Analisa Moral

Analisa Moral

Work experience

Work experience

ESL tutor / Writer / Web designer

Home-based jobs (freelance)

I have been tutoring foreign students to enhance skills both in oral communication and writing for quite sometime now. In addition to teaching,  I handle clients' websites by providing them with research as well as keeping their blogs updated.  Moreover,  through writing I continually support affiliate programs for clients keeping articles intact with the products and services they are endorsing.

I do design for standard websites as well as header images, banners, and other graphics concerning webdesign.

Online and basic class ESL tutor

Euphemia Eve English Tutorial Center

As an ESL ( English as a Second Language ) for foreign students, we make sure that every lesson will be beneficial to the students in terms of using basic english grammar, both in oral and written. We also tackle cultural influences on manner of speaking, guide them towards the ideal way for enunciating words. These classes are handled traditionaly and virtualy.

Paypal customer service agent


As a customer service advocate I handle  their accounts, their bills and other inquiries. I do market sales as well, as part of our job description and ensuring that prospect clients would have satisfactory comments regarding our service.

Customer Service Advocate


As Handles responsibilities from a major telecommunications company in the U.S. This job manages customer's account, bills and payments, and other inquiries. Sales in also part of the job description.

I am work oriented and have managed to improve my skills in oral and written communications from previous employment. Hence, it has added much learning so I can focus in attaining the goals I set to increase my potentials.

For me there is no room for less compliance and low quality of work because this serves as a skeletal system to be competent in all my inclinations. I have a sense of camaraderie which is a factor that can mold a  pleasant working environment for me and persuades me to go to work every day with much ease and interest.

My passion in writing has opened new horizons for me, enabling my inclination to health and sciences be merged with the artistry of writing.

I believe that a person can be what she wants to be, as long as she believes she can be what she wants to be…


Jun 2002 - Present

BS Nursing

Las Pinas Doctor's colloge



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