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Soon after acquiring my undergraduate from University of Oregon I realized that I was not any more poised to decide on a career than when I started. I then made the commitment to get my MBA in hopes that doors would become available to me so that I may open whichever one I chose. That was over 3 years ago. Needless to say there have been some struggles along the way that has stretched out the MBA program offered at Western Governors University longer than originally anticipated. Regardless, I am determined to complete my MBA because I have been introduced to information and resources that will undeniably assist in my career decision. Personally I may not be any closer on making a decision regarding which career path I want to take, but through my education I have acknowledged that I enjoy work that is hands-on and project based rather than routine job maintenance functions. Job satisfaction is very important to me, but currently my true motivation is driven by monetary gains. Deciding which career path to focus on for this course has been a very difficult process for me. It would seem that most jobs that appeal to me would require further specialized schooling. I would like to focus on the career path of a event marketer with emphasis on sports.

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