Amos Cokhavi

Amos Cokhavi

Work History

Work History
Nov 2008 - Present

Orthotist/Prosthetist Practitioner

Eshed Advanced Orthopedics

I am currently at this position. I practice as a full time practitioner in this company which is the largest

in this field in Israel . I see patient on site and in hospitals, mainly in Tel hashomer orthopedic rehalb center

which is the largest in israel. In our facility i measure fabricate and fit orthotics and prosthetics ,training new technicians ,and train patient with initial gait mostly when fitted with new prosthesis.

I was also sent by my employers three times  to Haiti as a delegate on behalf of Israeli red cross(MDA) and Tel Hashomer hospital on a mission to form a rehalb center in General Hospital,Port Au part was to help

orgenizing the o&p lab and making it in to a full functional facility including patient care and stuff training.

Jan 1994 - Feb 2007

Orthotics /Prosthetics Practitioner

Bio Fit Orthotics

I wolked as a full time orthotics and prosthetics practitioner including: attending clinics on different location in nyc

,running the shop ,fabricating ,billing and i pretty much involved in every aspect of the buisness routine.

Feb 1987 - Nov 1993

Orthotist/prosthetist Practitioner

Eshed Orthopedics

Job included measuring ,fabricating and fitting various types of orthotocs and prosthetics,

attending rehalb clinics in different hospitals(Tel Hashomer, Beit levinstein)

Jan 1986 - Dec 1986

Technician Trainee

Protezia Levy


Feb 2007 - Feb 2008

Motorcycle technician

Motorcycle mechanics institute

Diploma in motorcycle technology.

Sep 1990 - Jul 1992

National diploma in Orthotics and Prosthetics

Lewis National Limbs Institute
Feb 1988 - Oct 1988

German studies

Goete institut



Mechanically inclined


My objective is to obtain a position in which my skills and life experience will be utilized to their fullest extent,

allowing me opportunities to advance with an organization that vaues personal performance,dedication and efficiency.


My  current position

*Orthotics & prosthetics-Measurring,fabricating ,fitting and patient training.

*Maintaining relationship and providing service for medical facilities and rehalb staff 

in different locations in Tel Aviv metropolitan area.mainly:Tel Hashomer hospital.

*Providing patient care on ,and off site

*Office managment : Appointments, stock managing,billing.patient consulting.


                                                                          Military service


I  had a military service at the "Israeli Diffence Forces" for a period of four years

and was honorbly discharged as a luetanant on november 1986.



I've decided to add this letter so i can proparly introduce myself as an extention to the standard

info which is on my resume.

I'm 47 y.o.,u.s citizen ,divoreced w/3 children ages 15,17,18 who live with their mom here in Isael.

I have moved to Israel on nov. 2008 from New york which was our home since1994 .

In Ny i was imployed at Bio-Fit Orthotics.located in Brooklyn as an orthotics and prosthetics practitioner.

At Bio-Fit we've provided custom fabricated and custom fitted orthotics and prosthetics services  to different hospitals in the city and brooklyn, :Mt Sinai,St. vincent, Methodist,Kingsbrook jewish and more.

As part of my job i did prrety much anything that  came around : covering ortho clinics in various areas(pediatrics,joints,rehalb,spine,sport and more) and was involved in pretty much every aspect of the buisness daily tasks: patient care/follow up ,office manegment(billing,stock,appts etc.) running the lab(fabricating,supply managing ,    training new tech's,etc.)

At my current job in Israel i have pretty much the same responsabilities however with more prosthetics orientation (lots of army veterans)

Recently I've decided that i would realy love to move back to New york with my girlfriend (a practitioner as well) I am positive that my life and proffesional experience /quolafication and  personallity are making me a good candidate for the offered position .

If necessary i'll gladly provide you with any  info  or suporting documents in order to better assest my aplication.

                                                                                                                  Respectfuly yours.

                                                                                                                       Amos  Cokhavi.


Sep 1992 - Present

Certified Orthotist/Prosthetist

Ministry of labor of Israel.
May 1996 - Present

Orthotic fitter

Jan 2004 - Present

C-leg system

Otto Bock
May 2000 - Present

Billing and coding

Pittsburg Pa
Jul 1999 - Present

Providence Scoliosis System

Spinal Technology
Jan 1999 - Jan 2012

Certified orthotist/prosthetist

May 2004 - Dec 2009

Certified orthotist

American Board for certification