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TOGAF and SOA Architect –certified, Enterprise Application Architect with great experience in technical/application architecture, development and management roles (Scrum Master) across range of IT companies.

Specialties: Enterprise Architecture, Technical Project Management, Technical / Solutions Architecture, Software Development and Integration (SOA, Micro-services), ERP, Agile / Scrum Master.

Work experience

Jan 2014Present

Software Engineer

Tamkeen Technologies

Make Scrum presentation "Let's go Scrum".
Make Soa presentation "SOA and Microservice architecture".

Scrum master for Ugate project, start using scrum in TVTC/ Ugate project.

POC for GRP project : Microservice (SOA) using Docker, Kubernetes, Spring 4 (Rest webService), Spring data, AngularJs.

PMP training at Business Solutions.
SOA Profissional certified.
SOA Architect certified.

Analyse and implement smart softwares for TVTC (Ugate , Exam..)
Implement a generic sms / mail solution with archive.
Help all the team in exceptions and issues during the development
cycle. Review the code and give advice for best practices.
Implement some tasks in a new project named Exam for TVTC : this project make exams for students who want to subscribe in a specific study program.
Generate questions / responses from Black Board (LMS System) xml files for the Exam project.

Feb 2013Dec 2013

Software Engineer


Migrate all forms applications to Java/J2EE applications.

Implementation the architecture (Primefaces, Spring, Hibernate)
of a new strong project for admission candidates in all technical
schools in KSA. Implement a generic SOA webservice for TVTC.

Implement the model entity with reference to Oracle DB.
Implement a mail java solution for TVTC.

Implement a complex screen of admission plan.
Prepare the test process (Excel sheets) and the tasks estimation
sheets (Pert method).

Use the architecture in a first project "Solaf" from the design to the test and validation (already
delivered with a high level of performance).

Help all the team in exceptions and issues during the development
cycle. Review the code and give advice for best practices.

Work envirement: Eclipse, Primefaces (JSF 2), Spring, Hibernate, Oracle DB, Maven, Spring
security, checkstyle, Junit, CXF WebService, Tomcat 7, Ldaps.

Old tasks :

Implement a prototype with ADF with Weblogic server.
Migrate the box of trainees from forms to ADF.

Write the architectural technical document template in English. Training: ADF and BPMN oracle.

Aug 2011Jan 2013

Technical Director


Project : Revmaster
- Hotel Solutions Direct(HSD) earns its revenue by charging commission on the bookings provided
to the hotel. The average commission charged by HSD is between 5 to 8%. - Agent (OTA) charges
anywhere between 15 to 25% for the bookings made for a hotel. - Agent(OTA) either sends the
Bookings to HSD as an email or fax which is set up at their extranet. There are 5 agents for whom
online interface is developed by BSI which is part of later releases. The Agents are,,,, - HSD updates the OTA extranet with
latest rates and inventory of the hotel, opens/closes rooms, updates Hotel profiles. Through the
online interface developed as mentioned above rates and inventory, open/close rooms can be
directly uploaded by Webservices.
Realised tasks:
- Enable modification of inventory from a complex dashboard.
- Correct the London30 OTA connectivity implementation.
- Update the OTA connectivity implementation and RateTiger.
- Help team in exceptions and development errors.
- Propose the architecture for new tasks to develop.
- Put new builds in Prod and UAT (test server).
- Manage connectivity team.
- Good English communication because this is an english company.
- Put new test process: test cases sheets, method of test.
- Training in MS sql server.
- Mission in London during 1 month: Training and development.
Work envirement : MySql , Java/J2EE, Servlet, JSF 1.2, richfaces 3.3.1, Spring 2.5, Hibernate 3,
Quartz, WebService, Ajax4Jsf ,Eclipse ,JBoss 5.

Oct 2013Aug 2011

Technical team leader


Project: Portal for TTI
Portal that brings together all the internal applications of TTI: Ora, Cra, Quiz, record in a single
system using CAS authentication.
Realised tasks:
- Writing specifications.
- Proposed Technical Architecture RichFaces - Spring - Hibernate developing a prototype that
works on an Oracle database 10g.
- Database design MCD.
- Implementation of some business tasks.
- Application Integration internal Talan in the Portal as portlets in their add the CAS(Central
Authentication Service) as a means of authentication.
- Managed a project team of end of year.
- Solution Migration of old data from an excel file using poi.
- Reporting: statistics on charges
consumed projects interface: Flex controller: JSF,business: 3 Spring, Persistence: Hibernate 3.
Environment:Oracle 10g, Java/J2EE, Liferay 5.3, RichFaces, Flex, Spring3.0, Hibernate, JBoss 4.2
and JBoss 5.0 for liferay

