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I'm an Electrical Engineer student who works in the Robotics field (Electrical part).

I'm a member of "Assiut Robotics" team. I'm the leader of the team, responsible of follow up team's committees. We join several robotics competitions annually and our team is well-known in Egypt. I participate in ROV 2016 competition.

I like online courses and spend along time watching it to improve my level in my career, I hope to be an excellent Electronics & Communication Engineer.


Barcholar's degree



Assiut University

student activity & organization

Nov 2015Present

Team Leader

Team leader at Assiut Robotics (4 months) I participate in the making of important decisions of the team and follow up the work of committees. Member at Assiut Robotics
Oct 2015Nov 2015

VP Human Resources

Assiut Robotics
VP Human Resources at (2 months) I participated in the work of the personal interviews to applicants, motivating the team and solves the problems of the team. HR Member at Assiut Robotics


Mobile Application Developer with Worklight Studio v6.2




I'm very good in java and made many PC and Android apps.

Embedded Systems

1-ARM Cortex : I'm very close to finish this course " UTAustinX: UT.6.03x Embedded Systems - Shape the World " in edX and I have done many projects using it like (UART,SPI).
2-PIC : I programming it using MPLAB(XC8 compiler) with out using any builtin function and I have finished many modules in datasheet and made many projects (CAN,UART,SPI,PWM,...).


Rov compitition :

My role in our ROV is communication between us and ROV using CAN protocol (MCP2515&MCP2551) with PIC.

Personal details

Birth: 4/1/1996

Marital status: single