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Amor Elizabeth Kruger

Actor seeking challenging acting roles, to expand and demonstrate my potential

Work History



Vodacom Bulls Babes

Been a cheerleader/dancer for the Pretoria infamous Blue Bulls rugby team appointed by the Bulls Union under the choreography of Nicola Broznihan since I was 18. Entertaining a crowd of people and motivating the team the fans and just creating a fabulous vibe by dancing socializing and showing off your given talent and having a great time doing it.


Events entertainer /Promoter

NB Dance

Worked with the entertainment section  by doing flashbmobs, mime acts, acrobatic stunts, socialozing , acting, dance or movement performances, for big Companies such as-

Google, Vodacom, Jakaranda, Monte Casino, Momentum , Sun City , Vecto Petroleum, Afrikaans is groot, Puma ,MTN,  Isuzu, Viva Gym and numerous more.



Rivera studios

Was an actor for Director Adolfo Rivera, where I portrait a Russian girl in the IMBD series Repo Chicks


Virtual Priductions

Production Company

I worked for a  production company that do  staging, lighting, Audio Visual and Sound for most of the indoor and outdoor shows and functions in South Africa , Co-owned by Victor v Graan , Danie Geyer and Jean Mellet Pellisier



Walker Attorneys

A clerk for a insolvency litigation firm. Doing my articles part time.


Jan 2007Dec 2011


Waterkloof high school

Passed with 4 Distinctions which two of them was in Dramatic arts and the other in Dance studies.


BA Law UP 


International studies Course at UCI (CA USA)


 Acting school at Rivera's Studios in California USA


LLB Law degree UNISA


knowledge of:

Dance,  anatomy , music theory, dramatical arts , law, entertaining improvisation , singing,  acting , movement, and acrobatics.

Brief Summary of my acting and dance history;

I started ballet since the age of 4 , because I was ADHD and couldnt sit still or even focus , the doctor adviced my mother to take me to a ballet class to teach me self discipline concentration and also for my energy levels to help my mother so I could get rid of all the energy and business like my mother always said. Without taking any prescribed medicine, starting ballet classes it exhauated me physically it trained my mind I was able to focus and concentrate for first time in my life , since that day I have never stopped. I then also started with drama lessons since I was 7 all the way to high school also sang in the choir from grade 1-7. Then I took Dance studies and Daramatic arts as my two subjects at Hoerskool Waterkloof. Acting, ballet, jazz, hip hop and contemporary was my life in high school I was definitely a culture vulture. When I entered high school I auditioned for our grade 8 play and I got the lead role as Sneeu Druppeltjie, we were quite a lot of grade 8's so being chosen as the lead out of all those children was such an honourable achievement for me at that time in my life. Through high school i part-took in many plays and productions and we had our annual show at the Pretoria little theatre anually. The stage is my home the one place where people see your talents and it just brings instant joy to the audience which is an impeccable feeling. I was chosen to do a two man play by Rulene Swanepoel called Prinses for Artes .After high school I studied law , but I took a gap year in 2014 went to Amerika first NY then California for a year, then got in at Rivera studios. Managed by Adolfo Rivera took his acting lessons and acted in his pilot for Repo chicks which is a IMBD mananged series that will air in August 2017 as well as Scorpion girl. After my Visa expired I came back to finish my degree now all I want is the opportunity to show exactly what I have to offer to finally live my life doing what I was created to do, and by that I would need one chance and one chance only, and if I get a fair chance I guarantee one chance is all I would ever need to ultimately achieve my dreams.



Vocal training- Strong Articulate voice ,with ability to sing

Elegant posture, with daring Facial expressions and eyes.

Athletic, outstanding body movement abilities, remarkable flexibility and acrobatic skills.

Memory like an elephant , ability to remember quick and for long periods of time.

Improvisation skills , but also trained in following a well written script as required.

Jack of all traits, able to enact any role whether humerous, dramatic or tragic roles.

Ability to Make a character my own and through that make it believable and convincing

Able to tell the story through my character ,pulling the audience in by connecting with a targeted group of people.

Able to express the message properly with my character and acting skills for people to learn from my charachter as a whole.

Ability to read and conduct independent research as part of the role interpretations.

Talented, dedicated, ambitious, persistent, drive, hard working, and PASSIONATE.


Amor loves to go on outdoor adventours with her friends or go dancing ,she also adores times where she can catch up with an intriuging book or just go hiking or jogging and also kick boxing to release some tention, One of her favourites is to go to  native drumming and fire dancing festivals, also going to improvisation open night performances,  watching old british movies and learning new languages in her spare time.

Key Competencies

Able to handle responsibilty and great organisation and planning skills.

High literracy skills

Advertising skills, socializing ,exceeding expectations.

No matter what gets the job done.

Physically fit with stamina to last for hours to come.

Born entertainer.

Thrive under pressure.

Always modest with a feel of fairness and equalization.

Willing to start from the bottom, to appreciate the end results even more

Not rely on talent alone but believing in a balance of talent, dedication and hard work. 

Lighting up the room wherever you go , leaving people feeling warm inside about themselves with a feeling of  motivation and hope.