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Work experience

Blue Heaven Mountain Resort Blue Heaven Mountain Resort

Blue Heaven Mountain Resort Blue Heaven Mountain Resort
Encouraged cultural and adventure tourism for brand promotion and marketing. This initiative helped to increase revenue by 150% and to stimulate cluster development for rural employment.

Maritime Officer

Chevron Transport Corporation
Maritime Officer & Barber Ship Management Chevron Transport Corporation(CTC), a subsidiary of the Chevron group, manages Chevron owned ships. Barber ship management is a third party ship management company. Sailed in various ranks onboard Tanker vessels. Participated in construction projects related to core shipping such as yard delivery, dry dock, conversion and beaching. Coached 20+ cadets to become team leaders. Supervision of various marine operations such as cargo transfer, passage planning, inventory control, equipment maintenance. Period Companies Project Description


Blue Heaven Mountain Resort
Founder Chakrata, India Blue Heaven Resort is a leisure holiday centre is located in a remote, but alluring location of Chakrata, India. Coordinated with the shareholders, rural committee and tour operators to start a holiday centre. Achieved annual revenues in excess of½ million INR within 2 years of launch. Led a team with delegated responsibilities to achieve optimal customer satisfaction as measured by tourist's return rate.
Nov 2010Apr 2013

Operations Manager

Transocean Shipping Ventures

Supervising day to day operations of a fleet of 14 ships.

Coordination with clients, shipboard management, and commercial team for peerless utilization of vessels.

Budgetary planning in liaison with the accounts department.

Issuing and approving tender contracts for galley provisions.

Audit of ships for process improvement and quarterly performance reporting.



Mumbai University


Dangerous Cargo
operational cost
commercial shipping

Incentive Policy

Formulated time-based bonus incentive policy for the sailing staff which reduced the turn-around time of vessels in port by 8%.