Jul 2010Oct 2010

Java/J2ee Developer


Project: AFSSAPS
As part of its audit of the advertising of health products, AFSSAPS wishes to adopt a newsingle
information system allowing the processing of all advertising files.
I participated in the design (BPMN Diagram, Activity) of two application modules as well
as developing various modules starting with the implementation of business servicesusing
Spring 3.0 and JUnit for unit testing their then j 'I started using the web part as atechnical tool Struts
2 plugin - jQuery.
Work Environment:
• Server Database: Oracle 10g.
• Language: Java/J2EE
• Frameworks: Struts2, jQuery, Spring 3.0, Spring security
• IDE: Eclipse menu plugins needed to integrate the various "Frameworks"
• Application server: Apache-tomcat-5, 5

Feb 2010Jul 2010

Java/J2EE Developer


Project: OALIA (see Editor software
Oalia specializes in the provision of innovative solutions for purchasing information systemof large
Oalia is distinguished by its dual expertise:
• the modeling of the purchase value chain,
• Web technologies in JAVA environment.
I realized the design and development of part
of application folder named purchasingcontrol, and correction of anomalies (BUGS) the product of
a code developed by the teamOALIA in France.
Work Environment:
• Server Database: Oracle 10g.
• Language: Java/J2EE
• Frameworks: Turbine, Vilocity, Hibernate
• IDE: Eclipse menu plugins needed to integrate the various "Frameworks"
• Application server: Apache-tomcat-6.0.14.

Aug 2009Feb 2010

Java/J2EE Developer


Project: tool for recruitment and staffing TTI
Tool "Recruitment" for companies wishing to improve their recruitment process.
Realised tasks:
- Implementation of the management screens of appointment.
- Implementation of the screen with the reporting of an interview by generating the set of
questions dynamically according to their types.
Work Environment:
• Server Database: Oracle 10g.
• Language: Java/J2EE, Servlets, ActionScript.
• Frameworks: Flex (Cairngorm), Struts 2, EJB3, Spring, Workflow (jBPM)
• IDE: Eclipse menu plugins needed to integrate the various "Frameworks"
• Application server: JBoss 4.2.

Jul 2008Jul 2009

Java J2EE Developer


Project: Information System for PSA (Peugeot Citroen) in the under invoicing of vehicles.I
joined a team of 10 people during this project.
Realised tasks:
- Implementation of business services, and their unit testing of web services with XMLToolbox.
- Realization of running Java batch mass of business tasks.
- Realization of the part of fault management, management packs and groupantes ...
- Realization of the administration part of the reference tables (task side user interface).
- Monitoring of development standards set by PSA using Checkstyle as a surveillance toolcode.
During this project I participated in a mission (training, development and delivery) at our
customer INFOTEL in Bagnolet in France for 3 weeks 19/10/2008 at 11/11/2008 I havedeveloped
modules JRules and unit tests.
Work Environment:
• Server Database: Oracle 10g.
• Language: Java/J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JavaScript.
• Frameworks: Struts 1.2.9, OJB (Framework for the persistence similar
to Hibernate),XML Toolbox (Framework for creating web services based on
Spring and Xfire), JRules(ILOG for the creation of rules).
• IDE: Eclipse menu plugins needed to integrate the various "Frameworks"
• Application server: JBoss 4.2.

Feb 2008Jun 2008

Training : Project of end of year


Project : Compiere
– Installation of the customer Web of the ERP Compiere:The Customer developed Web is
extensible, functional and applicable to all the modules of the ERP Compiere while questioning a
data base of including/understanding 649 tables.
The ERP developed Web met the following functional needs:
• To set up a system of authentification allowing to identify the user initially and to generate the
roles which correspond to him in the second place.
• To generate a menu of use of " Compiere " according to the role chooses.
• To manage the windows corresponding to each node of the generated menu and to ensure their
operations according to two modes are consultation or edition of the data.
• To ensure the generics of new windows not implemented after having to carry out their
corresponding tables.
• To manage the reports/ratios which will be printed thereafter.
• To manage the processes which make it possible to carry out treatments.
• To interact with the data base by a number of users raised via the customer WebAt the time of
this subject we analyzed the source code of the open ERP Adempiere source which is conceived
in Servlet, Struts and EJB.
Work environment :• Database server: Oracle Xe.• Language: Java/J2EE, Servlet, Jsp,
JavaScript.• Frameworks: Jsf (Java Server Faces), Struts, Hibernate, Ajax4JSF• IDE: Finely
eclipse plugins necessary to integrate different " the Frameworks "• Waiter of application: JBoss
4.0.The ERP is tested on a basis of data of 1800 tables.


Sep 2004Jul 2008

Computer engineer



May 2015Present

TOGAF 9 Foundation

The Open Group

TOGAF 9 Foundation provide knowledge of the terminology, structure, and basic concepts of the TOGAF 9 standard, and understands the core principles of Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF standard.

May 2015Present

SOA Architect


A Certified SOA Architect has demonstrated proficiency in the mechanics of SOA through the physical design of service-oriented technology architectures, service-oriented solutions, and related infrastructure.

To be considered an expert in this field requires a solid understanding of the service-orientation design paradigm including all related design principles and the effects of their application.

Apr 2015Present

SOA Professional


A Certified SOA Professional has mastered the fundamental topic areas pertaining to SOA and service-oriented computing, and has met minimum SOACP qualifications by demonstrating proficiency in at least one additional area.