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Bachelor of Science

University of Tabriz

B.Sc. Information Technology,

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tabriz, Tabriz - Iran

GPA up to now: 17/20 (= 3.4/4)

GPA of last two years : 19.49/20 (= 3.9/4)

Diploma in Mathematics and Physics, with honors

Allame Tabatabayi High School (Karegar Branch), Tehran -Iran

GPA = 19.04/20

Work experience

Crowd Simulation and Flocking Algorithms and their applications:

At present time I am working on a review of the history of flocking algorithms and their application in nowadays industry and technology. Just in brief, crowd simulations and flocking algorithms would be used as a tool to simulate the behavior of human beings in sever situations like occurrence an earthquake and such disasters, while they have a leader and all of them move like a flock. This review is supervised by Dr. Seyyed Naser Razavi. Supervisor: Dr. Seyyed Naser Razavi

Automatic License Plate Recognition Using Image Processing and Artificial Neural Networks (Thesis Statement):

At first, I chose this topic to make myself become more and more familiar with artificial neural networks and image processing and I considered this topic as a chance to learn this two important fields in Artificial Intelligence. As I made some progress in both fields, I found them really interesting and I am working on both of these fields right now.Supervisor: Dr. Saeid Pashazadeh

Multi Agent Systems and TAC-SCM Competitions:

As the first serious topic in Artificial Intelligence, I became familiar with the concept of Multi Agent Systems and how agents communicate to solve problems. I had done some researches in agents implemented in TAC-SCM competition, their architecture and goals. Advisor: Dr. Seyyed Naser Razavi

SystemC (HDL):

I have done a brief research on different HDLs and the newest HDL which is called SystemC. As a matter of fact, system C is in developmental stages and is going to be more complete. At the mean time I have tried to Describe the behavior of some simple circuits. Advisor: Zia Daei Kuzekanani

Awards and Honors

  • Ranked 4th among 41 Information Technology students, University of Tabriz (up to now)
  • Ranked 1st among 41 Information Technology for two last years of study, University of Tabriz, 2011 and 2012
  • The first student in Tabriz University obtaining full mark for GPA.
  • Iran nationwide university entrance exam, among one percent top students of all exam participant (around 300000 participants) , 2008
  • Ranked 4th in Allame Tabatabayi High School (Karegar Branch) (among 103 students), Tehran - Iran , 2005
  • Ranked 1st in Allame Tabatabayi High School (Karegar Branch) (among 103 students), Tehran - Iran , 2006 and 2007

Research Interests

Reasoning and Expert Systems

Machine Learning

Multi Agent Systems

Crowd Simulation

Computer Logic and Discrete Structures

Data Mining

Machine Vision

Computational Linguistic And Natural Language Processing

Computer Graphics

Algorithms and Computational Complexity

Multimedia systems (image and video compression)

Teaching Experiences

University of Tabriz:

I held weekly problem solving session for 55 students (Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata as TA of Dr. Saeid Pashazadeh).

I held weekly problem solving session for 55 students and prepared weekly home works  and corrected quiz papers (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence as TA of Dr. Farnaz Derakhshan) .

I supervised course projects of students (Introduction to algorithms as TA of Dr. Seyyed Naser Razavi)

I have taught General English, and TOEFL iBT.

Technical Skills

Java :ExpertC++ :ExpertProlog: Very GoodMATLAB: GoodClips: FairLisp: Fair, used to programming in CPN tools and Colored Petri Nets

Academic Projects

  • "Design and Implementation Of a Simple Game using OpenGL and C++", Advanced Computer Programming using C++ Course project
  • "Implementation Of a Serial Adder" Using Verilog and Quartus Altera, Digital Logic Course project
  • "Using SPIM to Simulate some Functions in Commuter Architecture" Computer Architecture Course project
  • "Implementation Of all Brute Force search Algorithms", Using Java, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course project
  • "Design and Implementation of Black Jack game using Simulated annealing as the heuristic function", Using Java, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, First Extra Course project
  • "Design and implementation of a New Heuristic to Solve 8-tile Problem and evaluating its performance ", Using Java, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Second Extra Course project
  • "Design and implementation of a CNF converter which converts any sentence in computer logic to CNF", Using Java, Common Course Project of Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (fourth Extra Project) and Discrete Structures
  • "Design and Implementation of Round Robin Scheduler ", Using Java, Operating Systems Course project
  • "Simulating the behavior of Token Bucket Algorithm in routers", using Lisp programming and CPN tools (Colored Petri Nets) project (Top Project in Class)
  • "Implementation Of Mpeg-2 and Jpeg Image compressor and different modes of operation ", Using Matlab , Introduction to Multimedia Systems Course Project , (Top Project in Class)
  • "Design and Implementation of a Simple expert System" , Using Java , Introduction to Expert Systems Course project

Leadership Experiences

  • Head Of Science Division of Science Union of Students[2011 - 2012]
  • Head Of VIP Division of the second and third Information Era Seminars of Tabriz University [2010 - 2011]
  • Head Of VIP Division of 9th International ISC Conference on Information Security and Cryptology[2012]

Language Skills

English :Fluent -TOEFL iBT Score = 101 (R : 27 , L : 29 , S : 23 , W : 22)Persian :Native Turkish :IntermediateArabic :  Intermediate


o  Dr. Zia DaeiKuzekanani , Associate Professor , University of Tabriz

o  Dr. SeyyedNaserRazavi , Associate Professor , University of Tabriz

o  Dr. SaeidPashazadeh, Associate Professor , University of Tabriz

o  Dr. FarnazDerakhshan, Associate Professor , University of Tabriz

o  Dr. Mina Zolfi, Associate Professor , University of Tabriz

o  Dr. SeyyedHadiAghdasi , Associate Professor , University of Tabriz

o  Dr.Mohammad Ali BalafarAssociate Professor , University of Tabriz

Hobbies and Interests

oVisiting the world under a system called

oMountain climbingand out camping

oPlaying setar(Iranian traditional music instrument) professionally

oSurfing the net for recent achievements in Artificial Intelligence