as a marketing and brand strategy intern. She continued to analyze franchise branding strategies and worked to uncover potential savings and cost reallocation to reduce marketing expenses. Amrita Dutta-Gupta holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from Vanderbilt University. She also earned a Master of Business Administration in Marketing, Strategy, and International Studies from the institution. She continues to seek strategic business consultancy opportunities throughout the world. 

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