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About Me

Amine is a 29 years-old software engineer with an entrepreneur mindset born in Morocco, raised/educated in France, and who lived in Asia from 2011 to 2019. He codes mainly with Javascript (Node/React/React Native) nowadays but has experience with C/C++/C#/Java/PHP. He is also good at everything related to development operations (DevOps), automation and troubleshooting. He made and monetized a couple of projects from the ground up. Confident in his skills and a quick learner, Amine has worked in many industries, at different scales and using a wide range of skills and tools. He is constantly working on his soft skills which range from UI, UX, social media, marketing to product development, growth hacking, leader/mentorship and EQ. 

"Amine led our diverse team to plan, build, and maintain our b2b application and its deployment stack over two years. With a team spread across the globe, he designed a development workflow that ensured we were all able to work together efficiently. Amine's skills were truly fullstack, including building secure APIs, detail server bug tracking, designing dashboards, and more. He is constantly learning new technologies and putting them into useful implementation. He was a highly effective developer and problem solver in all environments." — Mackenzie Pringle, CEO at Continuous Software

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March 2018August 2019

Lead Software Engineer (acting CTO)

GuardRails - Singapore

Leading engineering efforts at GuardRails to shape the future of continuous security for developers. Currently accelerated by CyLon Singapore at ICE71, supported by Singtel Innov8 and NUS Enterprise. Exhibiting at RISE Hong Kong in July. Led to a S$1M (US$734K) seed funding by Cocoon Capital.

February 2017February 2018

Senior Software Engineer (acting CTO)

De Republica - Sydney, Australia

Worked on the PoseyCo mobile app, an app that helps people uncover the world's most "instagrammable" hotspots. I have been the lead on it and worked on the backend (Node.js, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, etc.), on the frontend (React.js, React Native) and also on everything DevOps-related (continuous deployment, centralized logging, metrics visibility etc.) See

September 2016December 2016

Senior Software Engineer

Agoda - Bangkok, Thailand

Built an Airbnb-like dashboard for individuals willing to list their apartments/residences on

November 2015Mai 2016

Senior Software Engineer (acting CTO)

Melotic - Beijing, China

Worked as the lead on a multi-currency digital wallet. I mainly did backend products but also worked closely with and guided the mobile team. I also created a private API enabling partners in the cryptocurrency space to use our product as a gateway for them to fulfil withdrawals in fiat currencies we supported.

May 2014October 2015

Chief Technology Officer

Continuous Software - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Created an ecosystem of applications targeting the e-commerce landscape. React CRM, a dashboard where users could create and manage their e-commerce funnels from A to Z, starting with storefront deployments, payment processing, shipping fulfilment, and (re)marketing. We were handling payment processing for our customers through their own merchant gateways and created Secureapay, a payment gateway proxy running mainly on a module we open-sourced called 42-cent: We worked closely with one of the biggest affiliate marketing platforms in North America, TargetClick ( to help promote our users' products.

November 2013April 2014

Node.js Developer

Goyoo Networks - Beijing, China

Built a document-oriented distributed database. 
• Implemented support for sharding, replication and restructuration.
• Contributed to node-leveldown, opensource node driver for leveldb.
• Re-wrote node-hyperleveldown C++ bindings for internal usage.

Technologies involved: Node.js, V8, C++, LevelDB
Other skills involved: Distributed Systems, Distributed Databases, TDD

March 2012October 2013

Software Developer

Bloc - Beijing, China

• Worked on the proprietary CMS of the company.
• Helped move from an "a-la-Wordpress" user backend to a WYSIWYG administration mode integrated directly in the frontend: dynamic layouts, widgets drag and drop etc. 
• Fixed bugs, developed new modules and enhanced overall user experience.

Technologies involved: C#, MS SQL, Javascript 
Other skills involved: Content Management Systems, Social Networking Sites

April 2011August 2011

Lead Developer

MinuteBuzz - Paris, France

• Rebuilt and maintained the company's main website with high-traffic related issues in mind.
• Developed many REST APIs for the company's mobile applications.
• Created small projects to promote the company's brand and surf on the actual trends such as, based on Twitter and Klout API (2100+ likes, 1800+ tweets).
• Hired two mobile developers to work with me on Yakatag, a SoLoMo (2011 trend) application which resulted in the company raising $300,000. The application has been shut down and all the efforts focused on potential, the company's main website also known as the French BuzzFeed.

Technologies involved: Advanced Wordpress, Zend, MySQL, jQuery, Social Networks APIs
Other skills involved: Web Traffic Management, User Experience, Trend Spotting

July 2009December 2009

Project Leader

digiSchool France - Lyon, France

• Accepted the challenge to join the company as a project leader for my first internship. Created from the ground up a new community to bring a previously non-targeted audience to the company's site network.
• Managed the project from A to Z with a team of three: one illustrator (for the graphics), one teacher (for the content) and myself (for the rest).
• Worked months on preparing an effective and prosperous launch: SEO, online presence, media communication, users acquisition etc. It resulted in a successful launch featured in a dozen online media - and also a brief featuring in a very targeted TV show (exhaustive list here:

I was reporting directly to the CEO, Thierry Debarnot. At the time, the company was called MediaEtudiant, well before it becomes the leading group in e-learning that is digiSchool nowadays.

Technologies involved: Wordpress, PHP5, MySQL, jQuery and more.
Other skills involved: Project Management, Search Engine Optimization, Brand Marketing



MSc. in Computer Science

Epitech - Paris, FR

Dropped out in year 2012-2013 due to financial issues.


Software Engineering Program - Exchange Student

Jiaotong University - Beijing, CN


Authored two widely shared technical articles on Tutum (now Docker Cloud) and AirPair blogs:

- Efficient development workflow using Git submodules and Docker Compose
- Node.js and Continuous Deployment with CircleCI, Docker Hub and Tutum


Honor and Awards

Speaker at the World DevOps Summit in Bangkok - Mentor at NodeSchool Chiang Mai - Speaker at Beercamp Chiang Mai - Organizer and Speaker at Bangkok Docker Meetup - Speaker at Barcamp Beijing - Jury Prize at Le Camping Hackathon - Speaker at the Kiwi Party - Microsoft Student Partner