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6+ Years of Experience with LAMP technologies and different PHP Frameworks. Results-oriented, resourceful and problem-solving software engineer professional specializing in large scale software and web development for a wide variety of companies. Strong experience in OOP concept, MVC structure and database management. High-level of involvement in the advancement of the industry and adherence to best practice.

Work experience


PHP Frameworks

Laravel, Zend Framework 1&2,  Symfony2,  Codeigniter, Core PHP

PHP REST API Frameworks

Zend Apigility, PHP Slim

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, Javascript


Wordpress, indexu, Pligg, Opencart

Javascript Libraries

NodeJS, Loopback, Express

Database & Search Engines

MySQL, Elastic Search,  Solr, No-SQL Mongo DB

Javascript Frameworks

ReactJS, AngularJS

Operating System

Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS

Development Tools

Netbeans, Eclipse, Zend Studio, Sublime, Atom, SQLYog, PHPMyAdmin

Social Media Programming

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, FreshBook, Mailchimp, Highrise, Nexmo

Dependency Managers

Composer, NPM

Version Controlling Tools

SVN Client, SVN Server, GIT Client

Wireframe Tools




Diploma( Computer Engineering )

Gujarat Technological University

CPI  6.72/10


H.S.C (Science Stream)

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board

53.60 %



Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board



  • ivVy
    • iVvy is MNC of event management system in Aus, UK and USA. The system is very large and handle events including booking of venues, services. 
    • Role
      • Working with core development team with  pure scrum based process. Majorly working for development on different section of the system for modification and new implementation.
    • URL
    • Technologies
      • ZendFramework1.12, MySQL, AngularJS, Beanstalkd, Git, JIRA
  • ImperialSelect
    • ImperialSelect is national level dealers of for top brands Cars old and new both in South Africa. ImperialSelects comes with scope to extend there older system with latest technologies and lots of new changes in to the system from scratch.  In the system there are different users like Admin, NBDM, BDM,  Dealers, Sales Manager and customers. Admin can manage all users and done changes in website configuration, Admin can add offers and run campaigns using system. In front-end user can browse the cars and get details fro the same, Also user can compare cars. User can register to get more details for offers and newsletters.
    • Role
      • As a Team Lead I have involved in requirement gathering and documentation as well as I have designed database using Laravel migrations with relations. I have setup the project with basic functionality such as ACL, Login, user Management etc. We have used boilerplate for the same. Worked on many major modules and done scrum management with team.
    • URL                    :
    • Technologies :    PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Elastic Search, Javascript, jQuery, Dropzone.js, Cropper.js.
  • WMWA - Williams Metal And Welding Alloys
    • WMWA is multi location metal and alloy suppliers in USA, It's a division of ThressDMetal's. I am working as a dedicated developer on there business software to make the same on web. The project is really interesting as there is lots of challenging things I had done to handle the business logic. It is large scale project and I have worked on many major modules.
    • URL                    :
    • Role                   :    Web Development 
    • Technologies :     PHP, MySQL, ParamQuery, Javascript, jQuery.
  • SpinNPress
    • This is online online laundry service. The Customer have to make pickup request either from web or Mobile. Admin assigned this request to staff user, staff will take pickup and will place order. Admin will verify order, he can add or remove items from order. After verification barcode will generate for each item. Process on order will start after verification process. User will receive order status by mail and push notification. After process on order admin assigned delivery to staff member. Amount of order automatically get deducted from users account balance. User must have to add credit in his account using payment gateway Paytm or Telr.
    • URL                    :
    • Role                   :    Web and REST Api Development 
    • Technologies :     Codeigniter, MySQL
    • Payment Gateway : Paytm, Telr
    • Team Size        :    1
    • Duration           :    4 Months
  • Global Product Makers
    • The client is an intermediate between the factories and customers. Customers create and manage their products without knowing the real manufacturers. Here user request to admin to create new product, admin create user login and company for product with some sample data, customer can also give example images, materials to be used, ppu (Price Per Unit) etc details. Admin also assignd sales persion, sales admin, Engineers, Designeers for requirement gathering and R & D on customers requested product. After completed requirements admin provide quotation to customer it shopuld be based on MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) after approval from customer sales admin raised purchase  Order to factory  and admin will send Order Invoice to customer for the same. Once product created it will be shipped to customer as per his shipment details by Air or Sea.
    • URL                    :
    • Role                   :    Web Development And Client Coordination
    • Technologies :     Codeigniter, MySQL, Dropzone
    • Team Size        :    2
    • Duration           :    4 Months
  • RightVerify
    • RightVerify is Products & Services Wiki which provide social platform where users can add one or more attributes (like database fields & data type) for one or more products, services, people & entities and admin make them available for other users of network after verification. So other users of network can select said one or more verified attributes of selected product or service and can provide attribute(s) specific contents or data or values.
    • URL                    :
    • Role                   :     Web Development
    • Technologies :    Codeigniter, MySQL, Elastic Search
    • Team Size        :    3
    • Duration           :    5 Months
  • Lodha QCM (Quality Control Management System) 
    • This is Quality control management system Of Lodha Group. One of the largest real estate groups of India. It is used to manage projects from web and mobile application. There are different roles of users like Super admin, Site Admin, Site Manager, General Manager, Manager, Engineers and Contractors. By ACL system super admin gives access for different modules by related users. From Web user can get different reports like Labor report, MIS Report, Project Trade alignment repots etc. for projects. Admin users and managers can see the launched activities and status. They can approve and reject activates. Super admin can assign, remove and update activates to different users. He can create new projects users and assign resources to projects. Super admin provides access of different module by Manage roles section.
    • URL                    :
    • Role                   :     Web and Rest API Development
                                        Client Coordination.
    • Technologies :    ZendFramework2, MySQL
    • Team Size        :    3
    • Duration           :    1.2 Years
  • NZIAM (New Zealand Institute of Automotive Management)
    • This is CRM system of NZIAM which maintain the subscription and payment system details of user. There are two type of users normal and premium. User will be created, update and delete by admin from admin panel. It also provide different users reports.
    • URL                     :
    • Role                    :     Developed the whole system stand alone
    • Technologies  :     Codeigniter, MySQL
    • Team Size        :     Stand Alone
    • Duration           :     2 Months
    • This is a platform where you ca publish petition on some topic and people will come to help you by supporting your petition. If you got proper support for your petition than Andolan will help you to take your voice to the government.
    • URL                     :
    • Role                    :     Web Development
    • Technologies  :     Codeigniter, MySQL
    • Team Size        :     1
    • Duration           :     3 Months
  • Agency Platform (Version 5 & 6)
    • This is product based on SEO, SMO and PPC services. There are many modules in this product like Link Dashboard, Directory Submission and bookmarking, Search engine services of Google, bing and Yahoo. It also provides service like call tracking, Form builder, Crawlers, Social Media services etc.
    • URL
    • Role 
      • I have worked on many module Like Directory Submission and bookmarking tool, Link Dashboard, FormBuilder and social media programing like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, call Metrics, Freshbook, Mailchimp, Highrise, Nexmo.
    • Technologies  
      • Codeigniter, MySQL
    • TeamSize and Duration
      • Directory Submission and Bookmarking Tool (Stand Alone)  (3 Months)
      • Link Dashboard (Stand Alone ) (2 Months)
      • Social Pulse and Twittpro (3 Persion) (2 Months)
      • Call Tracking (3 Persion) (3 Month)
      • FormBuilder (4 Persion) (6 Months)