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6.5+ Years of Experience with LAMP technologies and different PHP Frameworks. Results-oriented, resourceful and problem-solving software engineer professional specializing in large scale software and web development for a wide variety of companies. Strong experience in OOP concept, MVC structure and database management. High-level of involvement in the advancement of the industry and adherence to best practice.

Work experience


PHP Frameworks

PHP Unit, Laravel, Zend Framework 1&2,  Symfony2,  Codeigniter, Core PHP

PHP REST API Frameworks

Zend Apigility, PHP Slim

Development Practices

SCRUM, AGILE, Design Patterns, TDD

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Database & Search Engines

MySQL, Elastic Search, Mongo DB

Dependency Managers

Composer, NPM

Version Controlling Tools


Operating System

Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS

Development Tools

JIRA, Mentis, Netbeans, workbeanch, phpmyadmin, Zend Studio, Sublime

Javascript Frameworks

ReactJS,  AngularJS

Social Media Programming

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, FreshBook, Mailchimp, Highrise, Nexmo



Diploma( Computer Engineering )

Gujarat Technological University

CPI  6.72/10


H.S.C (Science Stream)

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board

53.60 %



Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board



  • ivVy
    • iVvy is a product which provides facility to book an event and venue online. The product is currently available in Australia, UK, Newzeland, and the USA. I am working as a core development team member. The product is purely SCRM based. I got a chance to work on many major modules and REST API development.
    • URL
    • Technologies
      • ZendFramework1.12, MySQL, AngularJS, Beanstalkd, Git, JIRA, PHP-DI
  • ImperialSelect
    • ImperialSelect is national level dealers for top brands Cars old and new both in South Africa. ImperialSelect comes with scope to extend there older system with latest technologies and lots of new changes into the system from scratch. I was leading the project we are more than 10 members including QA and designers. I was responsible for core development as well as I worked with a client for requirement gathering.
    • URL                    :
    • Technologies :   PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Elastic Search, Javascript, jQuery, Dropzone.js, Cropper.js.
  • SpinNPress
    • SpinNPress is an online Laundry service provider. I was involved in core development of the system from scratch also worked on REST API for Android and iPhone mobile application. Implemented payment gateways like Paytm and Telr.
    • URL                    :
    • Technologies :     Codeigniter, MySQL, Javascript
    • Payment Gateway : Paytm, Telr
  • Global Product Makers
    • GPM needs an online portal for his customers from where they can easily request for some product and then GPM will give the order to any factory for the same. GPM need a platform to manage his customers and factory from the same platform without sharing each other's details. I was part of core development team and letter on I worked with a client for project management and new changes. We are a team of 5 members including designers, QA and PM.
    • URL                    :
    • Technologies :     Codeigniter, MySQL, Dropzone, Javascript
  • Lodha QCM (Quality Control Management System) 
    • Lodha is a giant real state group of India and they need a solution for Quality control management software which helps them to manage different project online. I was involved in core development team and responsible to handle large scale of data and process as well as for REST API development. I worked with the mobile development team for the android application of the system. We are around 10 members of the team. Some times I visited a client for demo and new changes in the system.
    • URL                    :
    • Technologies :    ZendFramework2, MySQL, Javascript
  • NZIAM (New Zealand Institute of Automotive Management)
    • This is CRM system of NZIAM which maintain the subscription and payment details of the users. I have only completed the development with adminLte theme. The client only wanted the backend system to manage details.
    • URL                     :
    • Technologies  :     Codeigniter, MySQL, AdminLTE
  • Agency Platform (Version 5 & 6)
    • Working on company's product which provides services for SEO, PPC, Call tracking, Google Analytics, Adwords, Social Media advertisement etc. working as PHP developer on many major modules such as directory listing and management for SEO purpose, Social Pulse which provides services based on social media campaign and advertisements.
    • URL
    • Technologies  
      • Codeigniter, MySQL, oAuth, Javascript

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