Amjad Atique

SEO Executive


A search engine enthusiast with around 2 years of progressive experience in link building on web 2.0 and social media. Accomplished team member with noticeable individuality and persistence for timely management of assigned job. Eager to learn every day and move forward in direction of growth and experiences which strengthen the overall career.

Work History

Work History
Jan 2016 - Feb 2016

SEO Executive

Mind Aqua

- Link building
- Keyword Analysis including competition analysis
- Content Compliance with SEO Standards
- Article submission
- Rank Analysis

Jun 2014 - Nov 2015

SEO Executive

  • Keyword Optimization¬†for client's website to understand the possible relations and strategies that can be built.
  • Traffic Optimization to understand the target audience, their changing interests and make possible regular engagement
  • Blog Commenting to interact with other users of the websites related to particular industry and understand the changing behaviors and responses of people towards different optimization or marketing campaigns.
  • Cooperative and Paid Link Building with other websites working in the same niche. Making them exchange positive and natural links to stand strong in search engine rankings.
  • Research and Analysis to discover new developments in Search Engine policies, mediums and customer trends.
  • Social Media Account Management for regular share and bits of customer trends. Increased number of followers with interesting posts and news sharing.
  • Tool discovery to make procedures of SEO easier, simple and quickly accessible.

Sep 2012 - Apr 2014

Custom Clearing Agent

Allied Commercial Corporation
  • Prepare excise, duty terms and taxes documents according to the set guidelines
  • Authorize operational requirements for ensuring customs clearances for clients
  • Help importers and exporters understand federal regulations for sending and receiving goods to and from overseas
  • Inform clients about customs regulations, shipping restriction, international tariffs, and insurance requirements
  • Assign codes to shipments for easy tracking


2013 - 2015


Karachi University

Part 1: Clear
Part 2 : Exam Attempt due this year



Government Degree College

Pre- Engineering




Computer Science



Administrative Interest

Problem Solving attitude with respect for boundaries and authority delegation. Able to communicate with people in difficult situations and find solutions on professional and possible personal level.

Software and tools

Experience of working with different fools have increased capability to handle and learn software and helpful tools fast. May handle different case scenarios by quickly creating a system with the help of browser and search engine tools.

Research & ANALYSIS

Able to comprehend and pick up methods of different mediums and search engines