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A highly competent, professional and dedicated Construction Engineer with very strong academic background, and over 5 years of result-filled construction engineering and management experience in areas of construction planning, project Management, cost estimation, cost control, scheduling, and construction operations analysis/improvement.

Strong scientifc background and professional experience in construction scheduling, cost estimation and project management skills

Proficient in relevant project management software, engineering applications

and office software

Good communication skills, both verbal and written and ability to interact with construction and office team

Efficient presentation, reporting and technical specification writing skills and techniques

Excellent structural design competence and sound ability to interpret architectural drawings

Prominent research & development skills

Winner of Queen Elizabeth II Canadian Provincial Award twice (2009,2010)

Work experience

Aug 2006Jul 2011

Research and Teaching Assistant

University of Alberta

Collaborated with companies/research partners who are in agreement with the Alberta Construction Research Chair (through Research Grants) to achieve these partners’ industrial goals and solve their construction project management related problems, based on the proposals submitted by these companies to the chair. Construction research projects and contributions that I have made to the industry and the research partners who sponsored these research projects and benefited from them to solve and address their construction management shortcomings are listed below:

●Apr2008- May 2011PCL Industrial Management Inc. (Edmonton, Ft. Saskatchwan – Canada)

Work towards solving dynamic site layout problems, enhancing constructability & Value Engineering of PCL’s various construction projects especially those jobs involving industrial construction (Oil & Gas Modules, Pipe Spools Fabrication, Oil & Gas site installations). Achieved cost savings and more accurate scheduling milestone for the company, in addition to enhanced heavy lift cranes mobilization planning.

●Apr2008- Sept 2008City of Edmonton Drainage and Tunneling Section (Edmonton, Canada)

Performed productivity studies to improve the City of Edmonton’s tunneling projects cost/productivity estimations. The studies involved evaluating the various City of Edmonton crews (made up of a super intendent and his labor), in order to achgieve a netter and more accurate estimate of their productivities and associated costs to assist the city of Edmonton in their bids. Finding ways to enhance crew productivities were also part of this project. More accurate cost estimation and more accurate baseline schedules were the contributions of this project.

●Feb 2007-Dec 2007Ledcor Fabrication Inc. (Edmonton, Nisku –Canada)

Documented and mapped Ledcor’s industrial process (developing a unified documentation for the various manufacturing and administrative processes of the company). A complete manual showing the various project management processes (scheduling, cost estimation, controls) andquality assurance processes was the outcome of this 1 year project that I preformed there. The manual is used by Ledcor throughout their operations worldwide.

●Nov2006 –Jan2007Lockerbie and Hole (Edmonton, Sherwood Park –Canada)

Established a unified cost estimation system for the company’s various departments. Worked closely with Lockerbie & Hole’s cost estimation team to enhance their cost estimation skills and procedures.

Technical Skills & Knowledge Used in this Position: Scheduling, Cost Control, Advanced Project Management Skills, Planning Skills, Cost Estimation, Research & Development Skills, Reporting & Technical Writing Skills, Data Mining Skills, Advanced Computer Skills (Simulation Softwares, Visualization Softwares, Scheduling Softwares: Primavera Project Planner+ MS Project, Computer Programing Skills: VB.NET+Python, Advanced MS Packages:Visio, Word, Excel, Power Point..etc.).


Taught and assisted in lecturing 300 level construction engineering courses:CIVE 303 (Project Management) CIVE 315 (Transportation Engineering) and CIVE 606: Computer Applications and Information Management in Construction Assited in teaching of the courses and explaining the course materials. Provided technical support sessions for the students. Graded Assignments and exams Arranged office hours to help the students with the course materials

Feb 2006Aug 2006

Planning Engineer (Project Management & Controls Team)

DAR Al Handasa (Dubai-UAE)

DAR Al Handasa is one of the most reputable construction consultants and project managers worldwide with branches and projects in more than 25 countries.

Project: Palm Island Jumeirah Movenpick Hotel and Oceana Residence (Dubai-UAE)


●Assessed and monitored contractors’ working programs (schedules) and schedule updates.

●Reported to the client about the contractors’ performance in timely and efficient manner.

●Monitored and evaluated contractor’s procurements and submittals plans

●Coordinated efficiently between various contractors on board.

●Prepared diligently and accurately monthly construction and planning reports

Technical Skills & Knowledge Used in this Position: Scheduling,Reseources Management, Cost Control, Project Management Skills, Planning Skills, Cost Estimation, Reporting Skills, Communication Skills: Oral+Written, Computer Skills (Scheduling Softwares: Primavera Project Planner+ MS Project, MS Packages:Visio, Word, Excel, Power Point..etc.).

Nov 2004Feb 2006

Project Controls and Systems Engineer /Project Engineer

Turner Construction International (Dubai-UAE)

●Implementedcost control programs to ensure all expenses are within budget

●Reviewed contractors’ submitted construction baseline programs and their updates.

●Evaluated and helped contractors to improve their baseline programs and prepare “crashing project schedules”

●Monitored and assessed resource and cost loaded programs submitted by various contractors.

●Evaluated the actual performance of the main contractor against his baseline schedule.

●Monitored and recorded of all the variation orders and claims submitted by various contractors and consultants.

●Prepared budget forecast reports and cash flow reports for the client.

●Checked the procurement plans

●Prepared “indicated outcome reports” and project budget reports for the client.

●Coordinated between various contractors and consultants working in the project.

●Prepared comprehensive monthly progress reports which are submitted to the client describing construction status

Technical Skills & Knowledge Used in this Position: Scheduling,Reseources Management, Cost Control, Project Management Skills, Planning Skills, Cost Estimation, Reporting Skills, Communication Skills: Oral+Written, Computer Skills (Scheduling Softwares: Primavera Project Planner+ MS Project, MS Packages:Visio, Word, Excel, Power Point..etc.).


Aug 2006Jul 2011


University of Alberta

Accomplishments & Awards:

●Provost Doctoral Entrance Award(twice: 2006-2007, 2007-2008)

●Queen Elizabeth II Provincial Award (twice: Fall 2009 , Fall 2010)

●Departmental Tuition Remittance Scholarship(Winter 2009)

●Dissertation Topic: “Enhancing Resources’ Mobilization Planning in a Dynamically Changing Site Layout Using A Construction Operations Simulation Visualization Framework”

Sep 2003Feb 2005

Masters Msc

Brunel University

Accomplishments & Awards:

●Second Class (Upper Division) Honors (2.1).

Dissertation Topic: “The effect of privatization on the performance of construction companies in the Middle East”

●Oliver Wight prize(September 2004)



The American University in Cairo