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A versatile IT professional with 4 years of Experience in Telecom, wireless, embedded and automation. For the past ~3 years I am serving Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd a Networking Gaint in developing dual mode high speed 4G (LTE) and 3G (UMTS) access points. Prior to Cisco I was serving Gemini Pointred in developing High speed Macro BTS


  • Programming Language : C , C++ and C#
  • Scripting : Shell, Perl and python
  • Operating Systems : Linux and Windows
  • Tools : Source In-site , iperf, ftp, Rapid SVN, Araxis Merger,      

Jenkins, Jira, Bugzilla, Vim, Wireshark etc

  • Platform : Broadcom 617XX series , Texas Instrument  Appleton Processor
  • Platform Architectures : MIPS and ARM


Creativity is life

Innovation is unlimited me

Research and Development is our success factor

Words of wisdom

A bad system can destroy good people

The only things that overcomes hard luck is hard work

Work experience

Nov 2012Present

Software Engineer II

Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd


Ø  Dual mode LTE (3GPP 4G tech) and UMTS (3G) small cell access point (Sunset Beach) – 07/Nov/2012 to current date in CISCO

Currently working IN CISCO SYSTEMS INDIA Pvt Ltd on this enterprise LTE/UMTS access point project to deploy the product across the globe through AT&T, EE,BT and many other operators.


                        This is a vast project and I have contributed on both embedded side as well as protocol side and I am also involved in developing the complete automation frame work from the scratch for unit testing of dev team.


Key achievements on embedded side


  • This mainly involves porting of the LTE and UMTS stack on Broadcom Platform.


  • Developing/enhancing network, I2C, SPI, EEPROM drivers and some of the CISCO Proprietary drivers and application libraries.


  • Application library involves developing of lower layer API’s from the scratch to control GPIO,I2C and SPI devices, Ethernet, File system, RF modules, EEPROM etc


  • Developed API’s from the scratch to program bootloader, File system, some of the Cisco Proprietary software’s into the device.


  • Developed Firewall feature, Lan Auth feature and some of the Cisco Proprietary features from the scratch to run the device in a secure boot and protect it from possible hacking.


Skills involved:

  1. Strong understand of linux Kernel, I2C, SPI, EEPROM Architecture, Linux internals.
  2. Cisco hardware architecture and Broadcom’s hardware architecture.
  3. Expertise in C, Makefiles and linux commands and process.
  4. Expertise on shell scripting language.
  5. Strong Understanding of MIPS and ARM architecture.


Key achievements on LTE (4G) protocol side


  • I have extensively worked and holds ownership on Operation and Management module (OAM) based on TR069 protocol and Performance Management (PM) Counters of LTE technology.


This module/software helps operators to configure, monitor its performance, upgrade, and maintain the device.


  • Engineering work involved implementation/enhancement of numerous PM counters and OAM software and required changes in L2 and L3 to update KPI (Key performance Indication stats).


  • I worked on some of the major LTE features like DRX and network listen, VOLTE (Voice over LTE) etc.


Skills Involved:

  1. Strong knowledge in LTE protocols like RRC, PDCP, RRM and MAC.
  2. Strong understanding of PM Counters Specs and TR069 protocol.
  3. Expertise in C, C++ and OS concepts.
  4. Basic knowledge in UMTS (3G) technology and protocols.


Key achievements on Automation side


  • Developed automation script and frame work to automate the procedure of periodic running of development team’s test cases on a set of rig’s and retrieve the result and publish as per the dev needs.


  • This involves developing the scheduler to schedule the test cases Parallel yon the limited rigs.


Skills Involved

  1. Expertise in advanced Perl and Python language.
  2. Basic understanding of C#.
  3. Some of the Tools like Jenkins, Start Machine, Linux servers and Cisco Proprietary Tools.
Aug 2011Oct 2012

Software Engineer

Gemini Pointred Telecom Pvt Ltd.


  • WIMAX TECHNOLOGY (IEEE based 4G-TECHNOLOGY) -  Aug/2011 to Oct/2012 in Gemini Pointred Telecom


  • Complete Logging mechanism for user interface and GUI of BTS(Base Station)
  • Complete Data Transferring and Receiving to and from Physical Layer
  • Added few variables in configuration file which play important role in data processing
  • Scripts in make file for automatic creation of “BUILDS”
  • Fixed multiple potential “BUGS”
  • Entire CPE(Customer-premises equipment) Addition and Deletion Mechanism

Control and development

  • Qos (quality of service) for Best effort modification.


Skills involved  : WIMAX SPECS understanding, Strong knowledge in C and shell scripting and some of the Telecom tools such as iperf, wireshark, netpersec etc.


Sep 2007Jul 2011

BE (EEE) -Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics

VTU(Visvesvaraya Technical University) Bangalore