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General Skills

  • Responsible for revenue, profit & Customer Satisfaction .
  • Proactive in improving customer satisfaction.  Monitors and maintains an awareness of all key Corp./client activities.  Delivers solutions which are highly valued by the client and Corp. and are considered high impact and strategic by both.
  • Clearly defines problems and demonstrates creativity and good judgment in identifying new approaches and solutions.
  • Leads multifunctional teams of professionals including sales specialists, client relationship professionals, I/T specialists, I/T architects, and Business Partners and others to identify opportunities and develop solutions to meet the most demanding customer requirements
  • Managing through leadership and positive motivation. Demonstrate role model to employees.
  • In-depth knowledge of sales processes.
  • Works effectively with managers, peers, employees and other team members to understand and anticipate customer needs and to develop solutions to meet those needs
  • Experienced relationship builder. Creates and cultivates lasting strategic relationships with Customers Influencers, partners & incubators companies
  • A competent, tough, successful negotiator. Plans and leads complex negotiations with all levels of customer/prospect management, structuring deals that benefit all participants.
  • Possesses a thorough understanding of the industry and technologies with a demonstrated ability to learn and apply new and emerging technologies.
  • Assesses risk in terms of value and exposure to both organization and customer/prospect. Works with clients and internal resources, assists in the risk analysis, and contributes to final decision on pursuing engagement opportunities
  • Adaptable and flexible to work environment including working overtime, as business needs may require, handling multiple tasks concurrently, and easily adapting to new assignments, system, tools; produce clear, concise, accurate written communication, clearly conveying thoughts and ideas to peers, management, and customers; establish  and maintain positive work relationships with peers, management, and customers displaying willingness to understand diverse points of view; learn and apply new equipment and tools within an acceptable timeframe; and assume ownership of assignments, completing commitments on time.


Very Experienced IT Sales Executive. Israel Resident. Deep familiarity with sales processes, sales consulting, consultative selling and business development operations, including managing territories / customers / channels / partners / Vendors.

Comfortable in working in / with global companies in a multicultural environment. (13 years at IBM, 2 years at Silicon Graphics, 2 years at SAS).

Working at IBM, SGI and SAS in the past equipped me with the skill set and and abilities to initiate, develop partnerships and close sales cycles with a high success rate.I have a proven track record of increasing revenue and achieving targets, I am a challenger and specialize in  selling strategic, complex, big & value based solutions .

I believe in managing through leadership and positive motivation, demonstrating role model to my team and employees whether they are direct reporters, multifunctional teams of professionals, sales specialists or Business Partners. I am with excellent interpersonal skills, self starter, relish working in a challenging and demanding environment.

I am seeking a growth-oriented position where I can continue to promote technologies, develop growth strategies and generate outstanding results.

Work experience

Dec 2009Present

Oracle Agile Sales & Marketing Manager

Systematics Ltd.

Major achievements:

Positioning Agile Product Life Cycle Managment as the DeFacto Standard in the Electronics Hi-Tec & Medical Device market in Israel. Acquisition of new strategic customers. Rain maker of a new revenue stream at Agile PLM - in Systematics


  • Hi-Tec - Many wins at Start-Up companies and at the SMB Segment.
  • Penetrating with Agile to a new Segment (Civil Engineering)
  • Beating competition with highest success rate and almost no lost opportunities.
Jan 2009Jan 2011


adSYS - Analytical Decisions Systems

adSys - Analytical Decisions Systems handling the most advanced analytical and data mining topics.

adSys specialized in automating data mining processes, creating real time data mining models and also Recommendation Engine to the Broadcast Industry. We are a proud Israeli reseller of Thinkanalyitcs ( a leading company in real time decisioning.

adSys is also specialized in pricing with advance scientific tools - using data mining, forecasting and game theory models we are enabling the company to maximize its margin and profits with an additional 5% - 30%.

adSys is a young company currently in a POC stage with few Israeli customers.

Jan 2007Jan 2009

Telco, Retail Segments & Strategic Accounts Manager

SAS Israel (MIA Computers)

Major achievements:

Acquisition of new strategic customers. Improving revenue stream, positioning SAS as a preferred at Data Mining, Analytics & Risk Management.


  • Telco - Penetrating with SAS as strategic analytic CRM & Data Mining solution at Bezeq,
  • Strengthening Pelephone, Partner, Cellcom ( mainly for analytic CRM, Marketing and finance departments )
  • Penetrating with SAS at Discount Group. Setting SAS as ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Platform of choice at Discount Bank Group. Implementation of Basel II project.
  • At 'CAL' (Israel Credit Card) - Selling SAS as the Analytic platform of the company.

Other ongoing activities and POC's at various customers in the Insurance & Retail segments etc.

Jan 2005Jan 2007

Sales Leader. Broadcast & Media ISU Manager + Enterprise Segment Biz Dev

SGI - Silicon Graphics Israel

Major achievements:

Penetrating to new Territories, settings WW milestones and reference customers.


  • Penetrating into the Enterprise Market with a new brand and products, through extreme tough conditions.
  • Broadcast - Initiating & Leading HD, IPTV & Tapeless integration activities in Israel, Selling HD equipment to Post Production Houses.
  • Business Development and Creating Channels and new routes to the Enterprise Market (Ness, Bynet, Malam).

Wins and POC's at YES, Mirs, Dapey Zahav, Netafim etc.


Senior Client Executive, in the Telecom & Utilities Segments

IBM Israel

Major achievements:

Overall increasing of IBM revenue at my territory in more then 85%.


  • Wining at Bezeq's IT Enterprise System Monitoring Tender (Tivoli Suite).
  • Wining & Establishing MQ Series Bezeq's default middleware.
  • Wining & Establishing WebSphere as Bezeq's App. Server
  • Wining the Frame Agreement for PC's & Laptops - Bezeq.
  • Wining the Frame Agreement for high end Intel Servers- Bezeq.
  • Outsourcing more then 30 people at Bezeq.
  • Integrator at Bezeq IPVPN initiative.
  • Establishing a printing house at IEC.
  • Building a mutual DRP solution for IBM & Bezeq.
  • Other HW sales from MF through Unix to Intel.
  • Other SW sales like Java Development products, etc.

Software Division - Product Manager

IBM Israel


  • SW Sales Specialist / Product Manager - In Charge of the "Visual Age" Brand.
  • Overall management of product marketing and Sales.
  • Building distribution channels for new Product.
  • Developing technology partnerships.
  • Specializing at OO technology, AD Tools, Client Server, Distributed Solutions, Internet Tools & eCommerce Solutions.
  • Strategy development and implementation of "bleeding" edge technology.
  • Marketing communications

Software Division - OS/2 Specialist

IBM Israel


  • System Engineer & Solution Specialist of OS/2.
  • Implementation & development of complex technology projects.
  • Overall management of product presale. Developing partners , routs to market.

Product Developer

PC Soft Intl

SW Programmer & Developer, Head of Development Teamm (Wizcon/2 product), Various Development Leading Roles


Other Professional Courses
  • Sales and management training including: IBM Management Training (BMT), Strategic Selling, Consultative Selling Processes, IBM Sales School, Successful Negotiator, Effective Presentation, Business Plan Preparation, The Challanger Selling approach, Other Management Course
  • SW Architectures & Modeling