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I am an organised and very well driven individual with some experience in the magazine journalism sector. I have two years worth of work experience in journalism by having a placement in Gossip magazine and with the tasks given throughout my university course. 

Work experience

Jan 2013Jan 2014

Gossip Magazine

I was asked to write various articles on both pending issues which were occurring throughout the world of celebrities. I was also expected to edit previous articles which were going to be published and hand them to the head of the editing department prior to the deadline. 


Oct 2012Jul 2015

First Class Journalism Degree

University Of Birmingham

I would carry out essays and assignments which would be marked and graded with comments to say how i should improve. I would take these comments for the next assignment and when it came to my dissertation and final exams, I knew exactly what was expected of me and how I needed to work to get the final grade. I worked very hard throughout the three years which is why I feels as though I have the qualification.


I have an eye for detail and a drive for writing. I am able to portray written notes into full detailed articles which are read by people all over the world, I am also capable of editing other peoples articles so that they fit in with the genre of the industry. My experience at Gossip Magazine has allowed me voice my opinions in front of a large audience and those who are viewed as superior in the industry, without being controversial.